Protein. Understanding nutrition. Rhino Explains it All [CC]

Protein. Understanding nutrition. Rhino Explains it All [CC]

hey boys and girls, I’m Rhino. Today I’m
teaching you about protein why we eat protein and what it does for
our body and how proteins are different because not all
protein is the same yay. and then you can have well-informed
and sassy comebacks every time you encounter a socially
awkward situation like I do because I’m a vegetarian and sometimes
I end up at a barbecue I’m like “glad to be here. I’m not gonna eat
anything” and then the guy behind me is like “well, I’ll eat some meat. because I understand the importance of protein” Well, I’m sorry. I only understand lysine, leucine, isoleucine, valine, methionine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, threodine, and histidine mmm proteins enter the body the same way
luggage arrives to the airport you get to the airport. You have your
overhead and checked bag. They separate they travel. They arrive at their new
destination and are reunited at baggage claim so when protein enters the body it is
separated into amino acids so that it is small enough to travel
into things like your central nervous system and then once it arrived at its
destination it is reunited with its amino acid bodies and they make new proteins and do
magical wonderful things Yay! Now there are 22 different types of amino acids in the body 9 of them we call essential amino acids
because these you actually have to ingest the others are already created in your body which is wonderful. The one
exception being arginine this is the 10th essential amino acid that as a kid you will want. because it’s responsible for growth spurts but as an adult we produce enough to be
satisfied now the other nine. We’ll start with the cool one. We’ve got Methionine so methionine is going to create creatine, which is energy for the muscles. It’ll break down
fat in the liver and create collagen which is great for your hair skin and nails. It is not the only one beneficial
for tissue you’ve also got histidine. Histidine, one of the tissues it likes to work on is brain tissue.
so up there in the brain you’ve got histidine working. but you also have phenylalanine. Phenylalanine helps with our mood stabilizers like dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine these things help us function well
mentally so if our amino acid balance was off we end up with something like depression
now it’s not the only hormone that’s happening up there, we’ve also got serotonin serotonin is thought to help us sleep
well and serotonin is created by tryptophan tryptophan also helps with the
central nervous system and making sure it functions properly along with threonine.
now threonine does a lot of other cool things. It also helps with our
cardiovascular system it balances out all the proteins kinda
like the mediator of the proteins and it also helps with the fat in
the liver and your immune system. it does not do the immune system by itself though. we’ve also got lysine. Now lysine is also is kind of the awkward one, because it’s the anti-viral which means it helps out with things like herpes. Yep, lysine is the herp one. It would make sure that cold sores could appear less
frequently if you have happened to have the proper amount of lysine in your body. Not it’s not the only thing lysine does. Obviously helps with the immune, anti-viral, yay; but it also helps with the
bone growth and maintenance not the only one that helps with the growing, we also got leucine leucine helps with growing. Leucine also
helps with breaking down visceral fat which is that hard to get at fat and it comes in a trio. It likes to work with
Valine valine helps remove nitrogen from
muscles and isoleucine. isoleucine helps clot the blood. So that if you were to cut yourself, the blood would clot, so you would stop bleeding yeeee the three of them together like to
give your muscles energy and repair those muscles. now if you are exercising a lot or you’re an athlete these proteins and amino acids these are what you want to have an
abundance of because you are going to burn through that energy. it’s creating muscle energy but it’s fuel. It’s a finite amount. So it takes awhile to figure out exactly
how much of each you want to ingest but like anything caffeine for example
it’ll give you the perk but too much will make your jittery. So you know, you gotta find the balance, people gotta find the balance. now if you are worries about what to eat, look below in the description I will show you, or list rather each amino acid and what food it can be
found in cursory example. If you were to eat edamame,
mushroom, rice and beans all together; you have now covered all nine essential amino acids
that’s why we say complementary because you’re
taking two different food that offer two different proteins and putting it
together so that they complement each other like having the leucine, isoleucine, valine; it’s a nice little trio. They complement each other goes well together yea now if you would like to know about any other science-y things leave a
comment below asking any questions about protein I’ll
make sure to list my sources as I do and I take recipe requests, because this is also a cooking show So tune in Monday, we are making barbeque check out my videos of gluten, carbs, fat, and iron thanks so much for watching. Please subscribe. Have a good one

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