Proven Way to BUILD MUSCLE Faster (SCIENCE)

Proven Way to BUILD MUSCLE Faster (SCIENCE)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I’m going to give you a scientifically
proven way to increase the size of your muscles at a faster rate. That is by lifting your weights faster. I want you to lift them like this. You’re probably saying “Jeff, you’re really
not moving the weights fast.” So let me explain. When we’re talking about how muscles respond
and how they grow, ultimately it comes down to tension. Tension is a matter of the mass that you’re
lifting, and the speed at which you’re lifting it. If you look at the example again, what I’m
doing with my shoulder press, while it may not look like I’m moving the weights very
fast to you, I can assure you, I’m moving them on the concentric portion of the lift
as fast as I can possibly lift it. Knowing that if I’m failing in 10-12 rep range,
the weight is fairly challenging, and I’m not going to be able to push it that fast
so the other people watching could really tell. But that doesn’t matter. It’s how fast it feels to me, and I can assure
you, I’m pushing as fast as I can. That is because when I do that I’ve increased
that speed component – the acceleration component – of that equation. The mass is the same, the speed is going up,
the tension is going to increase; that means the muscles are going to have more tension
over time. They’re going to be forced and challenged
to grow at a better, and faster rate. If you and I were both doing that same press,
with the same amount of weight, but I was able to speed up my reps on the concentric
more than you could; I would get more gains. Period. But that’s not the only way we do it. You see, working with athletes I realized
that we need to be explosive. We need to have periods of time when we’re
training more explosively. Whether it be solely on the concentric, or
on both elements. On the way up, and on the way down. So another alternative is to drop the weight
a little bit more so you’re failing more in that 15 rep range. But here what you would do is focus on really
accelerating the lighter weight at a faster pace that other people are probably going
to be able to see a bit more readily, and then control the eccentric, or the lowering
portion here on the press, as you can see I’m doing. Now here, what I’m really focusing on is that
quick burst. I really want to see how much tension I can
deliver to that concentric in a quick burst, and then control the eccentric. Again, another very athletically powerful
skill to have. But we can even go a step further than that. Now we don’t have to worry about even slowing
it down on the way down. What we’re worried about here is getting maximally
explosive, as fast as we can possibly move. Now we’re talking about speed reps. Even here, though the fact that the weight
has to drop down even more to get to the 25, to 30 rep range before you would fail, you
could still build muscle here because you’re actually delivering higher tension to muscles,
and still activating type II muscle fibers, which have a better capacity for growth. So guys, don’t always confuse the fact that
you have to use heavier weight in order to illicit muscle growth and gains. It’s not necessarily true. Yes, that’s a method to do it, but so are
these. In order to be maximally well-rounded – in
terms of your routine – you have to figure out a way to include all of these at different
times of your training. I hope, guys, the biggest takeaway here is,
if you’re not consciously thinking at all about how fast you’re moving your weights;
start, because it’s one of the biggest factors that you could use to increase the speed that
you’re going to see gains. Literally, just by increasing the speed of
those reps. Guys, if you’re looking for more science based
training, every one of our workouts in our ATHLEANX training programs is based on science. It’s over in our ATHLEANX programs at In the meantime, if you haven’t already subscribed,
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a video, and of course, check out some of our other videos up here. I think you’re going to like them. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again soon. See you.

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  1. I would really appreciate some more information on the scientific basis behind your claims. In some your previous videos you claim that slow reps are the way to go to stimulate hypertrophy, and this is confirmed by studies:

  2. Does the same concept apply to chicken nuggets? If i eat a 20 pc chicken nugget fast that means I can burn more calories hence, it would be as if i eaten 4 chicken nuggets. …. cool thanks Jeff

  3. Makes sense. I experienced my best lat growth when I was blasting out my pull-ups as quickly as possible. Now that I do them much slower, I don't get nearly as much soreness or growth.

  4. Jeff, do you not do barbell shoulder pressing due to your torn labrum? Did you have surgery to fix it? I have one and I really want to return to vertical barbell pressing because of the tremendous strength gain. Mine has healed but I think off center and may need surgery. Huge fan, you helped me fix my bulging disc/posture/lifting/gains. You are truly a Godsend.

  5. @athlean-x a few videos back you said TUT was important and That moving the weight fast is actually killing the gains. Now you are saying "move the weights fast". Did I miss something or are u contradicting yourself? Please enlighten.
    With kind regards,

  6. Ok, this is contradicting everything you said before: full rep range under tension, slow negative reps, controled reps. I really like your videos, but lately I'm losing the feel how to do my workout.

  7. good tips, coach.  So even if you are eating to put on size, you can still do the 20-30 rep range cause you have all those calories to burn thu, am I close?

  8. Truth!!! Try full on sprint vs 1-hr-long lazy jog. You will be way more sore in way more places with full sprint only spending about 15 minutes (that’s with rest in between springs). Make more efficient use of your time. No excuses.

    Jeff, you’re giving away the store again!

  9. Hasn't Jeff said that you need to train like 45-60 seconds on your every chest set with 12 reps for muscle growth? Isn't what he is telling now exactly the opposite?

  10. Yo if your looking for a good and healthy diet to go on i suggest using this course i used this when i first began trying to build muscle and holy sh*t it helped ;D

  11. ATHLEAN X im sry but i dont have gym equipment if i did i will follow u can u make a video without gym equipment and answer me back thanks………………………………

  12. Thats very interesting..i notice all my reps are slow. I thought the slower I go the more tension i put on muscles ..will apply this thanks alot!

  13. How to LOSE muscle faster? I’m tired of looking like a gym douche and want to be skinny again, all I want is the six pack and that’s it.

  14. I remember seeing one of Bertil Fox's instructors,that was Gladstone gym London and yep his mantra was Speed n Power,,,an Indian guy he was 50 back then in 1985,,,,

  15. i have a destination beach wedding coming up. i wish i could have jeff as my personal trainer. I follow all of his videos but i have 2 months to show my gains and abs..
    im 225. and strong but i can lose my belly. Im that built belly guy

  16. Great video again man, but do you have a set plan for your workouts? I've been using a proven MMA fighter plan and its been working great so far. Should check it out and see what you think!

  17. Jeff, when we are building muscle, isn't it important to feel the complete movement? For example, if I speed up the concentric on a dumbell bicep curl, will it not adversely impact the quality of the concentric movement which includes the curl and supernation at the top?

  18. What would be the set/rep ratio difference between a workout of building stability and mass Vs a workout where you want to build speed and power?

  19. Hi Jeff, I'm really interested in knowing what you know or your opinion about the Ben Pakulski's famous muscle expansion protocol system…

  20. I'm really confused now. Many people say the faster you do an exercise the More strength you build and the slower equals more muscle but on the other hand people say the opposite. I don't know what to believe?

  21. I never let my self end on a odd number rep and I never let my self stop the set until I’ve done full range 💪🏾


    Rule #1: Eat more Calories, Through the way it is

    Rule #2: Focus on Protein

    Rule #3: Eat After Training

    Rule #4: Be Hydrated

    Rule #5: Mass Gains Vary by Individual

    For more Muscle Gain Secrets!!!

  23. Think I'll try this for aa while instead of liftiing heavy. Maybe my old joints will like the change.

  24. This reminds me of doing "Jerks" for football. I wouldn't recommend this strategy for dips or push ups. Slow tension and time

  25. Can someone correct me…

    So less mass you go as fast as fuck

    More mass you go very slow

    And you have to do both for muscles?

  26. 20k to 208 dislikes. smh Looks like there's 208 dinosaurs still jabbin needles in their ass "LIFTIN BIG OR GOIN HOMMME!" lol (& havin heart attacks under 40)

  27. I would do this exercise all the time right after my curls to burn out. Alot of my friends would hate on me because they said it would reverse the gains I just made by curling. I have bigger arms than them. This workout does work 👌

  28. He always talk about time under tension and that you should go slow on your reps instead of fast, and now he is argueing against that… i dont get it

  29. studying in a STEM field makes understanding these concepts so easy it's not even funny. well, a little.

  30. I was wondering do you prefer a curl bar or press bar for actually doing curls, and would you also prefer that same bar for behind the head tricep curls, thanks. Your mathematical formulas for changing workouts are definitely science based bro.

  31. I am too slightly confused since in all his other videos hes using a slower controlled form. While emphasizing lockout and full contraction. I understand explosiveness in concentric phase but to build the most mass I believe eccentric should be slow an controlled to activate more muscle fibers on the way down. I think this works great while circuit training with light weight and no rest between sets while cutting and maintaining size. But in a mass program I wouldn't solely recommend this technique especially with heavier weights because your risking injury especially if your not young. I can see it for s few burnout drop sets for mass but that's it. Yates always stressed explosion with a slow negative motion and he built the best quality mass while not having great genetics although he was on alot ot gear he still put crazy quality mass in only a year. U rather take his advice for mass since while cut and strong. really isnt very big.

  32. Too many contradictions in fitness, esp bodybuilding. Best to just learn from your body and how well it responds to each method and pick the best one.

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  34. If I do my reps slower isn't that more time under tension? Going explosive sounds like it could lead to injury and lack of full range.

  35. Bro. Add subtitles to ur videos, so that other country's people can understand what you want to do! Many people don't understand the way you talk… So plzz add subtitles.. (From Bangladesh🇧🇩🇧🇩)


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