Psoas Ultimate Stretch!

Psoas Ultimate Stretch!

Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapist this
video is all about releasing the psoas muscle now the psoas muscle is one of
your major hip flexors that becomes short and tight when you sit all day it
contributes to issues such as lower back pain hip injuries and all manner of
postural deviations that cascade further up the kinetic chain and further down it
to cause various pain syndromes this video will be relevant to most people in
the modern world so stay tuned without a doubt the psoas muscle is best stretched
with assistance but if you don’t have this then I’m going to show you this
method of stretching the psoas which is effective anyway so we begin in our
typical lunge position now the tendency as we lunge is to arch through the lower
back so I’m going to ask you to keep your rectus abdominus on as you stretch
the psoas muscle because that will place the stretch into the front of this hip
which is really what we’re aiming for so begin just in a simple lunge here and
you can start to emphasize the stretch by bringing the forward leg further out
and allowing your hips to to open up more into this position now to emphasize
this stretch even more we can start to try and straighten that back leg so as I
push my foot back in space and my knee comes off the ground
I begin to create a tension in the back of my leg in my glutes which opposed the
psoas muscle and that’s going to create a reaction of relaxation within the
psoas and then I can just relax more again drop the knee to the ground and I
start to feel that hip open up even more now another way of getting a
the stretch into this into the solos is to actually try and drag the knee up so
this is engaging so as so it becomes almost like a PMF stretch as I force
against the grip of the floor the friction of the floor and then I just
relax and then push my leg further back and again I feel a further opening into
that hip and into the hip flexor the psoas muscle so we can carry on this
theme and and keep driving further and further into that hip extension
another really useful way of releasing the psoas is to actually use a power
band so this gets rid of the need for a partner in this stretch so you begin by
placing the leg through the power band and you hook it right underneath the hip
and then you just step back and you really want to get a lot of tension on
that parent band now again we’re going to keep the rectus abdominus on and
we’re going to allow this band to do a lot of the work and as that stretch
increases in the hip we can emphasize it by lifting the arm on the same side and
touching the back of our neck so we start to get a stretch really strong
stretch through here so in my opinion this is probably the best soaz stretch
that I have experienced

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  1. Dom Mckay i have recently got L4 S1 and L5 disk buldge problem please if you can load a video of exercise that can help regarding re allocation of buldging disk

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