Putrefying Protein and “Toxifying” Enzymes

Putrefying Protein and “Toxifying” Enzymes

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  1. 0:23 "… calcium and magnesium were, if anything, lacking in the diets of blacks" can you really write that in the american journal of gastroenterology?

  2. 2:04 These doctors and scientist's minds in having to remember the name/spelling and meaning of such things as UPD-glucuronosyltransferases is simply amazing.

  3. I would love it if you could do a timeline video, like the kind my mum used to have on the fridge for quitting smoking (after 1 week this happens, after one month you get this benefit, after 10 years you are the same as a non-smoker or whatever) but for veganism. It would be a real incentive for vegans who are primarily in it for the health benefits. Or if this already exists somewhere, I would like to know about it!

  4. "futurevideo10" apparently gets paid by the pound (of BS). I answered his initial posts in case he was just mistaken, but learned he deliberately omits facts inconvenient to his argument. That is called propaganda. I assume he is a shill paid by someone who sells animal products or pills who would lose a lot of revenue if people learned the truth. Personally, it takes a real piece of work to anonymously spam an internet site to discourage people from learning nutrition science to improve their health. What a true dirt bag this guy is.

  5. Dr. Greger could you please do a video explaining the truth about soy? There is do much controversy about it causing hormonal imbalances and all sorts of unnatural things but I've been eating soy since I've been eating plant based I would love to clear this up once and for all!

  6. Dr. Greger when are you making a video about Helicobacter Pyloris or GERD? thanks!! Im a post VSG and new vegan low fat patient and im suffering with this two issues. Will love to get your findings on these.

  7. Try cooking some ground beef on the stove and let the fat sit for a few hours, and then look at it. It's so sticky and I would even call it putrid. I would imagine it takes a lot of fiber and a good digestive system to get that out of your system in a timely manner. It's quite a disgusting thought.

  8. Lol you know the entire time, I couldn't help but wonder, who actually volunteers for this kind of study.

  9. the answer is simple – you have to have regular bowel movements. No to constipation, foundation for colon therapy – irrigation. So, what the benefits are coming from? Being regular or constipated?

  10. Amazing. Despite all of these veg-head videos describing how meat will kill you, vegetarians still don't live any longer than non-vegetarians. Anyone care to explain?

  11. This video should have 100.000's of thousands of hits. Sad …only 43,000 after 1 year. NO wonder we're one of sickest countries in the world. Keep up the great work Dr G!!!!!!!

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