Q&A: What is Dynamic Stretching?

Q&A: What is Dynamic Stretching?

>>MARK: Hey! It’s Mark Perry from BuiltLean.com
and I’m here in New York city outside, it’s a beautiful day, shockingly in February. And so, I want to
talk to you about dynamic stretching. And, a lot of people, I think, have confusion
over should they even stretch or not stretch, you know, is stretching’s actually bad for
you and can hurt your performance? Or is it very helpful and help prevent injury?
and I think there’s a lot of confusion around it. And so, with dynamic stretching, the
thought is nearly ubiquitous that it is helpful to help you warm up
before exercising, okay? Dynamic stretching, so what is it? It means that you are stretching as you are
moving as opposed to static stretching where you just stretch in one particular spot,
you’re not moving. And there’s a huge benefits to using
dynamic stretching. Number one, you’re helping warm up
your body as you stretch whereas in static stretching you’re
just not warming up your body at all. And number two, you’re improving your
kinesthetic awareness or where your body is in time and space. Which is of course helpful, it kind of activates
your mind into getting ready for a good workout. And number three, of course, you’re getting
a stretch! Which is obviously helpful. And some people will try to stretch too much during
dynamic stretching, which is sometimes reffered to ballistic stretching,
ideally you want to stay within the normal range of motion that feels comfortable for you. And finally
again, you wanna do it before your workouts, but not necessarily
after your workouts, I would recommend static stretching after
your workouts, and even during your workouts, but I think that if you use dynamic stretching,
you’re really gonna feel the benefits and in my next video I’m gonna give you a
quick kinda warm up routine or stretching routine you can use
before your workouts.

9 Replies to “Q&A: What is Dynamic Stretching?”

  1. Thank you. I am studying to become a personal trainer using an online program. I am a very visual learner so seeking videos like yours is making the process that much easier for me.

  2. what kind of workout do you do after dynamic strecthing etc basketball gym swimming or Yoga..
    to me i think dynamic stretching must depend on your workout it's not very applicable for older people and as a pre yoga warmup 🙂

  3. The idea is that dynamic stretching can help you prepare for any type of workout. The idea is that it helps (1) promote kinsethetic awareness, (2) warm up body temperature, and (3) prepare the body for the movements that will be involved in the workout/exercise you are about to complete. Just about every athlete does dynamic stretching no matter what the sport before competition because it has been proven conclusively by research and experience to be helpful.

  4. Dynamic stretching routine can also vary quite dramatically depending on the activity, and the specific exercises chosen can also vary based on fitness level.

  5. Dynamic stretching is effective, easy, and fun! I tried it today before my workout and had a great experience. Thank you! Keep these videos coming man, they are very professional and practical.

  6. Good vid and nice easy explanation- I’m doing an Online study program for group fitness and nice to get different experienced explanations

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