Quad, Hip Flexor & Groin Stretches [NorthOaks.tv Video]

Quad, Hip Flexor & Groin Stretches [NorthOaks.tv Video]

In this segment of the North Oaks Stretching Series we’ll be dealing with stretches
involving the quad hip flexor and groin. Our first stretch
we’re going to do is a quad stretch simple that everybody’s done for ever
but we want to make sure the technique is right first we’re gonna have him try to pull
his heel up to his butt and what I want you notice is that he’s
keeping a nice straight line down the front you don’t see him pulling his foot out to
the side nor around behind him. Also if you look
at him from the side you’d notice that he’s keeping a nice
straight line this way as well from his shoulder all the way down to
his knee if you notice that somebody isn’t keeping that line that indicates
the hip flexor tightness which they need to focus more
on stretching so try to emphasize pulling the knee back as well as the heel to the butt. The
next stretch is the lunge stretch so what we’re going to have the athlete do is step up
onto the table or they can do this flat on the ground the leg that we’re gonna stretch is
going to be the one that they’re kneeling on and the other one is gonna step out.You’ll notice it
looks just like the bottom of the lunge so with this we want to focus on two things
we’re going to focus on them staying upright, their torso staying
vertical rather than leaning forward like a lot of bad posture is taught and then the other one is
as they’re stretching shifting this front one forward alright with that you can see how the
hip extends right there and is really going to target those hip flexors a lot of times people will also throw a lean in
where they’ll take this arm on the same side and they’ll lean across and all that’s gonna
do is help to open up that side and hip a little bit more you want to do this stretch two to three
times holding at twenty to thirty seconds each time Our next stretch that we’re gonna do is a modification of that. We’re going to use a rubber band or
a loop made of theraband just something stretchy to help open that
joint up even more. This is very useful for athletes that
describe a pinching sensation in the front of the hip. We’re gonna the athlete’s gonna
assume that the same position and we’re gonna loop this band right around
the bottom of their buttocks I am then gonna pull this out or have
this locked onto a pole of some sort and as they shift forward this is providing traction on the joint
in order to help it open up more. They should feel an increased opening in
the front of the hip. You can also combine the lean with this if you’d like. Our next stretch is going to be the
table hip flexor stretch. With this one we have to use a table with it
or something secure that won’t fall we’re gonna have them step to the end of the
bench or table. They’re gonna position the top of their buttocks at the edge of the
table pick up the leg that they don’t want to
stretch and then lean back onto the table I promise they won’t fall if they do
this correctly so you can have them hold here now this they may feel a stretch with
already but if you need to increase a stretch
all you’re gonna do is apply slight pressure down right here. From
here in order to switch the other leg if they
have a hip flexor injury especially I want to help him lift that leg up have
him hold it and then apply pressure on the other leg
if need be. That’s a tabletop hip flexor. Once again we’re going to hold this for
about twenty to thirty seconds with three repetitions. Our last stretch
is going to be the butterfly stretch. We’re gonna have the athlete either sit on a table or
the ground and with this we’re gonna have them place the bottom of
their feet together and pull them in as far as comfortable. With that, we’re then gonna have them grasp
their ankles and use their elbows to push down on
their knees. If they are having pain or discomfort with that they can either move their feet further
away or they can let up some of the pressure. If they’re still not feeling a good
enough stretch though, you can have a partner push down on their back to help increase the stretch. With this
butterfly stretch that concludes our series on the hip flexor, groin and quad.

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