Quadratus Lumborum (QL) Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Quadratus Lumborum (QL) Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m going
to show you some stretches for your Quadratus Lumborum. Some people call it the QL because
it’s QQQQQLLLLL, hehehe! But seriously. Anyways, the QL is actually a lower back muscle, but
it’s a deep muscle back there so a lot of times it gets injured and it’s really hard
to stretch. So the first stretch you’re going to do, is if I was stretching my QL on my
right side, I’m going to take my left hand underneath and push it the opposite way, while
I take the right side and go up and over. So I’m going to stretch this way. Holding
that stretch for about 30 seconds, and then coming back up. Now some people put their
legs straight out, it just depends on how flexible you are. If you want to try that
out you can. Again, lower hand goes across, upper hand goes up and over. And your pushing
this way, and pushing this way. Holding that stretch for about 30 seconds, doing 3 of those.
So the next stretch, you’re going to lie down on your back. So you’re going to have your
knees up into a bent position. Again, if I want to stretch my right side, I’m going to
bring my legs over to the opposite side towards the left. Then, I’m gonna take my left leg,
and actually hook it over to give an extra stretch on that side. Now you want to keep
your upper body flat if you can. So it’s not turning over as well, you’re gonna feel that
stretch in that lower back area and if you need a little more of a stretch, you can push
your left leg down on that right a little bit more. Again, hold that for about 30 seconds,
and then come back up. Rotate them over, and take that foot and push it down. Nice good
stretch in that lower back area. So that last stretch is going to be up on your side. This
time you want to lie on the side you want to stretch. You’re gonna put your legs just
right on top of each other, and then push up, try to keep your hip down on the mat,
and then actually push your hips forward just a little bit. You’re probably not going to
be a lot, but you’re going to feel that stretch right there. Try and hold it for about 30
seconds, and then relax. See how I’m kind of rolling my hips forward when I come up?
That’s what you want to do. Do three of those. So there you have it! Those were your stretches
for your QLLLLLL! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you
would like to check out some other videos, go to askdoctorjo.com And remember be safe,
have fun, and I hope you feel better soon!

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  1. Got QL pain? Looking for ways to stretch your QL? Want to know what and where your QL is? Those are all great reasons to check out my new video!

  2. Hi Dr. Jo – I like your Support button, and I clicked on it, but was surprised to find no Paypal. I'd like to make a donation, but I prefer to use Paypal. Or did I miss it? If not, can you include that?

  3. Thanks for the QL video. I'm assuming the first stretch would work just as well sitting in a chair. I'll share with my massage clients who can't get on the floor. Again – Many thanks from Much Kneaded!

  4. Holy psyhcedelic neon colour scheme Batman…those pinks and greens ..really pop….the image has been burned into my retina.,,,,…ha. just kidding . Great upload, These stretches will definately help as I seem to be spending a lot of my time sitting on my backside lately staring at a pc for class.

  5. Hey… whats up Doc? So I have digenerative disc disease in the L-5 vertebrae and OA in my right hip. I use to be active prior to this, but now my body as a whole is about as flexible as a brick… im so tight i have to use the tips of my fingers to try and fling my socks and combat boots on in the morning. What stretch workout would you recommend to help losing me up.
    Weight: 333lb.
    Height: 6 foot 4 inches.

  6. Hi. My left hip has raised up and my left lower rib has been pulled down meet like I'm being squashed. I'll do these exercises but do you have any specific ones

  7. You know how to treat hip pain? Im a distance runner and I'm not sure what is causing the pain but I think it was my old shoes I've had them for about 8 months and ran them out any advice? Like it hurts when I run.

    – brian valdez

  8. When is the perfect time to stretch the hip pain area I was talking about the other day? Cause I'm going to ice it before I go to sleep. And I was gonna try those strech excersises you sent me thanks. My trainer told me that it was my IT band that was messed up do you agree?

    – Brian Valdez

  9. Hey Doctor Jo!
    If you aren't too busy, in the future could you do a stretching routine video for weightlifters/bodybuilders?
    I'm having a hard time trying to include some of your stretches as they are specific to a problem, I want to be limber for my movements but not sure how and when to include a good full body stretching routine.
    Thank you.

  10. That was very helpful! I seem to have pulled my QL right at the top of the left pelvic bone and I heard that I should stretch and put heat on it to help it heal. These stretches seem good. Do you agree that these things would help? Any idea how long it takes to heal? I think I did this with a combination of exaggerated hip movements in latin dancing and then I thought it would be a good idea to use my hips more when I walked… and suddenly it was like UH OH i did something wrong!!! Thanks 🙂

  11. Wow! Finally something that helps. No one has ever understood what I was talking about. It helps to know the name of the muscle in question because I look it up and see where the insertions are to understand more fully why I'm hurting. Thanks for giving those and easy to follow instructions.

  12. Dr Jo, quick question
    For 2 years there has been a place on the left side of my lower back that when it is massaged, there is a very sharp pain. The past 2 months, this place in my back has been constantly hurting/spasming (AfterI bent too low 2 months ago), especially when I sit. A chiropractor today pushed in this same place, reproducing the pain, and he thought it was a problem with the QL. Any idea what could cause the intense pain in the QL when it is pressed??

  13. Skydiving accident broke both legs too,so walking is kinda uncompy ,actually broke soooo many other bones as well,to many to list. But at the moment this hurts more then those . Sooo walking no no. Rod all the way down right leg ,walking sucks. I get the shots actually every month or so on different body part,that's been broken. Keeping me off narcotics ,which is a problem all their own. All med free now. Juicing and just started exercising.Think I went to fast to hard last week. Strained it a good one

  14. Btw Doc,thank you for all your replies ,that was kind of you! After this heals up,I'll be adding your stretches and watching all your videos. And no couldn't get into any sports related massages yesterday without a appt. Yes the feel good ones ,but not the kinda of massage I need with my situation. So just hanging in there on Aleve and hot and cold icing etc until Monday. It's still pretty bad. Just wondering if I could have actually tore it? I'm obviously use to some measure of pain,but geeezs this has been a week yesterday.Hardly any sleep for week now.anyways that's about it ,, You don't have to reply,you've went way out of your way already and I appreciate it. It is what it is,until weekday and I can get in somewhere PT,or massage therapist. .Thank you as always.

  15. hi Dr Jo, should I do this everyday? I had this pain 2 year ago and it resurfaced a few months ago. now I feel pain in almost every movement but I still can play sports like running and basketball. and should I continue to do workouts to strengthen my core or should I just focus on just stretching? Im planning to add some planks as well as squats and deadlifts but with light weight only.

    thanks in advance

  16. Is the ql associated with sciatic pain when twisting to one side? I have this problem but no other syptoms no back pain or butt pain and no injury. Just twisting and setups.

  17. I have bad knee pain on the inside of the leg. Could this be a symptom of a tight QL? It feels like I can do all of these exercises with ease though so I don't know if it is tight. Thanks

  18. Your exercises are very good to me

    I have a very tight QL in the left and make my pelvis rotating to the left

    so much difficult to stretch the muscle

    If there are other exercises, I would be very happy

    What do you think about tennis ball to release it ?

    thank you

    ebrahim from saudi arabia

  19. Hi beautiful Dr thank you for all your videos. If I have my lift QL tight because I sleep all night with my right side, do I have to stretch only the tight side or both?

  20. I have a torn QL from a bad fall from my horse. What can I do in the interim to strengthen my back without re-injuring my QL. Been 4 weeks and it still grabs me with serious pain. Oh and I should mention, I can not sit and cross my legs AT ALL.

  21. That second stretch I used to do to stretch the IT band but it would crack my low back and put me into spasm so I don't do that.

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