Quadriceps Stretches for Tight or Injured Quads – Ask Doctor Jo

Quadriceps Stretches for Tight or Injured Quads – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Dr. Jo! Today I’m going
to show you how to stretch your quadricep tendon in several different ways because you
can have strains, sprains, and automobiles…that’s not right. Let’s get started. I’m going to
show you how to do some on your stomach first. So once you get on your stomach, if you’re
not flexible enough to just grab your foot or ankle and pull it, you can grab a belt
or a dog leash that has a loop, and put it around your foot. This will give you a little
pull so you don’t have to stretch your upper body as much. Make sure you relax your body,
so you don’t stress out your back. You’re going to pull the belt as far as you can,
and hold the stretch for 30 seconds, and then you’re gonna relax, and do that 3 times. If
you’re not comfortable on your stomach, like if your stomach bothers you, you can actually
turn over on to your side as well and do the same thing. Still taking the belt, and pulling
your heel back towards your bottom. Now the key with this one is to make sure not to bring
your hip forward. If you’re doing this, you’re not really stretching that quad muscle. You
want to make sure that your knee is pointing down or even slightly back behind you. So
more of this motion. Again if you do this, you’re not actually going to stretch that
quad muscle. If both of those are too hard to do, or if you want a little bit more of
a stretch here, you can come up. Once you get onto your knees, you’re going to bring
the leg forward that you are NOT stretching. So bring it out to about a 90 degree angle,
and the quad you want to stretch is going to have the knee down on the ground. Now if
you’ve got knee problems too, you might want to take a pillow or something soft, and prop
you knee on it so you don’t have a lot of pressure on your knee. Once you get your knee
in this position, bring your heel up, and again pull it up toward your bottom. Same
kind of thing, you want to stretch for 30 seconds, and do that 3 times. If you need
more of a stretch, if this isn’t quite getting the stretch that you want, you can bring the
front foot forward more, and lean a little bit. So once the hip starts going backwards
into some extension, you’re going to get a lot more stretch on that quad muscle or that
quad tendon. So the last stretch is going to be standing up. If you have good balance,
you don’t have to hold onto anything, but I’m going to show you holding on to something
because you want to focus on your stretching and not necessarily your balancing. When you’re
standing, again you’re just going to grab your ankle, and bring your heel towards your
bottom. But again, it’s very important to make sure the top part of your leg is not
going forward like this. That’s not going to stretch your quad muscle. So you want to
make sure that your knee is pointed downwards or even slightly back a little bit, and that
will give you that extra stretch in there. Again, you want to hold it for 30 seconds.
Do it 3 times. If you have a sprain or a strain in the quad muscle or quad tendon, you probably
want to do this 2-3 times a day, and after it gets feeling better, you can do it once
every day. So those were several different ways to stretch your quad muscle or your quad
tendon. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you would like
to check out some more videos, please go to askdoctorjo.com And remember be safe, have
fun, and I hope you feel better soon!

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  1. an i have one more question sooo sorry to bother u is there anyway i can contact u to ask some questions about my legs etc?

  2. well ill try to tell you here both of my quads hurt i think i might have pulled a muscle wat do i do

  3. Thank you so much! I have been straining my thighs skimboarding first it was my right quad now my left. After these stretches on my right quad I felt relief!. I always do the standing up stretch before skim boarding but I dont think I stretch enough. The "hold for 30 seconds" is something Iv never done and it seems to work very well. I am going to keep doing these stretches before I go skimming today and come back with the results! thanks dr. jo!

  4. Dr jo I have been having a problem where I flex my thighs the outer part of it gets extremely tight. whenever I play basketball and jump to take a shot, my thighs get really tight and drags me down. any help?

  5. I am not able to stretch the quadriceps as suggested in this video.. it feels like there is a lot of stinging pain when I am trying to bring my heel towards my butt.. be it standing or lying down… I have similar pain when I try to perform hamstring curls too. What could be the reason? I am suffering from chondromalacia and I am trying to stretch my quadriceps but they are not happening.


  7. Dr I had someone's knee go into my thigh during a football game. I put ice to lessen the swelling but is still there and a lot of pain.i can just about weight bare on that leg . any suggestions on a quick recovery would be appreciated. many thanks.

  8. …..continue.
    Dr I had my leg checked out at the hospital and they said I have tissue damage on a muscle called rectus fermoris.

  9. Hi thanks so much for all the videos! I happen to have pain behind the knee so much so that it is extremely difficult to squat and get up. Even bending the knee fully when standing up is difficult. Any advice?? Thanks Dr.

  10. Hey there Doctor Jo – I have been going to rehab and been told I have that thing when the patella ain't lining correctly can't recall the name of it right now, is there any good exersices/stretches that you recommend beside those leg raises with toes pointing upwards?

    Maybe some good stretches, seem to recieve pain/uncomfort from the innerside of both patellas.

    Cheers from Sweden you're awesome 🙂

  11. Hi Dr. Jo. i was having an aggressive cycling/ spinning session and both my thighs quad muscles are really stiff and painful. Are these exercise alone enough to stretch out the muscles and relieve the pain or should i use medication along with the streching exercises? Thanks

  12. rehabing after surgery, it was going well but yesterday I started feeling pain in My quad muscles which were weak, is it a sign of them stregthening? plz help

  13. I've been getting a recurring strain in the middle of my right quad for about 4 months, when it goes i rest it till there is no more pain but it goes again as soon as i try running or kicking (footballer), any advice?

  14. I think I have a stage 2 muscle strain of my quad. Its been a few weeks and I can walk and climb stairs just fine now. Not running or sprinting just yet. Should I be deeply massaging my leg before or after these stretches and would I stretch this intensely before or after physical therapy?

  15. I was undergone surgery ACL reconstruction & Meniscus Repair 4 months ago. Doctor found after examination, he suggested to do Quadriceps Strengthening, he referred your videos. Could you please suggest me the required exercises and share video link, if you have?

  16. Thank you for the video, my son started track and his left quad is hurting him. Hope this helps him get the soreness out!:)

  17. plzzz plzzz help me my upper thigh muscles get tight when suddenly stand and walk after 3 4 steps its gets normal frm 5 mnths im suffering frm this sometimes too painful..bcz of this walking posture is getting bad everyone is noticing me nd got massaged at different places but didnt work plzzzzzzzzz reply plzzzz wht to do

  18. when I play paintball I would run and drop down to one or both knees. this action would happen a few times thru out the day. that night or the following day my thighs r stiff and walking down stairs is tough. would this exercise help prevent this strain ?

  19. My knee pops when I walk upstairs. No pain, it just makes a popping sound. Would stretching my quad muscle help this?

  20. i couldnt stretch my quad muscles for a long tine since childhood ..The video helped a lot..Thanks doctor joe

  21. Thanks for the rescue, AskDoctorJo! I'm back into working out and heavy cardio after years of dormancy and my quads have been SCREAMING at me! And I can't just reach down and grab my ankle like I used to. This was perfect advice!

  22. How do I stretch my lateral quad without too much bend on my knee? Had ACL reconstruction , about 3 months post op. I have lots of lateral quad and IT Band pain.

  23. In my long runs, My right knee gets heavier and there is a pain. I learned that it is about my quadriceps. I hope these will help to stretch my quadriceps.

  24. I'm having a cramp in the back of my leg(hamstring tendon I guess). It's really hard doing the second stretch for me. Do you have any suggestions?

  25. I run barefoot on grass but my ankles and shins hurt what I should do,?
    Tell me some exercises for ankles splints

  26. Hello doctor
    I have to ask I have a pain in my left heap and leg.
    I feel musle is tight in my left thigh n heap.
    I have done MRI
    it says
    1.Mild degenrative change I the Lumbar spine with paraspinal muscle spasm
    2.Mild cental canal stenosis due to short pedicles at L3-L4 to L5-S1
    what should I do??
    I m currently doing Yoga..

  27. Hi Dr. Jo! I'm back again! 😀. Quick question, I did the quad stretch laying on my stomach, grabbing the legs, pulling towards my rear, and although I am much more flexible now I have a pinching and soreness in my knees. I went to my PT today and he didn't seem too interested in discussing my knees as I'm there for my pelvis/hip. So I was just wondering if I over stretched and caused pain, do I continue to stretch the quad, or take a break from stretching and restart once the knee pain subsides? Thanks so much!

  28. Im having a pain on my quad muscle…. It happened while playing soccer…. Probably while kicking the ball… Should i stop playing for some time… Or do i rest…

  29. So I had a pro soccer tryout Dec 16. 5 weeks ago and during that tryout I pulled my quad or tore. It wasn't severe because I could still walk but it was also hurting quite bad. I was walking with a limp. After a few a week I could walk on it with no problem not pain but my quad just felt weird and I was limping just had acute pain. But its been 5 weeks and I havent started stretching until now. I layed on my stomach and tried stretching like this and it is too tight and I'm scared to attempt to do this I will tear my quad. I need help with any advice .

  30. Hi Jo, I had a lower left lumbar pain maybe due to lifting incorrectly, several weeks ago. Pain then seemed to move into these muscles onto the front of my left leg. The pain feels like my quadriceps were hit with a baseball bat. Should I just try to stretch more, thanks.

  31. After I played a soccer game, I noticed that the quads in my left leg were paining , and it pains whenever I'm going to shoot , or sprint ,etc . So what should I do . It's been like a week

  32. I love you mam…
    I was on a heavy quad dom
    you helped me to walk again
    This really half the pain ❤
    Thank you so much Dr Jo

  33. I had two slipped disks fixed by a chiropractor but now my thigh muscles are causing me pain
    I cant stand up straight
    It is pulling my whole body down

  34. Can you use both hands to bring back your leg touching you butt because I feel more of a stretch like that or am I overdoing it please give me back feed back if it's wrong to do that

  35. Hi Dr. Jo,
    I don't know if you will even respond to this post since it is like 3 years later lol.
    I am a 24 year old male, and was doing some full-speed sprints without warming up the other day(dumb me I know…)
    Afterwards, my right quad started hurting excruciatingly when I tried to run again.
    This all happened maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago.

    Yesterday I was in Virginia visiting friends and we decided to get a football game together, well I am the type of person I like to go wide open sometimes. So while playing, my quad felt fine for a while, then as we kept playing, it started hurting again.

    My question to you is:
    What type of injury is this exactly, and will these stretches you show here, help in the recovery of my quad muscle?


  36. I have done long jump last tuesday, i stretched everything else apart from my quads and i have long jump again tonight but my quads are sore i dont know how i can get the muscle pain away apart from rest

  37. mam my quadriceps tendon tear from knee cap and now 2 month ago doing my operation again quadriceps rupture now my bending leg 95 degree pls suggest me I want to bend my leg totely

  38. I have a pull from the rite side over hip to my quadricep that when I sit down it pull quadricep and starts to cramp making it hard to sit down with out quadriceps pulling or cramping what exercise will help this to relieve so I can sit up rather then lay down???

  39. Hello doctor I had a soccer game on Sunday and I got their late and didn't get the time to stretch when I kicked the ball I felt like a pull and I couldn't really run it's been 7 days now and I've been rolling out my quad and stretching and when I passed the ball I felt like electric pokes in my quad and it felt really weird what should I do

  40. Doctor Jo I had pulled my muscle on the front of the thigh and it hurts after I do the stretches I don't know what I should do,maybe I didn' warm up properly..

  41. I was playing basketball and someone’s knee slammed into my leg. I asked to sit but I had to stay in the game. At first when the pain got lessened I though it was over but now I can barely walk or move my leg without pain

  42. Hi Dr Jo, I had an over use injury in my thigh a month ago which has left me with a dull achey feeling in the thigh at times. It doesn’t seem to be tight at all when I stretch it. Should I try to strengthen it?

  43. It’s interesting how some stretches work great and others…uhh not so great. The quad stretch in prone wasn’t painful, but I never felt much of a stretch. With the kneeling stretch, I feel a greater stretch in my quad, and my knees feel great after. More proof that everybody’s different. You learn something new everyday. 🙂

  44. I wish the stretches worked but since I have ruptured tendons on both quads from playing soccer, the stretching reaches no sensation or change on my Quads.

  45. Hi there,
    Love your Video but unfortunately my Floor is Hard and my Knee hurts to even touch it! Instead I was wondering if You could do these Stretches on Your Bed instead? Also I can't do that Standing Quad Stretch so what else can I do instead? So please respond back and let me know!
    Thank you

  46. Dr jo. Pls help. Whenever i do quad stretch. I get pressure on my lef knee and no stretch on quad muscle. What modification shall i do

  47. I suffered a knee injury back in January and my lower quad is atrophied. Do you have any helpful suggestions as to how I can wake my quad without having to purchase an ems unit? Thank You! 🙂

  48. How can I tell if my strain is with the muscle or the tendon? It's been three weeks and I'm still not recovered. I started with 3 days of ice, then heat massage and stretching, your stretches. How long can recovery time be with a a bad quad strain? Thanks!

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