R vs. W Sounds – American English Pronunciation

R vs. W Sounds – American English Pronunciation

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  1. Rachel, I have a suggestion: why don't you analyse an American song? It's a way to practice the speech of the real life.
    But if you think it is a bad idea, tell me why!
    You're helping a lot of ESL!

  2. Speakers from India tend to flap the R sound, watch the video on how to make the R to work on a sound that you can hold out! Also, they tend to switch V and W sounds.

  3. thank you so much teacher for your precious course
    could you please post some idioms course because it feels us near american culture thank you so much again jalal tunisia

  4. Really? Who pronounces R's as W's? Can you please name which language speakers? From talking with a lot of international students, I thought most foreign speakers tend to flap the R, but not replace it with a W…

  5. Dear Rachel, I find it so difficult to pronounce words like : prevail /prɪ'veɪl/ ; provide /prə'vaɪd/ . According to what I heard in my dictionary these two words sound more like /pɚ'veɪl/ ; /pɚ'vaɪd/ and that made me so confuse. Please teach me a way to correct this. Thank you so much Rachel.

  6. Hi Tam, you have a good ear. You can think of it this way: the unstressed syllable is so short that the vowel sound is dropped, since the R can feel like a vowel sometimes. So you're hearing: pr-vide, etc.

  7. I am spanish speaker, do you know ways or strategies to start speaking as native english speaker

  8. Hi Alejandro, I have made up a study guide for that on the Premium Subscription portion of my website. There is also a 'where to start' study guide on my site which is free!

  9. please i want some help , i pronounce "R" letter like "E" when i was child and i can't get rid of this thing . and i don't know how can i avoid this thing as much as i can to didn't let this thing to destroy my pronounciation and when i try to pronounce "th" or "z" sounds i found it hard to pronounce to put my tongue a little bit out of my mouth . and i can't do it in the middle of my speaking or when i try to read and pronounce something in the same time . and thanks in advance

  10. Thank you! This is quite helpful! I'm having a rather hard time pronouncing the R sound, depending on what other letters are in the word. For example, I can easily pronounce "reach" and "reek" (anything sounding like "e", basically), yet haven't quite mastered pronouncing R with words like "rake", "rain", "rack", "red" (words that have an "eh" or "ah" sound to them). Hopefully, I'll get 'em too, in time.

  11. omg. What a great help. I had no idea the tongue played such an important role in pronouncing the "R". As a teacher, you'd think I'd already know how to speak correctly.

  12. I had broken my tongue before I understood how to pronounce R sound properly. Thanks a lot, it was very helpful!

  13. Wow, I've been pronouncing the "R" sound incorrectly for years (like Rachel's second group). I actually felt that something was wrong, because the sound was not clear – now I understand why.

    Thanks a lot, Rachel!

  14. Rachel, Hi, The "r" sound in words like: wrong, radical, write, and Rachel.. it is the same sound that the "r" in spanish? for say perro, carro? I mean… have we to roll our tongue for doing that sound? Please, forgive my bad grammar. 

  15. When I first came to the USA, I was told that I had trouble with the "r" and "w" sounds. My mother used to correct me all the time when I was eleven to twelve years old. I had to go to speech therapy to correct my "r" sound. War/raw and word were excellent examples with both the "r" and "w" in the same word.

  16. hi Rachel i haven't understood if is i say break like bweak something good i mean is that the right pronunciation for break or not?

  17. Thank you Rachel! You are such a sweetheart. Thank you for always encouraging and motivating ESL students!

  18. If there is a sound harder for me to hear the difference between 'w' than 'ɹ' This is 'r'. The letter R I say 'r'.

  19. Really useful thank you for taking the time to do this, my students enjoy using this to learn from.

  20. I can pronounce Any word with the R in the second spot as in Proud, Tree, and even beginning with Reach. In that case I can't say Car, better, etc. Can you please help ?

  21. I'm a speech therapist and I just want to say that you do not round your lips for the /r/. Your lips should actually retract with the corners of your lips pulling back, if only slightly.

  22. I can't do the rrrr sound with my toungue up, because I'm a bottom tounguer!! So is there a video for people teaching others how to make the r sound with their toungues DOWN!!!

  23. People's genetics play a role in how they speak. For example, a person with predominantly French heritage naturally gravitates towards speaking with the same muscle memory that their ancestors had. I think this has a lot to do with why so many people have the R/W speech impediment, but I'm not sure. (It's a croissant, not a kwassau)

  24. I have this problem, it's called rhotacism, but anyway, I showed this video to my speech teacher and now she subscribed and watches ur videos to help her students, thank you.

  25. My best friend has that problem and gave it to me she doesn't have it any more instead she has a lisb but my sister bullies me from it I don't mind it although some say I don't try but I do who else gets this?

  26. This is so useful, thank you Rachel.
    I sing in a band and at times it’s noticeable where I substitute the R for W, hopefully practicing this should help.

  27. Order, I’m from Ukraine so I’m can’t say this, I’m saying like oude or oRder, neither first nor second are right, what to do?

  28. i can say easy, short words that only have 1 r in them but words that have more Rs in them it feels really weird to say… for example: very rarely <—– its flippin impossible

  29. thank you so much and this was a bit hard because i'm actually french and people bullied me all the time because i said FWENDS or GWEAT

  30. I always curve my tongue when pronouncing R (tip of the tongue up). Does it totally wrong? If it is so my life will never be the same… Besides there are many videos on YouTube of this technique. Many courses teach like that… Forexample how to pronaunce the word "bar" and not to curve a tongue?

    Please tell me the only true way of pronanciating. Thanks.

  31. Oh my gosh, i just learnt gow to spell r but not that good but its a lot better than i how i used to do it,thank you a lot!

  32. I disagree that there is lip rounding for R. People who isolate the tongue and keep the lips still do better in initial R in speech therapy. Lip rounding is not necessary in words like Rachel and Red.

  33. I'm a native speaker and I have to go a speech therapist to help me pronounce and I still struggle

  34. this language itself is hard as hell not to mention they have linking words in the conversation between natives and accents

  35. This helped alot , a lot of kids use to talk to me because I couldn’t speak right like I say “rat” as “wat”.

  36. so my r sounds like w
    “would you like to see my woom?”
    “my favourite colour is wed!”
    “so I wan over to the store the other day..”
    “maybe I should go for a wun?”

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