Raspberry Protein Balls – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

Raspberry Protein Balls – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

today I have a special request from my
oldest daughter she said mom can you please make those raspberry balls that I
really like so that’s what we’re doing for you guys these are protein raspberry
balls there’s no baking involved there’s only
a few ingredients it’s super easy to make
high in protein great for your kids after school great for snack for you and
remember this as a sleeper as someone who’s had weight loss surgery 80% of
what you do isn’t saying no to food 80% of what you do is having the right foods
available so when you have high-protein little bite sized sleever treats like
this in your fridge you’re going to be way more likely to grab one of those
when you get snacky then you are to go and get something unhealthy out of the
cupboard so let’s get started today before you get started you will need 1
cup of dried unsweetened coconut shredded make sure it’s unsweetened when
you’re in the grocery store do not get the sweetened stuff or it’s going to
taste really really terribly sweet plus you don’t want all the sugar in the
calories then you’re going to need 1 cup of vanilla whey protein powder
you’re gonna need 1/2 a cup of coconut flour which you can get at most grocery
stores now if you can’t find it just go to one of those health food specialty
stores and one package of sugar-free jell-o just one little packet is all you
need once again make sure it’s sugar-free and 1/2 a cup of Greek yogurt
and I like to use 2% before we get started mixing our dry ingredients
you’re going to want to pre-heat your oven to zero because you’re not going to
need it this is a no bake recipe and it couldn’t be easier so we’re gonna dump
in our our dried coconut one cup of dry coconut and then we’re gonna add our
protein powder and remember I like to see per scoop on
back at least 20 25 grams of protein with your whey protein and around 100 to
120 calories that shows you that you’re getting a good a good mix of protein
when you buy your protein powders and then this recipe I am using some coconut
flour we’re just going to dump that in there’s lots and lots of fiber in here
as well sticking to the bottom and doesn’t want to come out there we go and
now I’m going to mix in my pocket of raspberry jello and I’m just going to
dump it right in there so now we’ve got all our dry ingredients and I’m going to
mix that up so that everything is all crumble together you have your protein
you have your coconut and then your little packet of sugar-free jell-o and
make sure that’s mixed really nice and well because once you start adding your
Greek yogurt to it you want to be able to make sure that your flavors are
smooth all the way through all right now we’re gonna add in our Greek yogurt and
you’ll notice that it will change color a little bit once you put in your wet
ingredients and that’s perfect that’s what we’re looking for here it’s gonna
start oops to match my up fix and we’re gonna get a
little bit of the pink color as we start mixing it through and if you’re finding
that it’s a little bit dry depending on what kind of protein powder you’ve used
or your how dry your coconut is I like to add a little bit of water or you can
even add some pre-mixed protein drink I’m using a pre-mixed vanilla protein
drink here and just adding a tiny little bit to it so that it’s nice and moist as
we mix it up but not too moist because you want to be able to form little balls
out of it and if it gets too moist they won’t hold their shape all right so now
that we have the consistency we want I’m going to take off my ring so that they
don’t get all sticky and make sure you do the same and here we go
we just take a tiny little bit roll it in our hands just like so and look at
that a perfect little protein ball will roll the rest of these up and then I’ll
let you know how they look all right and now another thing you can do is add some
coconut to a little plate and then you just take your finished little protein
cut balls and roll them in the coconut just like this roll them around cover
them up there we go they look like little snowballs and look how gorgeous
that is those are something you could serve to
company you can have a little party you have people coming over for a dinner
get-together and this is a perfect little dessert that you can serve so not
only is it high in protein and great for kids and great for you but it’s perfect
for serving because they’re so pretty all right I hope you try these at home I
would love to hear what you think if you liked it like below comment below
subscribe I would love to hear your versions of it as well thanks everybody
have a great day

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  1. I made so many of these when I was on the clean eating part of my pre-op! You can really use any flavour too. I made a variation using Lemon jello instead and they tasted just like lemon meringue pie! The perfect snack to curb your appetite for something sweet!

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