Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

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  1. Your requests have been heard! The Good Doctor #2 review is now LIVE –
    Please keep submitting the shows and episodes you'd like for me to review. Love you all!

  2. The main character looks like he is in bones and the guy that goes with him and he looks like he is doctor yinsin from iron man that saved tony stark from dieing from shrapnel being blasted into his chest from his own weapon

  3. Idk why it took my recommended this long to show me ur channel but I love it I just watched the grays anatomy vids and I definitely subscribed

  4. Oh god I know he’s trying to come from a good place but around 9:00 when he talks about cognitive behavioral therapy for children with autism, the process he describes, while it might teach your child to /behave/ normally, causes enormous trauma to the child. What cbt in that case does is forcibly recondition the brain to display certain behaviors as an extreme coping mechanism in response to extraordinary stress. The focus on “hiding or fixing” the outward signs of autism causes a child to build their entire vocabulary of behaviors from mimicked responses adopted out of fear, and because of that not only is that child at risk of developing all the associated issues with psychological trauma, they also never get the chance to develop behaviors that allow themselves to regulate their emotions in a beneficial way. I speak from a place of personal experience here, as well as from an academic viewpoint. Trauma wrought against those with highly visible differences does not fix any perceived flaws, it just chips away at the individual’s ability to act autonomously without damaging themselves in the process. These kinds of things don’t exist for the benefit of autistic people, but rather to make “normal” people in positions of power more comfortable.

  5. okay but how the fuck the glass go through his t shirt without it being ripped? his shirt fell off when glass at the same time hit him and the t shirt came back on?

  6. Could you please look at the show Diagnosis Murder? It’s a show from the 1990s that’s both a medical show and detective show

  7. 12:25 since the boy’s parents were present and didn’t object to the Dr.’s actions the good samaritan laws don’t apply

  8. I agree with you that Inflating air in gloves was a bad technique but i think he repaired it by putting alchol on the gloves and he also inflated in the surface being inside his hand not outside🖤🌼

  9. للحصول على افلام 📽🎥 حصرية🤩🤩💥💥 على اليوتيوب😉 ومترجمة اشتركو في قناتي 🌹🌷🌷 ولا تنسوا تشغيل زر الجرس اي موفي قناة توفر لكم كل الافلام الحصرية

    Robber: leaves the knife
    robber: takes it back

  11. You got me into a new show I broke my leg and now I have to be in bed due to the swollen the cast was preventing my leg and foot from breathing they had to due in emergency removal and let it breath and put it in a splint now I'm in bed and watching your review of this show I started binge watching thank you

  12. I would like to see your impressions of a "sci-fi/medical" tv series called "Mercy point". It aired many years ago but did not last more than a few episodes. It is hard to find but youtube has a few episodes up :

  13. Ahhh it's better way to watch doctor seasons thankyou dr mike just drop into your channel and I am loving you already 💓

  14. I wish this show got CANNED! He is an incompetent doctor, he doesn't know what he is doing. He shakes all the time when performing surgeries. The security guy was a CROOK! He kicked the doctor out on the very first episode!

  15. When he paused at the rabbit and was like its good for autistic children to have pets i was like oh you aint going to like the next part.

  16. What if its very minerly inserted, i had a thumb tack stab my heel, through my shoe and it only went in 1/8th of an inch into my foot, by my estimate given my shoes soles thickness, and my socks thickness

  17. Autism isn't a superpower. Practically every show with an autistic character has them as a savant, as if it's a compensating gift.

  18. Hmm if he's gone through med school and regular school, and his autism is high functioning enough that he can well function a then wouldn't using it, as a reason to NOT hire him be biased and illegal? In similar way someone can't pose gender or sexual orientation or religion as reason to fire/not hire someone? At least officialy?

  19. Question! I did a react video to this and Sony copyrighted the crap out of it. Did you have the same issue with this video?

  20. I hate what people normally learn about autism. It is a spectrum and everyone is different, I never understood how they say autistic people have trouble with social cues and recognising emotion because I've never had any of these problems. They are literally isolating people like me by focusing treatments and help on only those with lower functioning autism.

  21. I am an art student yet here I am watching medical thing.

    Shouldn't I be studying political science rather than this?

  22. Thank you for mentioning abut how important and helpful early intervention is. My mom has worked as an Early Intervention Specialist who did home visits. She has helped so many children and parents ❤️ The profession is nowhere near paying enough.

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