Real Time Morning Stretch Routine – Ask Doctor Jo

Real Time Morning Stretch Routine – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you some morning stretches in real time to get you going even before you get out of bed. Let’s get
started. So these stretches are designed just to
kind of get you going in the morning. We’re not going to do the traditional 30
seconds, three times, we’re just going to do the 30 seconds two times because this
is more just getting everything moving. Getting all those creeks and aches out
before you get up and get moving in the morning. So I’ve got my timer. So imagine that
you’re still laying down contemplating if you really want to get up this early
in the morning. So, what you do, go ahead and just throw
your sheets off so you can move your legs around a little bit. Prop both of
them up and you’re going to start off with just a simple knee a chest to kind
of loosen up the lower back area. So i’m going to start my timer and then just
pull up this way. Now what you want to do, is make sure if
you have any knee issues, some people hold it up here so they can pull a bit more,
which is fine. I always go underneath just because my joints aren’t always so
great, and I don’t want to put any extra pressure on that. So just pulling as
far as you comfortably can you should be a little stretch in that
lower back area starting to get everything moving and loosened up a
little bit and just hold it and get that nice stretch. And come back down, and again remember you just want to kind
of set it down for about 5 to 10 seconds nothing too long because most likely you
are going to have to get up and get going and doing something. So just
stretching that pulling again. You can think about all the stuff that you’re
getting ready to do for the day. If you want to just take some nice deep
breaths to get that blood flowing before you get up you can and just stretch
everything out nice and relaxed. And if you’ve got puppies like me, who are
bouncing around and giving you kisses and hoping that you hurry up because
they are hungry, then hopefully you can keep them occupied with something else
maybe a bone or something while you’re doing that. So now we’re going to go
ahead and switch sides. That’s how I am awakened in the morning
with a tail going “thump, thump, thump. And that would be Bear. Kali is at the point where she doesn’t
really want to get up early, but Bear is excited and ready to go and play with
his tennis balls outside and get lots of breakfast because he enjoys his
breakfast. Now if you feel any pinching in here,
make sure you take it off just a little bit because again this is just to get
you moving get you going, nothing too crazy yet. Just get that, you
know, about five seconds relax. You can shake the legs a little bit and then go
for your second stretch here. And again remember if you want a little
more pulll up here you can, just make sure you don’t have any knee issues or pain
their because you put some extra pressure on that joint. Ok. So the next one is going to be to
stretch the hamstrings out a little bit so you can stay in this position, still
kind of grabbing underneath your leg, but this time what you’re going to do is
you’re going to start straightening the leg up. Now some people will be able to get all
the way straight if you’re pretty flexible that’s not really a problem, but
some people are maybe only going to be able to get to right here. That’s okay. That’s not a problem, just go
to you feel the stretch. But keep your leg fairly up and down, you can bring it
almost that perpendicular to the floor. You don’t want to bring it all the way
here and trying to stretch cause that’s going to be probably too much of a stretch.
especially in the morning. So just kind of stretching, there. You can
pull your toes up towards you if you want to to kind of engage those calf
muscles just a little bit as well. But again in the in the morning, especially
since you probably haven’t done a warm-up, you’re doing a cold stretch, don’t push so hard you’re just kind of
getting everything going a little bit in the morning. And holding it there. You can’t see my toes but that’s okay.
You don’t really need to see them. Again if you want to pull them up a
little bit you can. I’m gonna bring it down little bit so you can see, and then
pulling it toward you that way to get that little bit of extra stretch up top
if you need to. But again don’t feel like you have to force it just kind of
getting that little bit of a stretch in there. And then switching over to the
other side. Again just kind of holding up there nice and relaxed with your arms.
Don’t feel like you have to stress out those shoulders.Your
hands are kind of there so you leg doesn’t fall back down, but you don’t have
to really pull it up towards you. I kind of clasp my fingers, you don’t
have to clasp your fingers you can just kind of hold it right there or one on
top of the other whichever one is more comfortable for you. You can see this one’s a little bit
tighter than the other side, but again that nice stretch in there. And hold it and
coming back down. We’ve got one more of those. I’m starting to
get nice and warmed up, loosened up. I feel a little warm like when I get up I’m just
gonna jump up and start dancing around. And that’s not usually what I do in the
morning, I’m not, I’m not a super morning person until
I have my cup of coffee. And you can check me out with “Morning Cup of Jo” if
you want to. Get that stretch straightened out as much as you can.
Probably by the second one you’ll be able to stretch it out just a little bit
more. And sometimes you’ll see it shaking a little bit you might see mine shake a
little bit, and if it is, you might want to relax just a little bit. So then the next one is just going to be
a little rotation of your legs. So this is kind of get the rotation in the back
using your legs. So putting them together still having
them propped up next to each other. Don’t have your pants rolled up so much,
and just rotate a little bit to one side. Not coming all the way over this is just
kind of getting it loosened up, hold it for about three to five seconds.
So just like me a little pause, and then come back over. And we’re just going to
you five on each side so just give it a little roll. Try and keep the upper part of your back
up here down for the most part. So you’re just rotating and stretching
that mid to low back. And again you don’t have to push very hard, you’re just trying to get it stretched a
little bit going back and forth, side to side. So this is 4 on this side, a
little pause. If you want to hold it a little bit longer you can, but I like
just kind of going, like I said, in the morning you just want to get going and
get up and get moving. And then you can do a little bit more
later in the morning once you get up and get your cup coffee and your breakfast. So now the last one is just going to be
a bridge. So that’s gonna do some exercise of the
hamstring and the glutes muscles a little bit. And so what you’re going to
do is just lift your bottom up off the ground. So coming up here, try can get
yourself in a straight line. A little pause, again you about three seconds and
slowly come that down. So this one isn’t fast when
you come down, you can even go like one segment at a time of your back. So just
nice little stretch, and we’re just going to do five of these. This is really just
to get you going, and get again that movement, and slowly come back down, and
then the last one. So that should be good, I’m feeling nice and warm. I’m ready to
go. Then when you’re ready to get up, roll on your side, use that log roll
technique, drop your feet off and push yourself up. There you have it. If you have any questions. leave in the
comments section. If you’d like check out some other videos, go to
And remember, be safe, have fun (I’m gonna have to get my beauty rest), and I hope you feel better soon.

17 Replies to “Real Time Morning Stretch Routine – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. I just love this! Dr. Jo, would you consider doing a real-time, follow-along stretching video (maybe about ten to fifteen minutes) that can be done on the floor, like this one, without standing up at all? Lower back, hamstrings, shoulders, etc.

  2. Hey Dr Jo – useful video, thank you. I have an L4/5 minor global posterior disk bulge and I usually use the side to side lower back stretch you demonstrated around the 06:30 mark. Upon doing this side to side and holding the stretch I hear cracking in the back/spine. It doesn't hurt at all but sometimes is off putting ? Would you consider if this was a regular occurance normal ? Or possibly something that is worrying. Appreciate your insight.

  3. Doctor Jo back at it again with a great video, by the way thank you for your help. Your Patellofemoral stretching video really helped me with my knee problem. Really appreciate your videos. Thank you for everything you do! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

  4. I suffer from neck spasms and can't find the right pillow for me. What kind of pillow do you have in the video and would it help with spasms? Thank you.

  5. will definitely try these stretches in the morning! i hope i can be a great physical therapist like you in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. This is awesome Dr…. I quit morning coffee… Feel so fresh with it… Esp hem string stretch… It relieves my legs pain gr8ly… Do have simple tummy tuck exercises in your store??? I got just a little extra padding which is only visible when I tuck in my shirt… So I guess wont be diff to lose it…

  7. Wow, I've just stumbled across your YouTube channel today and I'm so glad that I have! This video has got me feeling great and ready for the day ๐Ÿ™‚ You're awesome Doctor Jo! Keep up these vids x

  8. I really need some morning exercises to do before getting out of bed. My back is so stiff, sore and muscles are so tight. Thank You for the info. Dr. Jo.

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