Restore SAGGY CANVAS 💪 – 3 Easy Methods (that Actually WORK!) Tighten Stretched Canvas

Restore SAGGY CANVAS 💪 – 3 Easy Methods (that Actually WORK!) Tighten Stretched Canvas

hello my creative friends Olga from
smart art materials here and today I’m gonna show you three different methods
of how to restore saggy canvas and make it tight like a drum in my previous
video I showed you how to finish pour painting including how to apply spray
varnish traditional varnish polycrylic and epoxy resin epoxy why five only four
by the way I got such an awesome feedback on it from all of you thank you
guys so much and I got the most questions about resin well resin or any
other pour on finish is self leveling so it puddles up in the center of the
canvas if it’s saggy and not stretched enough this can be a problem in many
other cases not only when you apply resin so here are the three easy and
effective ways to fix this so here is a canvas and it’s a little saggy it’s hard
to show against the camera so I hope you guys can see and another way to check is
to shake it and if it makes such noise you definitely need to tighten it up for
the first method you need just an ordinary water spray so all you do is
spray the entire back of the canvas with water you don’t want it to be soaked
just lightly wet the most important part is to get in the corners and under the
stretcher because you need to wet the entire canvas which is why I like to
shake it a little to push the water under the stretcher just like that once done spraying I like to put the
canvas against the radiator if it’s still running or just flat on the
surface and let it dry so here it is the next day definitely has tightened up
let’s do the shaking test no wobbly noise anymore which means this canvas is
nice and done for the second method we are going to add the stiff insert
inside the stretcher so I use just a thick cardboard but you can use any
other materials measure the inside of the stretcher and you need to be quite
precise so take your time and then just cut this exact size out one little tip that I just recently
figured out is to cut out a little corner of the insert which makes it so
much easier to remove it from the stretcher once done using now you just
insert it in the wooden frame and the canvas is flat as a pancake most
importantly don’t push the insert too much it has to stay inside the frame
otherwise it might deform the canvas so keep it flat once finished just take
it out and use over and over again on the same size of the canvas my third canvas is very saggy and to fix
it I’m going to use such wooden wedges if he ever saw them attached to canvas
and wondering what they were for well here’s the answer they help to stretch
your canvas a little more so all you do is insert one at a time inside those
little slots in corners and the sharp side always goes towards the corner then
you add the second one at the 90 degree angle and then just hammer them in inside
those slots as deep as they go this pushes the stretcher out and tightens up
the canvas by no means I’m a handy person but even I can do it now just do the other three corners in
exact same way most importantly don’t smash the stretcher
or the table or yourself this has definitely worked out and the
canvas is nice and tight so here are the three side by side done with water with
wooden wedges and with the insert I would say that these two are the same
feel pretty much same tight maybe the one with wedges is a little better
of course one with the insert is the best and it’s the most flat and this
option is probably the best for resin you can also combine methods like water
spray and the wooden wedges or the water spray and the insert it all worked great
but I would say that this one takes first place the second and the third and
if you don’t like any of these methods or want to try something new try a
wooden panel they actually worked pretty amazing for resin and for pouring as
well but before you do anything make sure to prime it with few layers of
gesso or buy pre-primed all right now it’s just time to give
this video a like and go fix your canvas by the way which method you think you’re
gonna use first let me know and if there are any questions left of course you’re
welcome to leave them in a comment below and I also invite you to join our
Facebook community which is the best place to get help and feedback and to
share your art thank you so much for watching I’ll see you next video bye

24 Replies to “Restore SAGGY CANVAS 💪 – 3 Easy Methods (that Actually WORK!) Tighten Stretched Canvas”

  1. I always use water, but I haven't sprayed it under the edges, like you did, and I always have wrinkled edges. The paint usually takes care of that, but now I'll know to spray into the edges. Thank you.

  2. I've used spray it was helpful. Have a canvas with pegs but no idea what to do with then….now I know…what did you use as cutout….? TFS

  3. I didnt realize I could lighten the canvas, so all the ones I have to tighten are painted and not varnishes, so will the insert and then the wedges. Thanks for the video. Gonna go watch the varnish one now 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I had no idea how to use the wooden pieces that sometimes come with canvas!

  5. Great video! I get this question soooo much! I personally just spray the back with distilled water (because I’m lazy 😂), but all are good! ❤️☺️

  6. Классное видео! Смешные заставки поднимают настроение! Ведущая – красавица!!!

  7. Girl you are so amazing!!!!! I love your personality in these videos. I'm definitely going to be using the cut out for my next resin projects or for paintings I clear coat!!!

  8. Thank you so much for this video; I definitely needed to see this!!! 😂 I subscribed to your channel to watch more of your videos!!! 😊🙏🏻🌸🦋

  9. I used the cardboard in the back method, but my cardboard slid down a little and the resin pooled in the middle. It was a resin pour art piece and it turned out okay since now the thicker part looks like the ocean. Thanks for your tips.

  10. Привет! Спасибо, классный ролик, ведущая – прелесть! Я выбрала 3-й вариант.Удачи

  11. I used spray and hammer method 🙂

    Can you please create video how to blend colors?

    When i paint, my colors instantly dry..
    In other tutorials peoples,just painting 30min non-stop and can blend without problem…

  12. 7/14/2019 USA Grandpa Bill: As Elton John sang out from the radio "Philadelphia Freedom" a desperate biker-artist in 197? carefully poured boiling hot water from a hot pot onto the back of his droopy canvas for an oil painting and let it dry overnight. The next morning the canvas was tight as a drum. S*A*M*, you are the first person in 43 years that I have seen who have applied water to the back of the canvas and shown it to the world. Everyone seems to apply the method of wedges. Thank you for the demonstration. You and your video with the picture inserts have been a real treat and I'd like to see much success for you on YouTube.

  13. Your videos are simple and to the point. Loving your channel. So informative. Wish we had cheaper paint here in Australia or not such high shipping costs but still having fun. Thanks Olga.

  14. hi from Australia, i have a gallery wrapped canvas that has plastic wedges. i have pushed these in as far as i can, tried your water method to some success but it is still saggy. should i pull some staples and re staple it? it is too good / expensive canvas to throw. love all of your advice, thank you

  15. Thank you for another amazing video, so informative. I am a Newbie so I am going back looking at some of your older videos, their amazing. Could tell me the thickness of the Mat Board you used for back of canvas? Could tell me where or if you have a link, to find the Wood Panel Frame? I have seen just wood panel but not with sides that have height. Again, thank you so much.

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