Restore Your Bad Neck Curve With a Simple Towel Stretch- Physical Therapy

Restore Your Bad Neck Curve With a Simple Towel Stretch- Physical Therapy

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  1. I sometimes notice myself tilting my head back while play games. Also turning my head hurts when I do that. This is great thanks bros.

  2. Thankyou today I woke up with neck pain because of the pillow, I changed it to medical one but still I'm not feeling okay,so please give me advice for how to get the perfect pillow,thanks again.

  3. I really watch my neck posture when sitting and walking but every single morning I wake up with my neck forward and I don't know what to do I sleep on my side and I have pillows all around me but somehow in the middle of the night my neck goes forward any ideas?

  4. You guys are awesome as always 🙂 stay blessed and live a long healthy life for us to learn more from you two 😀

  5. You two Souls are so Awesome.
    I was hurt so bad Through Medical Malpractice to my neck.
    I Shed My Blood Over The Los Angeles River Bridge on September/15/2008, My Scalp was torn off, Multiple Fractures to My Flesh Body's Scull (Went Brain Dead, Left Flesh Body, Went Straight To Heaven), Fractured C1-3, T1-3, L1-5, Broke Two Ribs, Punctured Both Lungs, Fractured My Left Shoulder, One Leg, and One Arm. Anyways When I Was Taken Out Of Coma The 5 Surgeons That Bolted The Halo In My Skull Asked A Nurse That Was Working Her First Day On The Job To Help Them When They Were Looking Me Over Because No Other Nurses Were Available. I Put The Surgeons In Awe And As They Were Talking About How It Was Impossible For Me To Do What I Did They Asked Their Nurse To Put Some Type Of Cream On My Staples, She Spun Around Behind Me And Her Clothes Caught The Back Bars Of My Halo And She Ripped My Halo Out Of My Skull And Refractured My Neck (One Of The 5 Surgeons Grabbed Her By The Throat And The Other 4 Surgeons, Two On Both Sides Of Her, Looked Like They We're About To Start Punching Her As I Shouted To Leave Her Alone And Help Me). Anyways They Covered Everything Up By Altering My Medical Records When I Tried To Sue Them Through The California Medical Board And Treated Me So Terrible Untill I Left The Hospital.
    Now My Neck Is Curved and They Claim I Have Ankleosing Spondilitus and This Video I AM So Great full For.
    I AM So Sorry For Trying To Tell You ALL What Happened To Me, I Need A Lawyer So Bad, But Thank You Guys So Much!

  6. How long should I do this a day? Twice a day? Once a day? And for how long is suggested just 5 mins and my neck is so relaxed compared to before. I don’t have the curve in my neck and my neck is slightly crooked due to a car accident in 2015.

  7. Hello guys.
    I have a herniated disc at L5-S1.
    Is there anyway I can send you my gym training program so you can tell me which exercises to remove/replace ?
    And perhaps I'll also send a picture of my lumbar MRI.

  8. Dear Bob & Brad, I am one of your long term subscribers, your content is amazing.
    It is very nice of you both to make these amazing videos and present it with touch of Humor.
    Your chin tuck technique helped me a lot for almost an year but it is not work for past few weeks. I am not sure if am doing anything wrong.
    I have herniated disc in my neck for past three years, extrusion c6-c7. My right arm nerve pinch by the herniated disc.
    Two years after the incident were miserable, for almost 1 year your chin tuck exercise every morning and during the day saved me.
    Past few weeks is different. I am continuously checking my posture, doing chin tucks, doing the towel exercise, but nothing seem to help. What else can I do?
    Please help, thank you in advance.
    My email: [email protected]

  9. I love watching you guys -wish you would advise people if they had a new hip each time if they should do certain things like pulling you knees to chest for back exercises etc. thank you M,k

  10. You guys are great!! Love your channel!! Can you recommend a good pillow for someone who is a side sleeper
    And suffers stiff necks also likes a some what firm pillow??? Would really appreciate your recommendation???
    Thank you!!!

  11. How does forward head posture (straight neck or even reversed neck) pinches the curve? If anything it looks like it opens up the hole for the nerves. Please explain!!

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