Rewrite Your MIND (40 Million Bits/Second) | Dr. Bruce Lipton “It Takes 15 Minutes”

Rewrite Your MIND (40 Million Bits/Second) | Dr. Bruce Lipton “It Takes 15 Minutes”

These programs can change a belief you had your entire life in maybe 15 20 minutes Many of them create a state of super learning like you were when you were an infant Yet there is a better and faster way even Their mind has two parts the Subconscious mind is the original brain and it can process 40 million bits of data from the environment every second the mind is very powerful and very fast, but it’s totally Habitual, it’s not creative. It can only play back what it learns in Evolution the front part of the brain the prefrontal cortex gives rise to consciousness It’s a small piece of the brain that is consciousness Self or consciousness is an add-on option and most people don’t exercise the option But note it has it can process only about 40 bits of data per second The subconscious mind is 1 million times more powerful Well, the subconscious mind is fast. The conscious mind is slow at processing That’s why when you’re an emergency or stress you operate from this one because it can operate fast and handle lots of data, but The difference between the two is this is habitual It is the conscious mind that is creative and can generate free Will the conscious mind can control anything in your entire body? They used to say there were parts of our body that were involuntary control But now we know that that’s not true look for example Yogi’s can regulate their heartbeat their blood pressure or body temperature with conscious mind? So while the conscious mind can only handle a few things The subconscious mind can do many many thousands of tasks at the same time now recently Neuroscientists are talking about how your unconscious really shapes your life your decisions What do they say according to cognitive? neuroscientists we are conscious of only about 5% of our cognitive Activity most people one percent of their day is in the conscious mind. So every day You you create only From your creation mind your conscious mind only about 1% of what is going on in your life and therefore 95 to 99 percent of your life comes from your programming in your subconscious mind, so What this means is maybe you were the child in the store and your parents said you do not deserve 95 percent of the day you will sabotage your life to make sure you do not deserve and The reason why is the subconscious job is to create? Reality out of the program. And so therefore if you have negative programming 95% of the day you will create that negative experience in your life now Here’s the problem the conscious mind and the subconscious mind work together So whatever the conscious mind focuses on it could control but what it’s not focusing on the subconscious mind control So most of our day we are thinking about the future or thinking about the past. That’s what the conscious mind So if the conscious Minds not paying attention to right now Then everything you’re doing during the day is being run by the program that you got But the problem is because your mind is not the conscious Minds not paying attention Then it does not see the program being played by the subconscious mind So most of every day you are not playing programs They you personally want you’re playing programs that you’ve got from other people But you didn’t see those pillows programs. So when your life doesn’t work You say that the universe does not support me and yet the truth was it was own? invisible behavior that sabotage you so what’s important is some people say well Maybe I just do some positive thinking which mind does the positive thinking conscious or subconscious the conscious mind which works at five percent a day with a 40-bit processor and When you’re doing your consciousness, are you paying attention to what’s going on? who’s running the show the experiential programs from the subconscious mind and that is 95 percent of the day with 40 million bit processor does positive thinking work do the math? and the issue is that it’s very difficult to take a small processor and Overpower the large processor and you have to use what is called willpower With the emphasis on power to override now here is the second catch or the second problem the Subconscious mind is like a recorder tape player It records an experience and then when you push the button it plays the experience back so then we take our Conscious mind and we want to talk to the subconscious mind and change the program now think about it this way You have a tape player and I give you a cassette with a program You put the tape in and you push play and the program is going you say I don’t like the program Then you go up to the tape play and you say change the program and change the program The issue is the tape will not Change by doing that but there are ways to change the program if you know how to push the record button So your life does not reflect what you want. It reflects the program you were given. So one way out is Consciousness just be conscious and then you don’t play the tape a second way out Clinical hypnotherapy because that puts you back in the same brain state that you were in in the learning period and then you can put a new program and rewrite the tape Yet there is a better and faster way, even there’s a group of new psychology modalities called energy psychology There are many different versions for example holographic Repat earning bodytalk EMDR Eft the one I am most familiar with this psych-k psy c h k These programs are like pushing the record button on the tape player These programs can change a belief you had your entire life in maybe 15 20 minutes Many of them like psy k create a state of super learning Like you were when you were an infant But I’m now going to show you how your thoughts go out and affect your life on the outside EEG you put wires on your skin and read the brain activity Ma ji the the probe does not even touch the head You can read your brain activity outside of your head. It’s not magic When a nerve carries a signal it’s like an electric wire It has an electrical component. And so the electric component can be picked up by electrodes on the skin But when a wire is carrying a current it also has a magnetic field around it The magnetic field passes through the skin your thoughts are not contained in your head the people that you get connected to you are entangled with and Many people are familiar If you think about someone you are talk about someone you haven’t seen for Years and I say oh I haven’t seen my friend John in ten years and the phone rings and it’s John It’s like the placebo Nocebo when you think very positive thoughts of someone they make an effort to get in touch with you But it works both ways if you have a negative thought about somebody Wherever they are, they will create negative. Talk about you So it’s very important to recognize your thoughts and your judgments are not just connected to you They’re connected to the people you talk about you are exciting and activating those things in the world that are connected to your thoughts when a mugger is trying to pick out which Person he is going to attack of the different people walking down the street Which one do you think has attacked? the one who is most afraid because the one who most afraid will resonate and that means that the mugger doesn’t have to do anything go boom and Everyone will give him give him everything You

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  1. Is this person who presents this thinking he talks to at least to 1000 people every time this video is opened or is he just really crazy?
    And wasn't there any person who told this crazy person how to pronounce whole sentences?
    One of the basic presentation-rules: The end of a sentence is also important.

  2. I wish for a YouTube where I can watch videos by Bruce without being bothered by MindValley. anyone with me?

  3. It all starts with realising that you are NOT your mind and body
    To redesign your life you need to become aware of three major parts inside: the victim, the originator, the hero.
    All past feelings and unresolved wantings are embodied in the victim part inside, get to know him/her and start a love relationship with it.
    We're also doers, creating karma. The originator in us did good and bad things. Don't victimise yourself too much, too long. Take responsability for all your (past) actions.
    We're on a journey, walking eachother home. To grow in life one must become the best version of him/herself, that's the path of the hero in each one of us. Give your inner hero the lead from now on.

  4. I am from India , Kolkata City , 48 years old , i feel good on your information – trying to overcome loan NS IMPROVE myself to get better job .

  5. I like him. What he said is True. I just looked at my own life and there it is….. pity i havent watched this Clip a year ago, my Lover would have been still hear with me 🙁

  6. 10 minutes of talking without actually saying anything.

    Fuck off with your adverts and shitty background music. Either say something that people cam actually use right now or fuck off you time wasting cunt.

  7. all fine untill 8:20 …. NO without any human interaction you wont affect anyone's behavior…the example given in the video with the frinend john that called when you thought about him is entirely a coincidence…now if you think negative or positive WHILE you interact with someone thats another story

  8. Give us the freaking answer how the hell to do it instead of just telling us what we have to change and offer no solution!!!

  9. At about 8:30 he said if we think positive thoughts about someone then they phone because our energies are entangled and this is done by the unconscious mind (because of the program that we where given). Does that mean we technically do not have free will?

  10. No dont want to erase memories, but that cant be selective, right? Meaning only deleting negative thoughts and keeping the positive thoughts.

  11. Im spanish and understand english, can i use an english afirmations tape or should i use a spanish one?


    Please follow , innocent try to motivate people 🙏🏻

  13. Bull fucking shit!
    This is crazy crap. Yes ever one has past the past and the future I have pass I want to forget. they want you to forget. Yes is it sounds to good to be true.. Because it is. Please please do not get hooked by this nonsense! You are loved. Remimber the good. Not the "crap past". It's ok to remimber the past so you can make the past the past" and get real help by real people! You and your family deserve it.!

  14. Gracias por responder tan pronto a mi deseo! Es maravilloso poder acceder a este conocimiento desde este científico que lo único que busca es el bien de la humanidad. GRACIAS!!!

  15. “95% of the day, you will sabotage to make sure you do not deserve.” Psychiatry, Big Pharma, Police, Correctional Institutions, Educational Institutions, Rehab, Academia, The News and the Media, are about to undergo a massive disruption. We shouldn’t accept our ancient institutions anymore and start firing politicians rapidly if they won’t offer these solutions into new policies. Enough with the punishment and self sabotage worshipping of society.

  16. Ok.. tuned into a serious vid.. got that cockney little witch from last years Love Island advertising God knows what at me…? 🤢 I'm out already, soz


  18. 4:06…Dear dr. no problem no program.Your problem is that you are been creatide to be programed and tryin to reprogram your self you juse another program and here you go again…you just a human,relax…

  19. so how do we change our programs in 15 minutes? What do we need to do? Buy? whatever. can we get to that answer please?

  20. meditation is going to be one s l o w process considering it was just pointed out that the conscious mind (which you are meditating with) is not paying attention and the subconscious mind is running the original program. "Where does the >it takes 15 minutes< come in?

  21. Thanks very much more than this so good idea but you so much more than this 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  22. Ok thanks for all the shouting..
    So wtf is the answer?? Im not even going to buy your book since you didnt tell us. Stupid

  23. this is a warning, everybody, everything not brought into consciousness comes to us as fate, change the look you give to the world and the look the world gives you will change, i dont know why, but energy explains a lot

  24. Amazing! So many things answered in a 10 minute video.
    "Why do I keep doing ( filll in the blank). Why haven't I been able to ( fill in the blank).

  25. I am a hypnotist, who has combined EFT, NLP, AKA cord/energy cords, and energy medicine/psychology among other healing modalities to great effect.

    Now, I grok in the fullness of this video, and feel much edification.
    Thank you

  26. Please lose the music in the video. It's so annoying. I use my own music as a background for podcasts, it helps me to program my own subconscious. Your music does direct opposite, and it's a crying shame, because your message is very important. It gave me so many insights already, after listening just once.

  27. We CREAT super learning when we were infants. Mind can absorb 40 million data in a second. Consciousness is a small piece of brain. Sub conscious is 1 million time powerful than conscious mind. Conscious mind can control their bodies n… But wrong, it's subconscious.. Everyday u r in sub conscious mind. Only 5 percent u r in conscious mind. Sub con job is to create what u think. Bot work together.

  28. Thank you for shedding your lovely light and for being of service to humanity, soooo much gratitude 💚 Check out some of my divinely guided content if you feel drawn 🌟🙂

  29. I love this video. What I also find fascinating is all the new age videos that talk about performance enhancement: meditating, eating healthy, fasting, thinking positively… are all just the religious scriptures rewritten. They are often just reiterating what we've known for thousands of years but explaining it better and putting it into secular connotations.

  30. Your subconscious is like a computer—more complex a computer than men can build—and its main function is the integration of your ideas. Who programs it? Your conscious mind. If you default, if you don’t reach any firm convictions, your subconscious is programmed by chance—and you deliver yourself into the power of ideas you do not know you have accepted.


  32. Now I request to you my heart full human gifted to me hartfull mind of so many gifts is thouse when it reach I will very happy in my heart .please send thouse gifts when reach thouse very happy in my life. Yshk viswanatham MscBed.

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