Rookie Mistakes Running Stretched Tires

Rookie Mistakes Running Stretched Tires

– [Alex] (sighs) I have
some terrible news, you’re gonna wanna zoom in, and it’s something for everybody to hear. The doctor told me I can’t
go to the airports anymore, he says I’m sick, unfortunately he told me that it’s terminal. (fingers snapping) (light music) That’s all I have this
morning, that’s all I’ve got, and I’m sorry that that’s
what you have to put up with, but it is an okay segue when it goes into another talking point, which used to be a pretty
constant conversation, which is stretching your tires. Now, before we even get into it, our lawyers are telling us
that we’re legally obligated to let you know that stretching your tires can and may result in the potential of your wheel from your tire So if you wanna be a nerd and not do it, then that’s on you. But based on those circumstances, if you opt to stretch your tires, you’re doing so at your own risk, because guess what? Sometimes you gotta pay to play, and sometimes there’s just a
little bit more risk involved, which, you know, that’s just how it goes. If you guys are watching this, just so you know, we did just drop our BBS September wheel
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donation to that as well. It’s gonna be super awesome, can’t wait to actually get the shirt instead of wearing a long sleeve, ’cause apparently in Wisconsin,
they just decided no fall, let’s go straight from summer to winter. And now we’re here. Now
that that’s out of the way, stretching tires can be a bit
of a difficult dynamic thing. There’s lots to take into consideration when you’re talking about curb weight, tire compound, purpose
of why you’re stretching, and so much more they
could potentially mess up, which could result in some, one might say, A rookie mistakes when
stretching your tires. That’s two for two, I’m
Alex, on the old IG, and today we’re gonna be
talking about rookie mistakes when running stretch tight. (intense music) So while we know that stretch tires aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, stretching your tires is
actually a lot more common than most would think. Any deviates from the original wheel size would either be a meet, or stretch setup. We’ve talked about over yonder,
if you want to take a look at the old math that we did to figure out how to make it easy for you
boys and girls out there that are trying to do a stretch setup without actually guessing,
because guessing is not good for when you’re buying something
in case you are wondering. Stretch tire setups occur when
people usually want to fit a wider wheel under a fender, or if they want to get their wheel just a bit more curb appeal. But when people go to stretch their tires, they usually mess it up and are
stuck with some pricey tires that end up losing air in 100 miles, or burnout before the third fill up. Now here’s the first mistake, which is people that have a tendency to never actually measure what
they’re planning on ordering. An old video we did once was
talking about how to calculate the perfect tire stretch
and we used a baseline which ended up being a
255 35 and an 18 by 10, which is a lot of numbers
and if you don’t know what any of those are, you gonna wanna definitely
check out that video. This wheel and tire size
is a perfect setup for both what we would consider a square setup. So it’s a little bit
meety but had a good look without being too much, either way. From there you can then
calculate how much stretch you wanted to go by either
going down in aspect ratio in intervals of 10, or sidewall
size intervals of five. Pair that with being able to go up or down with your wheel width about
half an inch either way to also determine tire stretch and you have a fun little math problem that helps tell you just how much stretch you’re going to have when
you end up picking up a set of wheels and tires. Using the 255 35 on a
10 wide as a baseline, we know that if you wanted
to stage one stretch, could be a 245 35 on a 10
wide or 255 30 on a 10 wide or 255 35 on a 10 and a half wide. And if you want to know more,
there’s a video with the link below because that one is quite the doozy. You can use this math for just
about any setup, anywhere, not just for stretch, and if you guess, you’re probably going to
get it wrong, just saying. Some common other stretch
setups for those out there that are looking for some tips 205 40s on an eight and a half, 215
35s on a nine and a half, 225 40s on a 10 and a half
wheel are gonna be just about (blows raspberry) perfect. Another common rookie
mistake is not knowing whatever load index
you end up on the tires that you end up stretching,
you’ll always be playing a little game of gambling with this, but if you can get it close
you’re likely going to have a lot less stress to do with overall. A lot of times people want to
run a little stretch set up on their big old VIP Saloon. So they go with for all their wheels, tires, suspension needs, got them. And end up purchasing tires
that have a load index of a small child worth of weight. Throw them puppies on and
about 100 miles down the road, you’re going to end up dealing
with a broken wire in a tire. This has to do with the load
index being completely ignored. You’re gonna always want
to keep an eye on this if you got a big car and you’re
looking to run rubber bands. Now this is kind of one
of those things where it’s a rookie mistake when running it, probably going to end up
having an issue because of it. It’s not necessarily
something you’re going to have while driving, It’s just a
just an unfortunate situation. Stretching tires is a thing
that happens everywhere, and it’s been a thing for a hot minute. One thing we’ve noticed
though, is that people stretch their tires because they think
it’s what you’re supposed to do if you get aftermarket wheels. And that’s not inherently true. Stretching your tire should be due to you wanting the results out of something whether that’s fitting a wheel
or dialing in your Fitment to your fender. Don’t buy a stretch tire
setup if you have no plan on dealing with that mile
and a half of wheel gap. This isn’t custom offsets. You don’t want to be
fitting a six year old in your wheel well,
it’ll only be amplified if you run a stretch tire
setup that has absolutely no sidewall and then you have
you only have such setup, and you got this weird space,
and then it kinda looks funky. And like service suspension
first, then the wheels, and the tires, trust us, in
terms of mistakes we’ve made in the past, we’ve all
done it when we were 16. Help us, help you. Another rookie mistake
is assuming all tires are created equal when
it comes to stretching, and that is entirely not the case. Stretching tires takes into
account some unique properties of the tires, such as
your sidewall strength, what kind of material or compound
do the tires actually use or what are they made of? Where are the channels for the
rain and all the good stuff you’ll often see lots of
people stretching Federals, Falkens, Nexens and Kumhos. Nankangs get a special
shoutout since you can buy with 16 of them and never end up worrying about something happening to them because you have 16 of them. Because they just happen to
be like the price of like a Whataburger, Whataburger
is still better than In-n-out I’m sorry Dakota. More high performance oriented tires will not have much stretch
in the capacity that we would want them to for
stretching onto a wheel. Brands like Toil, Michelin, and Perrelli just don’t do it as well
because the compound and the amount of
strength and then they put into their sidewalls for
high functioning track use make them very difficult to actually use for what stretching tires
from a form point of view is actually meant for. Now does that make them a bad
tire that you can’t do it. You can, do you want to get
marks on your new wheels because of it though, probably not, and that’s where the real
big thing comes into. A lot of those higher
end performance tires have extremely strong sidewalls but not meant for stretching, but more meant for the
high capacity hard turning. And a final rookie mistake
when running stretched tires is not changing your driving habits. You’d be absolutely astonished
at how different a 30 series two stretch feels compared to
a 40 series no stretch setup. It’s absolutely insanely different. Those little bumps, canyons, okay? Railroad tracks feels
like World War Two bunker. Dirt and asphalt, what are you, insane? Stretching tires and
running them everywhere results in a different driving experience from the moment you turn on the car to the moment you turn them
off and cry about the fact that you got a chip in your wheel. Be careful when you first
install your new setup, because you’re likely
going to hit your normal like local street pump, and
feel your heart go into a cavity you didn’t know existed because of how hard it’s going to feel. Pair that with some expensive wheels and you could easily rack up
a bill or two because of it. Stretching tires has
been a thing for decades, mini trucks did it,
Japanese car culture did it, and now here we are because United States, their just, that’s just
how it goes doing it too. Okay stretching tires
doesn’t automatically mean running 20 degrees of camber
and having Lyft exposed four inches, my 305 30s on my
own car would be considered stretch on my 12 wise in the rear, which is just how the
world goes sometimes. What’s important is that if
you begin down the rabbit hole running stretch tires, you’ll
want to know to be careful and not make the rookie
mistakes before you even throw the wheels and tires onto the car. So what sort of rookie
mistakes have you made? Drop a comment below,
and of course let us know what you want us to talk about next. Don’t forget to check
out for all your wheel, tire,
and suspension stuff. By the way, if you’re
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section description below. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries,
We will see you later. Peace.

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