Rowing Machine: How Your Arms Will Make You Stronger

Rowing Machine: How Your Arms Will Make You Stronger

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  1. LOL. I suspect your focus on externally rotating the shoulder down will lead us away from rolling the shoulders forwards and rounding the back. And here's to Zombie-Rowing, that alone will probably drop my 2k by 5 seconds.

  2. Wait…what? I wasn’t paying attention. Too busy looking at the Walking Anatomy Chart aka Shane. Damn, son…nice. Then throw in an Apache tune…💛💛💛💛

  3. Hi Shane, always like your videos! If you need a new topic, can you make a video about training in different heartrate zones? Do's and dont's and especially 'why'

  4. Ah… Proficiency of functional movement, the oft forgotten fitness element. Thank you, David Castro… I do an on water drill where I have the athletes turn their elbows out as they approach the catch and hold it until the arms break in the drive. I also do a lot of scap control and scap roll work on land with resistance bands. And, we start almost every morning with all 8 (or all 4, or both in a pair) holding squared and buried at the catch for 60 or 120 seconds.

  5. So following your training, I’ve really worked the “connection” to the machine. It’s all improving, but I have a problem with slack in the chain at the snatch. This causes me to either take up the slack by bending the arm before I engage the legs, or just wrench my upper body. Is this slack caused by my form or is it a problem with the machine? Help!

  6. I noticed my force curve has a small valley on the connection between the legs and the arms. I think this piece of the row make be just what I need to round off the force curve. Very smart video

  7. 99% of your videos are very good. but i got totally lost on this one and did not get any value. Help me…

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