Running Tips : How to Stretch Before & After a Run

Running Tips : How to Stretch Before & After a Run

Hi I’m Les Whitley. Today I’d like to talk
to you a little bit about using stretching before and after your training to improve
your running performance. Stretching before a lot of people get caught up on the old static
stretching where you are holding a particular movement for a short period of time. What
that does is actually sends a signal to the muscle that it needs to relax. The last thing
you want your muscles to do before you begin a race or before you begin any type of training
program is to relax. You want them warmed up and prepped. Some of the exercises that
you do involve moving them through a full range of motion but in an active movement.
For example stretching out the hamstrings we actually travel through space in something
like a straight leg march where you are moving that muscle or moving your leg through that
full range engaging and activating that muscle but also causing to elongate it while warming
it up. The straight leg march again traveling through space, staying light on the toes,
kicking up ideally moving your toes up towards the ceiling, staying light on your feet, keeping
the leg as straight as you possibly can while you are moving that muscle through a range
of motion. The other would be stretching out the muscles of the front of the thigh through
a walking quad stretch keeping both knees side by side, activating that muscle as you
step but also stretching it so it is engaging to support your body but you are stretching
and elongating the muscle as well. Working through all aspects of the lower body as well
as the upper body through full range of movements that are active in nature starting out with
beginning warming up the muscle and finishing off by cooling down the muscle. That is when
you want that muscle to turn off to relax. Simple exercises such as the straight leg
hamstring stretch, moving the chest down to the body or a lying quad stretch both knees
side by side, then you want to look for holding it for time ideally two and three sets, 15,
20 up to 30 seconds so that muscle relaxes and actually improves in flexibility so that
you are ready for the next day.

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  1. strange how he gave great advice throughout the clip but gave a poor example of a dynamic quad stretch. like he said, dynamic stretches should be used as part of your warm up and static stretches used at the end of your exercise.

  2. Hey Man, Thanks a lot 4 putting up this Video. I just started off running/jogging after a few years & at first my muscles would get cramped up & i didnt know what to do & my legs would hurt a lot at the end of the day. But after watching ur Video i release my muscles & i feels so great to run/jog without any pain & my practice is a lot more fun right now ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. It's basically like walking through a winter storm, coming home and then trying to warm up your hands by putting them in hot water.

  4. My track coach says not to stretch but warm up.Research shows if you fully stretch,you can lose up to 18% of your ability.

  5. hey frnds.. help me plz…. can i do this before running? i ve muscle pain n my lower legs after running.. wat must i do to reduce it? i'm just a beginner..

  6. i thought it was helpful cause it didnt occur to me that static stretches suck for warming up…thanks

  7. @sarcastic456
    yea i know. this stuff really works. sarcasm in that comment. your youtube name says it all.

  8. Running is so fun. =) I started running in August, where I would run for a total of 30 minutes, doing intervals of 2 min. of running and 1 min. of walking. Now, 2 months later I do intervals of 7 min. of running and 1 min. of walking. My goal is to slowly build up so I can run for 30 min. straight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. @GoogleSupport it does work, but it makes you very hungry. Be honest, you are not losing weight because

    A. You're not running enough
    B. when you do run you overeat afterwords.

    Don't hate me, I have the same problem! I just can't learn portion control.

  10. @GoogleSupport
    Exercise helps to reduce appetite and whilst exercising your not actually eating. But it does not burn a lot of energy unless you do high intensity for long periods of time. The most effective way to lose weight is to reduce the amount you eat. To rank importance exercise is 1/5 and eating is 4/5. Just keep eating less until you start losing weight. It will feel like you are starving yourself…..because you are. When you reach your ideal weight you can eat a litte more.

  11. 10th (300m) on youth athletics nationals…….so i guess i don't need to learn a "thing or two" from him….

  12. can everyone shut up about useless comments on the video! the point was to get some warm up tips, they were all great so great video … jeesh

  13. Wow, some of you people are mentally screwed up. What's all the nastiness about Kazhopa. That's just plain sick. Why, why, why?

  14. Everytime I do distance running I seem to have pain where my femur connects to my pelvis. Ive tried butterfly strecthing but I seem to always injur that area. What kinds of strecthes do you recomend? Or is it just a problem I have?

  15. @Soernsen82 Lion is an animal, different body/muscle structure. Also, when they catch a gazelle, they do it like a team, one chases gazelle and tries to set its direction to another lion who's waiting in the grass. That's called an ambush, so, not a very good pick on animals.

  16. @PalerLaze same as my goal ๐Ÿ™‚ i started with 2 min runs 1 min walks now i am up to 15 min runing nonstop after a few months maybe 3 months..i hope to hit 30 min jogs ๐Ÿ™‚ i dont wish to run more than that hehe…but atm i always get stitches at 15 mins ๐Ÿ™

  17. i never know what to expect from comments on youtube videos. i look up running tips and everyone is talking about cats

  18. @whotube88 Yea dude I hate it, but I figued out what it was. It was mostly form. When I would run for long periods of time I would get so tired that I would lose my running form. So what I did I rested untill I felt better. While running, I kept my form, my body squared, and I havent injured that area ever since. Hope this info helps you out! Good luck

  19. @Soernsen82 says the guy that probably doesnt run much. we had a 1mile for school, i was racing my friend. i streatched before, he said it didnt matter it was only a mile. half way through my freind goes down with a sprained ankle… do the math.

  20. you seem like a pro but the one where your lift your leg right up as the first stretch seems like something i would do if i wanted to pull something

  21. last year i could only run about 15 min and that' it, i haven't worked out since, but i had so much motivation yesterday i ran 40 minutes non-stop but i didn't stretch before and after, now i regret it because i can barely even walk up stairs lol

  22. "the last thing you want to do is relax…." in the last video by this guy he says that you should relax when you run… im confused….

  23. Will these types of stretching give me more muscle on my legs? Because I don't want that. I am a girl and I have big calves – I want them to become smaller but it's hard because it's all muscle. I don't run often but I am going to start. If anyone knows how to reduce calf muscle please tell me!!!

  24. They stretch before they even start moving lol… When they wake up they stretch, when they finish lying around chillin' they stretch

  25. holy fuck!! 138,573 vidssss!!!!! NICE MAN!! Im starting to run with my friend who is training for cross country so im gonna start running about every day, except for some breaks in between days. Good-luck to people who are trying to start running!!

  26. His tips are good. Just make sure you jog and get warm for about 10 minutes before you start these stretches. Nike elite athletes do stuff like this too. Search for Galen Rupp dynamic stretching. Some other good tips…from an Olympic medalist.

  27. Running is my new piece of mind me and a buddy try to do 3 daily and slowly increase the miles from time to time! thanks for the tips

  28. I forgot to stretch yesterday before we sprinted at forward practice for soccer and today I'm very very sore and pulled a muscle. I will always stretch before any running/ conditioning practices.

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  31. Yeah I agree too…He is right…Since I ran an race for cross country earlier today at 2:40 in the afternoon with my running buddy…& Other people from the school I used to go 2…Anyway I was so after!

  32. Hello everyone. Terrific clip clip. My older brother used to be obese. He went from 290lbs of fat to 212 lbs of real lean muscle mass. I used to be astounded. I just registered myself coz I wanna strengthen. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  33. I've been thinking about a videoblog between runners on youtube. You know for motivation? So when someone feels tired or down they can see how other people are doing and get motivated. If you want to do this with me please message me ! We can post daily blogs, eating tips, and just motivational videos. All for fitness.ย 

  34. Is there anyway i can warm up and stretch in public without looking like a marching Nazi?

  35. me and the other half starting running loads of conflictingย  videos on how to best stretch pre run or rather fast walk lol …help

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