SADHGURU – THE POWER OF INNER ENGINEERING – Part 1/2: How To Manage Stress, Anxiety & Depression

SADHGURU – THE POWER OF INNER ENGINEERING – Part 1/2: How To Manage Stress, Anxiety & Depression

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  1. "Look at my eyes, I'm always stoned."
    Blissfully stoned with meditation, that a great way to experience life. =)

  2. Host don't know what to ask from a personality who knows 1000 times more than him. It's like encyclopedia given to a child.

  3. ….what is this argle bargle ? What are you doing there when we in Chennai is lack of water? You claim moving cosmos with your little finger…..can't you arrange a gallon water to us….sollu…sodhi…

  4. Wow, u got to interview so many outstanding people, ure becoming one of them. This is amazing, man ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  5. WOWW!! You got sadghuru in your show! 'Subscribed :). I quit smoking dope, ciggies and stopped drinking alc after watching his videos, he makes u cry tears of joy just by his words and wisdom. My miserable life is now bursting with joy and hope i now have my own business and surrounded by amazing new people. Thank you sadghuru and thank you Brain.

  6. As I am one of the fan of LondonReal but i would like to have Dr. yogi vikashananda as he is the founder of manokranti centre as he is from Nepal and a lot of young people are following him. And I really want him at LondonReal.

  7. George Washington said political parties would tear the nation apart and democracy is dangerous. To him a republic supported the INdividual and minorities. Most people are INdependent voters in the US now anyway.

  8. his stance on substances is false, certain drugs increase faculties which actually can enhance your life, specifically psychedelics

  9. London Real brings in interesting conversations, some important messages, some urgent, some edgy, some thought provoking, etc.

    But Sadhguru … this will be the cherry on the cream on the cake.

  10. When are you going to address the suffering human beings thru no real fault of their own who's very association can get a person renting evicted. Homeless is a human caused tradgedy. Why are the successfully ignore these people ignored and rejected by mainstream society? Why don't you get some support for the suffering ostracized homeless community?

  11. As soon as I hear people talk about environment my eyes roll and I zone out, for the first time I didn't roll my eyes and said "YES!" "FINALLY" someone sees the right path. Work together in harmony not against.

  12. Where's part 2/2 ??? Stupidity forcing me to register… preferably will jump out of channel ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. @brian rose I want to know the music that you play before the start of the episode, for instance the Robert Kiyosaki Interview. Itโ€™s amazing. Even you played it when you start narrating โ€˜The World Is Changingโ€™. I need entire part and also the ringtone which will be fantastic.

  14. Does the name JESUS rings any bells to you? Until it does you will remain as dumb as a broken bell.

  15. Yes sir ,when you see somebody getting stabbed and dying you can look with joy or you can chose to look with misery ,why did I chose this example because you said that you can look at EVERYTHING,you my dear fellow are full of sh*t.

  16. "Mind my own business". This is the most peaceful solution for the world and myself. I live on a planet called earth in the universe, while I don' t get affected by the world led by the un-evolved apes.

  17. meanwhile people in India are killing each other on the basis of religion and cast system at its worst peak .

  18. No 'ism' in extreme form for that matter even 'spiritualism' in extreme form can be good for human society. It's recently has been expressed in political culture of the U.S.A., U.K. India and a few other countries like China, Afghanistan etc. The same was true during Bolshevic revolution. What Sadguru is preaching is not new. His answers are broad and in generalised form – which are open secret but no one wants to open this pandora's box. I do appreciate his wisdom of spirituality and seeking. This is in no way different than Socrates moto of 'know thyself'. It also reminds me the famous quote by an American president who said if people would be angel we didn't need the government. We can always preach but a few practice. We need to find a real – world solution besides inward seeking.

  19. โ€œ look at my eyes, Iโ€™m always stonedโ€

    What if he is telling the truth, and is crying out for help. I am calling the authorities.

  20. Itโ€™s been a year I am listening to Sadhguru, he has changed my idea of life, this body and spirituality…. I pay my biggest gratitude to him.. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป I can listen to him forever… thanks thanks n thanks ๐Ÿ˜‡

  21. I could cry just from the beauty of his words and the way he makes people (including me) re-think their inner attitudes and beliefs. So much wisdom and truth all in one man. Simply insane

  22. hey london man, we all indians love yogis how many fake men come we dont mind the moment we got the right one………its a feast for ur joy. namaskaram sadguru……
    100 criminals escape from law no issue but one honest must be protected. for humanity…for life….

  23. "people are thinking they can enjoy something – No, if you are joyful everything is a pleasant experience". This speaks to the self, that there is no technique, purpose, belief, guru, mantra, that will bring you closer to truth. It is when you finally meet and cultivate love and respect with yourself that is about the journey, not the end – to truth that is a sweet lifelong treat.

  24. "If you are Joyful everything is a pleasant experience". That sounds good and feels good……but if we wanted to discuss it further than those few words, watching a loved one die is never a pleasant experience. Hearing that a child has cancer is not ever pleasant. Being attacked and beat up is never a pleasant experience. A car wreck is never a pleasant experience. So on and so forth. And so, what to do with that statement now? Just forget it? Move along?

  25. Many people are not addicted for pleasure, their brain is LITERALLY missing chemichals due to developmental irregularities sparked by childhood trauma. Check out Dr. Gabor Mate.

  26. Thank you to all you life advisors, coaches for educating the ignorant masses. You are all heroes.

  27. Sadhguru is a walking fountain of knowledge. We inhail oxygen and exail cabon dioxide, except him, he exail knowleges via carbon dioxide. We should inhail oxygen via yoga knowledge. Greetings from Palau.

  28. We certainly needed people like Sadhguru in India yesterday, because if not the term "Yoga" will become alien to India. Not only will the practise be totally westernized but also the science of Yoga which will be taken away completely from India (very similar to the Kohinoor Diamond stolen from India by England).
    I worked at a place where the Director is from India, he was a Yoga practitioner and also teacher. He was on the board of the American Yoga association of some kind. Among the dozen board members he was the only Yogic practitioner and from India, rest of the 11 members are all talk. Nothing wrong in being 'only talk' but an Indian with only talk will never be able to get on that board without being a real Yogi practitioner and teacher.

  29. The gentleman says, "guru is a four-letter word, and is not something he subscribes to," yet he subscribes to wearing the iconic beard and costume of a guru.

  30. Who is this gentleman addressing?

    He is addressing white westerners, who are gullible, lost, and confused.

    What precipitated this collapse of a faith in a heaven? Was it an evolutionary change in man? No. It has occurred due to the infiltration of a parasitic ideology, one which, by the way, effectively makes use of so-called gurus. These parasites want us focusing on our navels, our kundalini, our third eye, so that we are unaware of what is transpiring in society; deaf dumb, and blind to being robbed.

    We have lost, or are losing the ability to think critically.

    He says he wants us to be competent 'CEO's' of our corporation, BUT FIRST we need to follow him to the human resources office for re-orientation.

  31. Such idiotic question. He said you read about London and you loved it, why? does he know anything about Indian history and what british people did to this country. Such an honor to be robbed for years and called it being civilized. WTF man, why they let this idiot interview him.

  32. Sad that he insulted atheists 6 minutes in. All atheists are not bad people. Just because someone doesn't believe in heaven, doesn't mean they don't try to do the right thing. The threat of hell isn't needed – people can try to do the right thing just because it is the right thing to do.
    He should avoid talking politics. His understanding of the US is pretty bizarre. No one is 'born into' a political party and in many states, people don't have to register for a party in order to vote in even the primaries.
    He has a nice sense of humor though.

  33. The volume levels from interviewer to Sadhguru are too different. I could barely hear the questions and if I turned it up Sadhguru was super loud.

  34. Thank You!
    There is a Creator within every human been. Therefore, โ€œforeverโ€ is the plan. Heaven is where we will all go! The CONSCIOUSNESS is the engineering no one physical man may constructs yet will live to experience daily forever.

  35. Sadguru is very practical ,his sense of intelligence is far more than what he talks.,also he Just doesn't talk he also creates impacts an takes action… a follower of sadguru and not blindly not following life has clearly changed after I started listening to him… ๐Ÿค—Now hebis working with the Indian government to change the education system..yes the one which is going to create the greatest impact coz…our future generation is going to rule this world and let's make good ruler's one earth ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—….this world needs people like sadguru more…what's an inspiration,what a balanced life and talks ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—…. thanku sadguru ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿค—

  36. Sadhguru is the real deal, there ain't no two ways about it. A gift from Bharat, land of seekers, and a gem for the world.

  37. omg, i get it now!
    our intelligence is a technology that we are addicted to, we didn't have it at the start, we developed it and got overpowered
    computers and phones epidemic is just a reflection of what is going on in our body…

    great pharma and chemical production are a twisted mirror of our endocrine system
    electrical network is a mirror of our nervous system
    internet is a mirror of subconscious

    p.s. machines in the matrix trying to get to Zion is a metaphor of gadgets getting inside our bodies
    "..when the machines get inside the chances of our survival decrease drastically"

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