Satan’s Rat-Rod: 1931 Ford – /BIG MUSCLE

Satan’s Rat-Rod: 1931 Ford – /BIG MUSCLE

MIKE MUSTO: It’s got over 1,600
pound-feet of torque. It’s made from a combination of
old tractor parts and light poles and has the ability to
actually tow New York to Los Angeles if you so choose. And I have absolutely no idea
how I’m going to drive it. Welcome to Big Muscle. My name is Mike Musto. Each week, I travel the country
with the goal of showcasing the best and baddest
muscle cars and hot cars around. Every car has a past, and
every owner a story. Welcome to the world
of “Big Muscle.” Here, at “Big Muscle,”
we love rat rods. To some, there’s just rolling
rod boxes cobbled together from scrap metal and
baling wire. But look closer, and many times
you’ll find that the workmanship, artistry and
overall uniqueness of these vehicles far outshines many
big money builds. The frame rails, for instance,
are made from old municipal light poles. The gas, clutch and brake pedals
are a mix of an old spider gear with a few
nuts and bolts thrown in for good measure. And the little scoops
on the hood? Yeah, they’re from a pair
of old steel-toed boots. This car is about as far out as
they come, which is exactly why we needed to film it. HENRY KESSLER: What we have here
is a 1931 Ford, with a 1952 Diamond Rio
tractor motor. The motor, the trans and the
rear tires are all from a 1951 whites water truck, which
is old farm equipment. The motor has 275 horse,
with right around 1,640 foot-pounds of torque. The frame rails are light poles from the city of Hollywood. They act as resonators
for the exhaust. The wish bones are
fence posts. The headlights are
from a ’42 Buick. It’s a real Duvall windshield. The motor’s got over
a million miles. The cases have never
been cracked open. It smokes and pukes oil, but it
runs like a top, and it’ll do another million miles. MIKE MUSTO: So Henry, I’ll
be honest with you. I’m a little bit nervous about
driving this thing. Take me through the process of
what we’ve got, what the switches do and so
on and so forth. HENRY KESSLER: OK. Well, you’ve got your standard
clutch, brake, throttle. To start the power on the
car, there’s one switch. Lift it up. That’ll turn on the pump
for the airbags. It’ll turn on the
charging system. Then make sure you’re
in neutral. It’s one button. [CAR STARTS] HENRY KESSLER: It
starts right up. MIKE MUSTO: It’s
like a hybrid! HENRY KESSLER: Yeah. It’s my Prius. First button up is front bags. Second button to the
side is rear bags. MIKE MUSTO: OK. And that’s the whole deal? HENRY KESSLER: You’re
ready to go? MIKE MUSTO: Today’s going
to be a cool day, man. It’s going to be a
really cool day. HENRY KESSLER: Should
be interesting. MIKE MUSTO: Yeah, it should
be interesting. HENRY KESSLER: We’re rolling! MIKE MUSTO: All right, so
here’s something you don’t see every day. My big ass driving a
1931 Ford tractor. I’ll be honest with you. I’ve driven a lot of stuff. This isn’t one of them. The body is a 1931 Ford. Transmission– it’s a five-speed. And believe it or not, it likes
to rev. We don’t need to, but it does. The main job is to piss off
Prius owners, scare women, scare children, and basically,
just have fun. I mean, the thing
is unbelievable. And it’s a bitch to drive. I’m not intimidated
by a lot of stuff. But this thing? This thing intimidates
the hell out of me. I mean, some of the
things that– you’ve got to take notice
over this thing, right? I didn’t know where
the gas tank was. Then I learned, it’s literally
right here. It’s a six-gallon. It’s an old settling tank. And it was put in under
the dashboard. You know, so this way, if you
crash in a head-on collision, the motor comes straight back
in and you hit the gas tank. And you just blow up. The frame on this car, there are
stress parts of the body that are welded to
the gas tank. Not really sure how
I feel about it. All I know is that it works. We all know, obviously, this
is not a canyon carver, but believe it or not, it does
actually go around a corner. I don’t know how he’s going to
stay in his seat, because you slide all over the place. And you’re wrenching
this wheel. I mean, look at my hands! This is nuts. I’m going to come out
of this thing. I’m going to be black
from top to bottom. And you know what? I’m going to love every
minute of it. [LAUGHS] HENRY KESSLER: The air bags are
off of a RTD bus which is a old LA transit system. There’s one dead center
right here, and there’s two in the back. It raises up right around
9 and 1/2 inches. There’s a shock on each side
of the bag and then one on each side over here. And then there’s two
in the back. And that’s just to kind of
keep the car stable. But it pretty much all rides
on the bags themselves. And then the wishbones are
connected to a Heim joints, which are off of a landing
gear off of a Lear jet. So this thing’s built
bulletproof. It’s made to run. And you look at it, and you’re
like this thing’s not going to go anywhere. But aside from you sliding
around, this thing’s on rails. And it’ll do a canyon
all day long. I mean, granted, it’ll do it at
45, but it’ll do it at 45 pulling your house. MIKE MUSTO: You know, this
thing, this grenade shifter, let me tell you something. It’s a bomb for a reason. Whoa! [LAUGHS] You go into these turns,
and part of you is holding on for dear life. Part of me was waiting to see
if there’s something around the next corner. ‘Cause if you
hit it, you’re finished. There is literally a piece of
mesh leather on the bottom of my ass and his ass, and as soon
we turn, we’re sliding all over the place. As far as back support,
I have news. I’ll definitely be in the chiropractor’s office on Monday. Because I mean, this
is ridiculous. Oh, yeah! See that short shifter
right in the car. HENRY KESSLER: Keep rolling. MIKE MUSTO: I’m like
a professional now. [LAUGHS] Holy [BEEP]. I want one of these. I want one of these, and I want
to drive through downtown Berkeley with black smoke
belching out of the six pipes. We got to find a Prius owner
and just suck him in. That’s what I want to do. And you got to picture
this, right? We’re up in the Hollywood
hills. And this is some of the
most expensive real estate on the planet. And I feel like as we’re driving
by, people are just feeling like their property
values are going down, which I really don’t give a crap
about, because I think it’s hilarious. I mean, never have I driven a
vehicle where I literally rest my hands on my knees
to drive it. And you want to talk
about fun. Since we’ve only got a
six-gallon tank, we’re going to get some fuel because, like
we said, wow, this really doesn’t hold any. And if we want to keep
shooting, we got to fill this sucker up. I mean, this is nuts. I mean, we’ve got gas. We’re all over the place. It’s crazy when you think a
straight six-cylinder gas engine could literally make
1,600 pound-feet of torque. That’s nuts! That’s simply nuts. It’s a mind-boggling thing. The best is next to us, we’ve
got a Fisker hybrid. You know, the company that
went out of business? Those guys. It’s kind of funny, this thing’s
been around for 100 years or whatever. We’re still going strong. And that thing’s been around
for six months. It’s not doing too well. This car is a spectacle. It’s the fly in the ointment
and the black sheep of the family. Therefore, we could think of
no better place to take it than down to the most
look-at-me strip to the United States– Rodeo Drive. Not only do we get looks and
comments from everyone, but we even got up close and
personal with one of the local residents. MIKE MUSTO: How do you
read this day? We are rolling down Hollywood
Boulevard in something that people just don’t
know what to do. Yeah, I mean, what you guys
can’t see right now is that we just stopped. And the crowd of people–
what’s up, guys– that just crowded around
this thing. It’s insane. I mean, how do you beat
Hollywood Boulevard in a rat rod that looks like this? You want a picture? Absolutely take a picture. Yeah. One of the best details about
this car is not the car itself, but it’s owner. Henry is a guy who loves
to see reactions. He likes the people, young and
old, smile and scratch their head at this thing. And his philosophy about the
car couldn’t be better. HENRY KESSLER: If you’ve got a
hot rod that you put $150,000 into it and $20,000 paint job,
you don’t want anybody breathing on it. You’re not going
to take it out. This thing, I could care less. I enjoy it. I love it. It would kill me if something
ever happened to it. But when I go to a car show,
I’m the only one that tells people, oh yeah, you’re taking
a picture next to my car. Why don’t you throw
your kid in there? Are you serious? Absolutely. You know, that’s how you get
the next generation into wanting to get into
the car culture. MIKE MUSTO: I honestly
don’t know what to say about this car. You look at it. You drive it. And it beats you to death. The clutch is like pushing in a
sledgehammer every time you try to engage it. It belches black smoke and soot
and dirt, like literally the likes of which
I’ve never seen. Like you see this is
like a white cloth? And if I go like this, that’s
no longer white. Guys, thanks for tuning in to
another episode of “Big Muscle.” Obviously, email us at
[email protected] And I’m going to take a shower
in a little while, because I’m just dirty. And like I said, worth every
second of the day. Thanks. The best is everybody
that just looks. People have no concept of what
to make in this thing. How you doing? What’s going on? Good to see you. Hi, how you doing? Good to see you. Hi, how you doing? How are you? Good to see you. How are you? Good to see you. Nice to see you. Well, welcome to Hollywood.

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  1. Love it. I see Henry around at the local weekend hangouts and car shows. Really cool guy with an even cooler Rat Rod.

  2. Doing some simple math, I find the 1600 lb/ft of torque to be very unlikey.
    To make only 275 hp, it would make its peak power at only 900 rpm, at which point the torque drops off faster than the rpm can rise. This thing is clearly revving and cruising around at much higher rpm than that and it would be slower than a prius if it ran out of power at 900 rpm, no matter how much torque it makes.

  3. Love it. My uncle has spent most of his mechanic career trying to prevent rust and keeping cars in factory showroom condition. He's done with it, he embraces the rust now and is into rat rods. Like this guy he doesn't care and built one that he can just simply enjoy.

  4. IF satan din come up to earth, his car would definately be made out of corpses…. -_- and gods car would be made out of well, oh wait he don't need a car, he just flys on the clouds,  * I AM NOT A RELIGOUS DUDE WHO COMPLAINS * i think that would happen instead if they do exist, #ATHEISTDUDEIAM

  5. a diamond reo is a semi tractor truck. think 18 wheeler and yes it really makes that power some of the best trucks in their day. I love this thing I think I know where a few diamond t trucks are. badass build.

  6. How do they 1600 ft.lbs of torque from a 275 hp engine? 7000 horse nitro dragsters only have about 1500 ft. lbs of torque.

  7. Yeah that really is a HotRod, it's not a show car style of HotRod which everyone thinks should be a HotRod, it's what hot rodding should be. Modified Cars, Muscle Cars, HotRodding all comes from guys like this who built the car from different pieces and made that car run and it's in your face, it's loud and burns a tonne of oil, gas etc. This really is a stand out guy with Godfather type of personality, he even inspires the younger people with sharing the experience at shows. Not up himself, this is the example of HotRod and the owner is the guy you want showing it off.

  8. Here is a great idea you can do when you take this thing to the next show!
    Take an extra tank of gas and then light up a match and throw it in there, and enjoy the fireworks lol!
    This thing is a safety hazard and should not even be allowed on any public roads.

    Let's now have some fun with the bitches commenting bellow, hahahahahaa

  9. That's a car which means it's business, "no show business bitch" kinds yet the show stopper if not that crowd wouldn't have stopped… That guy wouldn't have ran to it. A motor which does move the body and soul… A build which is bulletproof… A lovely owner who says throw your kid in…that's how you get the next generation to the car culture… Hat's off attitude. Thanks for sharing this lovely machine..Cheers!!

  10. brilliant video this has got to be the best looking and best sounding engine i have heard in ages a big thumbs up from me max

  11. What I liked most about the build philosophy is that the guy used parts from all around LA. It has an almost organic local quality to it. It's art, history and mad-science all rolled into one. That's genius.

  12. 1st off..that guy Henry K DID NOT build that car, he bought it already done… It was orig built by Brett AKA.. Big Schwag ( I have pics to prove it). I hate when people take credit for someone else work.

  13. Would be great if this was blown and when you pulled the pin on the grenade, the handle springs up, releases a button that increases the boost. Or same concept with a NO2 shot.

  14. I have never been a Hot Rod guy but these kind of Rat Rods that are made of (mostly) period parts, period motors, etc are great! (Much better than fancy paint, chrome everywhere and modern seats).

  15. Heh. That's a Continental OA331/REO Gold Comet gas engine. Makes 148HP and 330lb-ft.

    This guy just seems to be full of crap so his rat rod seems more interesting. Heim joints off a Lear jet, huh? Yeah, sure. 1,000,000 miles on the engine, OK. Fencing for the leading/trailing arms (which he likes to call wishbones,) that looks a lot like normal DOM tubing, mmm hmm.

  16. That car would be a blast to drive and for me very very rewarding in many ways. Would love to own something like this some day. Thanks guys-Super Cool!

  17. This car is great….i feel like a lot of rat rods get painted with the same crappy brush. But this car is ingenuity in motion. I love it

  18. What a total piece of shit! Its a shame. The Shifters car club created what was then a lifestyle of traditional Hot @t of their members coined the phrase Rat Rod – today, pieces of shit like this are built with no rhyme or reason – and definitely no nostalgia in mind!

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