SCP-307 Carnivorous Ivy | object class keter | plant / species scp

SCP-307 Carnivorous Ivy | object class keter | plant / species scp

SCP-307 Carnivorous Ivy – object class keter Item #: SCP-307 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: SCP-307 is
to be kept within a 0.5-meter square stainless steel planter, within a hydroponic growth
chamber equipped with remotely operated light and sprinkler. The sides of the planter are
to be equipped with retractable circular blades, the controls to which must be located outside
the containment cell and manned at all times. The hydroponic chamber is to be kept within
a 5 m x 5 m x 3 m room with stainless steel walls, floor, and ceiling. There are to be
no windows in the room – all light will come from the hydroponic grow light, and any observation
of SCP-307 is to be done over a security camera. The temperature of the room is to be kept
at 15°C to discourage seed production. If entry to SCP-307’s room is necessary, it
is to be done by remotely operated robots. Absolutely no living humans are to enter SCP-307’s
containment cell, following Incident 307 (see Addendum 2). If any specimens of SCP-307 are discovered
outside the containment cell, they are to be burned immediately until only ashes remain.
Any personnel who touches SCP-307 must also be burned. Description: SCP-307 is a creeping vine, similar
in appearance to the common English ivy (Hedera helix), save for the presence of greenish
thorns on the stems, and the tendency of the leaves to exhibit a purple hue. The vine puts
down roots approximately every 30.5 cm (12 in). The roots can penetrate any porous material,
but not metal. Any part of the plant not connected to a root system is to be considered dead
and safe to examine up close. SCP-307 appears to be carnivorous, and seems
to exhibit some degree of intelligence (see Document 307-A). When in the presence of a
warm-blooded animal (hereafter referred to as “the victim”), it grows at a startlingly
rapid rate in the direction of the animal, often growing three vines at a time in what
appears to be a flanking maneuver. Upon contact, SCP-307 appears to paralyze the victim, and
then liquefy and drain all internal organs, musculature, and blood. The mechanisms by
which it does this are presently unknown; they have, however, led to researchers calling
it “spider ivy”. SCP-307 was first discovered by Agent “Apocalemur”
in ████████, ████, where he witnessed it rapidly growing up the trunk
of a tree and consuming a nest of American robins. Further examination has revealed the
prevalence of the plant throughout North America. It has shown itself to be highly resistant
to any attempts at poisoning. This has included all commercially available herbicides, exposure
to allelopathic plants, and formaldehyde. Except for the sample obtained for study,
the plant has been burned wherever it has been encountered – however, it is very likely
that numerous specimens still exist outside of Foundation control. SCP-307 is only kept
alive in the hopes of engineering a biological agent to use on the wild population. Document #307-A: Experiment logs Experiment 1: █/██/████. Tray
of mealworms introduced to cell. Result: SCP showed no signs of movement. Experiment 2: █/██/████. Chilean
rose-hair tarantula introduced. Result: SCP showed no signs of movement. Did
not respond when tarantula climbed onto SCP. Experiment 3: █/██/████. Live
mouse introduced to cell. Result: SCP immediately began to grow in the
direction of the mouse. One vine extended directly towards it, while two more grew around
and in front of it, effectively surrounding the mouse. Mouse immediately became rigid
and stopped moving upon contact with SCP-307. Behavior continued for 26 seconds before mouse
fell on its side, obviously dead. Vines outside the planter were severed, allowing D-class
personnel to collect mouse. Upon retrieval, mouse was noted to appear to be lacking any
anatomic structure beside skin and bones. Mouse was taken for further examination. When mouse was dissected, researchers noted
a complete absence of blood, internal organs, and musculature. All interior structures were
instead replaced with a system of roots, which researchers traced back to the mouse’s skull.
A single seed was found inside the mouse’s otherwise empty brain cavity. Mouse was subsequently
burned. Experiment 4: █/██/████. Jar
containing 130 aphids introduced. Additional camera added for closeup viewing. Result: Aphids proceeded to attach themselves
to SCP-307 and feed. SCP-307 did not respond in any visible manner. All aphids were dead
within five (5) minutes of first feeding. Potential for use as insecticide noted. Addendum 1: Notes of interest taken by Agent
Apocalemur during observation of SCP-307 …The energy necessary to facilitate such
a rapid growth rate would be astronomical, yet SCP-307 seems able to “pursue” prey regardless
of available light or time since it last fed… …The behavior exhibited by SCP-307 during
Incident 307 would suggest the presence of some kind of botanical muscle. Examination
of severed vines has revealed no structure that could conceivably serve this purpose… Addendum 2: In light of Incident 307, SCP-307
has been upgraded to Keter class. Appropriate adjustments to containment protocol have been
made. See Incident Report 307 for more details. SCP involved: SCP-307
Date: ██/██/████ Location: Bio-Research Area ██ Description: Incident log as compiled by Agent
“Apocalemur”, agent in charge of containment and research on SCP-307 The following is a description of security
camera footage from SCP-307’s containment cell on the morning of ██ ███████, 20██ 8:01:01 am: Closeup observation camera in
SCP-307’s hydroponic chamber goes offline. 8:12:19 am: Personnel D-104 and D-127 enter
SCP-307’s containment cell to repair camera. 8:13:02 am: D-104 begins transfer of SCP-307
to secure lockbox as per protocol. 8:13:42 am: D-104 places SCP-307 in secure
lockbox. 8:13:44 am: D-104 freezes in place. 8:13:47 am: D-127 is heard to inquire as to
D-104’s well-being. 8:13:50 am: D-127 begins fumbling with his
flamethrower, seemingly in a state of panic. 8:13:51 am: A vine from SCP-307 (Vine A) is
seen to grow in D-127’s direction. 8:13:55 am: Personnel ████████ activates
security saws in SCP-307’s planter. Vine appears unaffected. 8:14:00 am: The gas line of D-127’s flamethrower
is severed by one of SCP-307’s thorns. 8:14:02 am: D-127 flees the room in panic.
SCP-307 does not attempt to pursue. 8:14:15 am: D-104 falls over, limp. Presumed
dead at this point. A second vine (Vine B) is visible hanging over the edge of the lockbox. 8:14:21 am: Vines begin to grow in the direction
of the door to the holding cell. 8:14:24 am: Emergency saws are again activated.
Vine B is severed; Vine A is not. 8:14:30 am: Vine A begins growing in direction
of Security Camera 1 8:14:51 am: Security Camera 1 goes offline.
Security Camera 2 remains online. 8:15:33 am: Three D-class personnel enter
containment cell. 8:15:36 am: Vine A assumes position similar
to defensive posture of a cobra. 8:15:41 am: Unidentified D-class personnel
sets fire to Vine A. 8:15:43 am: Emergency saws are activated again.
Vine A is severed. 8:15:46 am: Same D-class personnel manages
to close lockbox. Other two remove D-104’s body. 8:30:02 am: Autopsy begins on D-104. Autopsy results revealed Vine B had entered
a small hole next to the face plate on Personnel D-104’s insulating body suit. Personnel’s
body was found to be in a state similar to that of the mouse described in Document 307-A.
No internal structure aside from skeleton could be found, replaced by an elaborate network
of roots, all connected to a seed located in D-104’s skull. A pair of shoots had begun
to sprout in the direction of the eye sockets. D-104 was summarily incinerated.

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  6. excellent reading.. and interesting story.. there was a movie about something similar, i think it was called the temple..

  7. One of my favorite kinds of SCPS is the ones that don’t answer all the questions, like, what happens when the vines are fully grown in the body?

  8. Hello East side show scp, i am Potato Gamer40 a 14 year old german youtuber who likes animating and does reaction videos

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    How the fuck is that keter? You put it in box. It stays in box. Fire works against it.

    I freaking hate how people are ignoring classifications to try to make their shit more scary.

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