Self Defense against a 6’4″ Attacker

Self Defense against a 6’4″ Attacker

Awesome work.>>My man.>>So next we have, the one hand lapel. Surdan. Now, Surdan is the man. How long did you work in clubs?>>15 years.>>15 years. So, Surdan has seen it all. Seen people get hurt? Yes.>>Stabbed.>>A little bit, yes.>>Yes. So he’s seen a lot of the real stuff. So, we’re going to be doing the one arm lapel defense. And this is like he said before, before we started the video. He said, this is probably the one most common way that people fight.
The hockey fight.>>Yeah.>>Right. So what is it? Guy grabs with one arm, and just starts going right into the the face right and I could tell you most people I’ve seen from my experience from clubs, there’s two ways the most two ways people fight. One is this way and the other one is just you know wild punches coming in, so those are to me the most two most common ways that people fight and I’ve seen, I don’t know if you’ve seen it I’ve seen guys do this stuff when they get into a boxing stance, they look all good but once they punch [LAUGH] They turn into [SOUND] and you’re screaming and the punches are coming from from every angle. And believe it or not, I’d rather fight somebody like this than somebody like this because sometimes it just becomes so unorthodox. Just so wild, the punches are just coming in from every angle that it’s just becomes so hard for you to say, what is he doing, where is he coming from? And it happens so fast, it’s the same thing for you or not?>>Yeah. You never know what’s going to happen.>>Yeah. If the guy does this, okay, we’re in a stance, we’re going to block, we’re going to slip, I know what he’s going to do. But this type of stuff becomes so wild to stop, the hands start moving, you’re like, does the guy have a weapon, does he have a knife? You know what I mean? And the angles are just so crazy. So we’re going to cover the one arm lapel. What I want do for the one-arm lapel grab defense. I’m going to use Mark too.
Mark, come over here. Actually wait, Mark. Wait a second. I’m going to do first with Surdan. What happens is…Ok. Grab me, the shirt. In a one arm lapel grab, the person will use his arm to keep you back and the hand will come up and he’s going to start punching right here, okay. It gets very hard to defend against because not only do you have the punch to worry about but you have this arm to worry about, this is the arm that’s actually keeping you from striking. I can strike Surdan from here pretty easily. So, I don’t have to worry so much about moving the arm and even then or sometimes it’s not easy to move the arm because the person is still striking okay. However, later on you’re going to see we’ll go into the same self-defense drill with Mark and it’s going to be much harder because we have such a huge range of difference okay. So, the person has the arm, grab again. What do I want to do from here? The first thing I want to do is try to bring up my hand over here, keep a stick on his arm why? Just in case he lets go and comes in here, so I might do this and say [SOUND] well from here I might do this and let go and strike into the throat and even though you’re going to go into critical focus on the punch well this can knock you out because you won’t see this Coming, you won’t expect it, right. I can go up right here and from here you could release and go for a palm strike straight up, boom, and I won’t even see that especially if I’m talking while he hits me I’m going to get knocked out, okay. So you have the arm here, I want to establish a stick so he won’t be able to do this. Second thing I want to try to do is tuck in my head right and any this is one of the striking principles and with Surdan he does it instinctively every time, tucks his head and why? Because, I know that the big danger threat is my face. If I take a couple of shoots in the head you’ll survive, your head going to be able to take but if I take in the facial area, break my nose, tooth, jaw, this is more of the knockout areas. So I’ll tuck in my head the first thing so if I take any shots, I take them to the head. The second thing is my hand are going to come up. The last thing I want to do is try and move in this way, I want to try and move away from his power punch and from the biggest threat where I’m a little bit off to the side, my hands are here, because what I want to try and do is move and strike and I want to try and try to start moving on to the side. Remember one of the principles, the diamond principle Is what? Strike, “Y” and establish chest to back as quickly as possible. So, from here to here my hands are up, if he decides to start striking, my hands are going to come up, I’m going to block, okay? Now what can happen very often, some people block like this, there’s an advantage, yes, it’s quicker and easier to block, but if the guy’s got a weapon, if the guy’s got brass knuckles, or if the guy’s got something, well I might be taking it into the arm into the thing, so I’d rather try to stop it as much as possible here. Okay? So I want to keep the arm at this distance, if I keep it at 90, he’s easily going to overpower me. So I want to keep it at this angle, where it becomes much harder for him to break. Now, what happened to me, this happened to me more than once in the street but it wasn’t a one arm lapel. It’s when the punch is thrown, and I end up here. Okay. When you end up here, and he’s overpowering, Well now it’s kind of too late for me to come back and do this. You’ll never have enough core strength and enough power to… Give me power… All I’m going to do is go down into the ground. If that happens in that case all you can do to just turn and try to establish chest to back okay. But I’m going to be coming also in the hay maker because and a lot of times it happened to me where as much as you train as much as you calculate everything; shit happens and it doesn’t happen exactly the way you train and sometimes the strike is done so explosively and so fast that just a few seconds make a difference and you end up stopping here when and it happened to be and you’ll see I’m trying to move back I said dammit what am I doing and then I just distinctively just duck slip and establish chest the back. So what we are going to do for the first drill because this is to me one of the most important ways to learn how to fight is to actually what we are going to do is we are going to put on a helmet, I’m going to put on a helmet, Surdan put on a helmet he’s going to put on boxing gloves for the first part of the self defense drill, all he’s going to be doing is he’s going to be punching me. First part of the drill for me is not to take any hits, to try to trap to try to move in to try to find a way to take the least amount of hits as possible okay. Surdan just put on a protective helmet. [BLANK_AUDIO] Put on the boxing gloves. [BLANK_AUDIO] So again, like I said guys this is the most common thing, and you’re going to see the difference, and this is why a lot of martial arts, the martial artists people teach self defense don’t do. Well, if I’m going to train with somebody who’s half my size, well I’ve learned how to defend myself against somebody who’s half my size. But, you got to train for bigger, taller and stronger attackers then the rest become easier. And I’ll give you the example, and I’ll prove it to you after when he’s going to get to attack Mark, he’s going to have a much longer reach than Mark, how hard it’s going to be for Mark to try to apply the same principles as we’re doing here, okay? So I’m going to put on my helmet. Take off one boxing glove just so you can grab my shirt. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] [BLANK_AUDIO] Now, just start by grabbing my t-shirt, whenever you want, go [SOUND] Keep going, keep going [SOUND] Grab again, whenever you want, go. [SOUND] Go go [SOUND] go go go, keep going. [SOUND] Again. Whenever you want. [SOUND] [SOUND] Break. [SOUND] And you saw? Right? Now, again I knew exactly what he was going to do. So I don’t want to make it like the rest of the self defense videos where, he grabs my one arm lapel, and I show you how successfully he did it. But later on, there’s going to be full out attacks without knowing what the person will do. But the first thing I did is try to tuck in my head, bring in arm up. I grabbed his arm because I don’t want to allow him, come over here. I don’t want to allow him to let go of this arm, and then I got to try to trap him and then he’s throwing punches with both arms. So my first thing was, I’m going to keep you here, but I’m going to make sure I block this arm. Right? Establish a trap. In reality, I’d probably be striking, right? But we’re going to cover that a little bit later. So what do I do? I tuck in my hand, I trap the arm, and I try to immobilize him, stick to him, use my whole body. Not my arm, not my back, not my shoulders. My entire body has to come in and trap. Right? He’s much bigger than me he’s stronger than me, but I got to use all my force to keep him in there as much as possible. Mark, come over here. You want to wear the helmet again? Put on the helmet Mark [BLANK_AUDIO] So, the same thing now, your going to grab Mark, no striking Mark. Just pow, pow, pam, rapid punch, use your reach, move him back, move him forward, okay? Now, we have [BLANK_AUDIO] Look at this, a pretty big reach, Surdan has a much wider reach than him. This is when most common attacks I’ve seen fights happen in this situation, one arm repel, the guy is much bigger, he’s much taller. He uses that reach and it’s like “bam” and you’re trying to stop him, you’re focusing on the arm, you’re trying to come in, the guy is pushing you and throwing his punch. Let me see it happen. So no strikes allowed, only trapping. Don’t let get the arm. [SOUND] Trap the arm underneath, trap it, pin it. [BLANK_AUDIO] Trap the arm, that’s it, break. Break. Good. Now, he landed a lot of shots right. A lot of them wouldn’t have done that much damage, they’re behind the head, they’re half blocked, half stopped, but where did Mark go wrong? when he’s trying to trap the arm, you gotta trap the elbow, okay? The elbow is the weakest part between the shoulder, and the hands. You got to try to pin it over here, right? Because it doesn’t have much force, if I do it over here, the person can move the arm, grab me here, grab me here. [SOUND] I still have more here. If you grab the elbow, and pin it here, it becomes much harder for me, all right? You pin it to his body, okay? Go again, but you saw how easy it was for me to block that punch because I had that reach, and how harder Mark had to mode forward to come in, to not let him get it. Go again. [SOUND] Don’t let him Mark, use that range. Go. Wait, wait, start. That’s it. Wait, wait. Wait, wait. Start, back here, and whenever you’re ready… Go. Make it hard for him. Go! [SOUND] Look at that. [SOUND] That’s it. Behind the head. [SOUND] Uppercut him that’s it, keep going. [SOUND] That’s it, that’s it, that’s it.
Break it up. [SOUND] Keep throwing, keep throwing that punch Go, go, go. [SOUND] Break. Nice! You managed to get a few shots, right? What did you feel there Mark? What did you feel?>>The impact of the punches, [CROSSTALK] doesn’t matter, like if you grab him.>>You’re still feeling the strikes, yeah. You have a height, and weight advantage guys. Anybody who tells you size doesn’t matter, to me has never fought anybody bigger. Does size make a difference for you?>>Everything matters. Speed, size>>[LAUGH] size both. But, when you’re facing who’s 200 pounds more than you, whether he knows how to throw a perfect punch or knows how to transfer his weight with that perfect punch, it’s still 200 pounds more coming straight to you. Whether it doesn’t hit with full force, there’s still a weight that you have to move, that you have to deal with. It’s still a disadvantage towards you. Again, there’s a lot of factors, but to me this being the main one.>>Especially over 200 pounds, if you get knocked out with one punch.>>Yeah, for sure, for sure yeah there’s no doubt about it man. Size makes a difference and so does height and weight and range right. You find somebody with a longer range well becomes much harder for you to enter, much harder for you to counter even when you’re faced against a knife attacker, because the guy has such a big range. It takes so much more timing and speed for you to come in, okay? Put on the helmet again. [SOUND] So I’m going to go now again. So now what we’re going to do, I’m going to very light, I’m going to strike, don’t worry. What we’re going to do is we’re going to do this same thing, now he’s going to be doing the same thing. He’s going to come in with a punch, right, but l’m going to be allowed to strike. So now again, there’s three things I have to worry about. I got to worry about his arm here, making sure he can’t move it. I got to make sure I trap so I don’t break away then I got to deal with both he’s hands and then try to enter against a guy whose much taller and stronger than me. I got to worry about his fist and I got to counter as quickly as possible. Objective is to counter and try to move out of this off the side. The last thing I want to do is move into his power box, right into this punch because this is his power punch. So, I’m striking and then moving. So you’re basically doing four, five things at the same time, now which one do you do first? Do you strike first, do you block first? It depends. I don’t know, it all depends on what he does first. Okay? But I’m going to allow him to do the first strike first. Technically, you’re put in a situation, I’m talking, it’s easy for me to go to preemptive, right? If I decide to go preemptive my hands are coming up here if I’m talking to him, and he’s saying I’m going to beat the shit out of you, whatever My hands are here.
Strike here, strike there, move off to the side. But what were going to do for the first part of the drill, the second part of the self-defense drill is actually I’m going to be allowed to counter. So all you’re going to do, I’m going to go light, grab me, just start throwing those punches. Once you feel two or three strikes or if I say break just stop, okay?>>Okay.>>[BLANK_AUDIO]>>Whenever you want. [SOUND]>>Come again. [Punches and Strikes] Let’s try with Rock. [Code Red Defense]

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  1. Most tall guys are just big women. I punched a much taller guy thinking he would kill me in retaliation, but all he did was cry.

  2. Kick the groin intievely, strike, stop traching people wring info about wild swings bc ill just duble leggeg his ass and hea chain takedowns okus ill have knives ob me emsnhway bullshit

  3. You make the BEST self-defense videos I have seen online. They're accessible, practical, and don't require fancy wrist manipulations and parries like most of the street self-defense and Krav Maga I've run across online.

  4. Maintain distance with front kick. If distance is closed dont trade punches with larger heavier attacker, better to gain side control and let himself tire or leg sweep in side control to rear naked choke. Your welcome. And hands will not be broken.

  5. It's funny, that type of flailing about type punching DOES NOT happen in Australia- at all. I don't know if it's a cultural thong or what with Americans. It deff is part of Australian culture to throw short, sharp, straight punches generally. Sure, people will use hooks and uppercuts. But the one- two (jab- cross, jab- cross) combos are very common here and the othet common attack is; dudes doing the big wind up and step into what we call the king hit. A dominant hand, step body weight into straight cross type punch with immense power- well placed and timed, these king hits knock people out with ease. It's become such a problem here with people getting knocked out cold before they hit the ground and then the person smacks their head into the pavement and they die or have serious brain injuries. The media like to call it a "coward punch"- but in reality it's cowardly to do this to someone who's not ready or doesn' see it coming ( for years people have been doing it to unsuspecting victims who get hit either in the back of the head or to the side of their head). If two dudes are shaping up and about to fight, you can see these king hits coming a mile away. Sorry for the essay, just funny seeing such a big difference in what an expected attack may look like in different Western counties. The old grab with one hand and pummel with the other happens here when a dude only has confidence in hitting with his dominant hand and knows his non- dominant is weak and useless…. Can be effective, but your advertising that your not a good fighter to those of us that have done a bit if fighting… ๐Ÿ˜‰ It's also too easy to counter attack someone doing that too

  6. I think the experiment with the short guy proved that it doesn't work. However instructor took no regards to it ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I think we need videos on how to defend against 6'3", 6'2", and 6'1" attackers, since they are statistically more common.

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