Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are featured in “Muscle & Fitness”

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are featured in “Muscle & Fitness”

[SOUND] You guys train together a lot,
right?>>Yes.>>What’s that like?>>Competitive, [LAUGH] and fun.>>A lot of sadness involved and
my behalf. Anger, frustration, those little words,
but yeah, competitive and fun.>>Well, I like it.>>[LAUGH]
>>When I’m winning. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>This is a cover for Becky and Seth together because they
have an amazing energy. They look great on camera and
they have awesome physiques. And I like to shoot people having fun. Nice.>>If you’re doing photo shoots or
whatever, you can be very excited>>Whatever not I’m not the best photo taker. [MUSIC] When he’s there just
makes it a bit more fun.>>Anytime I can get posted up next year,
it’s only gonna make me look better. So as long as you didn’t cover up my ads. Seriously, this is what they want.>>We’re so
competitive when it comes to our workouts. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>Bekcy and I have opposite
strengths when it comes to workouts. I’m more skill oriented,
like higher skill movements. [MUSIC]>>Speed is usually my forte. [MUSIC]>>Today I was looking to capture
both Becky and Seth’s character, the energy that they bring to the gym and
also the playfulness. You can see them having fun. You can see how hard they train. [MUSIC]>>It’s nice to have somebody else
recognize the time you put in to your fitness into your craft because
they take a lot of pride in. It’s kind of a nice little reminder
maybe a validation that you know the years of hard work and
the gym pay off.>>Being on the cover of muscle fitness is
kind of one of those life goals that have had for a long time and to be able to
do that with the love of my life and to that’s just freaking
hitting two home runs. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]

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  1. Don’t give up Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins and beucuse. You are my couple Now and because you guys are on my top ten wwe cute couple awards and am gonna pick you guys and Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. I love your mazgine

  2. I can't se them as a Champion and WWE has kept their photo on poster hope they lose their title soon because both as a Champion sucks

  3. In comments there are 90% comments about "Do you know Becky and Seth are engaged"
    and 8% comments about " Cole is gonna tell about there wedding Millions of time "
    and 2.99% comments about "Like if you are a fan of Becky and Seth"
    and olny 0.01% comments about "The magazine……"
    Magazine (who sponsored the video ): "Am I a joke to you"

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