Shin Splints Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Shin Splints Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. I got an email
last week from Sandra, or San-dra, sorry I don’t know which one it actually is, but she’s
a runner and she has problems with shin splints. So she asked if I had any suggestions for
some shin stretches, and I absolutely do. So let’s get started. Ok, so the stretches
for the shin splints would be motions that you want to stretch your feet this way. When
you have shin splints, most of your pain is usually on the top, it’s the muscles on the
top here called your anterior tibialis muscles, so to stretch those, we’re gonna do pointing
type exercises. The first one as I’m doing now is you’re just going to point your feet
forward and get a good stretch in there.You want to hold it for a little bit, 5-10 seconds.
Relax. If your super flexible, once you stretch it this way, you can lean forward and push
it down a little bit more. Some people aren’t going to be able to do that, and that might
actually be too painful to start off with, but just pointing your toes forward. If that
feels easy, and it’s not getting a good stretch in there, then you can roll over to use the
floor to give you some extra stretch. So you can just kind of go up on your toes. See how
my toes are flat, but I’m off on the ground, so I’m getting pressure through my feet. And
if that seems easy as well, then you can come back and actually sit on your feet. Your toenails
actually want to be on the floor. That’s where you want to go. Your toes want to be flat
down on the floor. And this one’s gonna be a big stretch. It might hurt a little bit,
but you definitely wanna push through it. You don’t want it to be super painful, but
you want to feel that tension. So you’re just gonna rise up a little bit. You can do this
stretch if it’s comfortable 3 times for 30 seconds. Nice big stretch in there. And then
come back down. Now the next stretches involve a noodle or a roll, kind of like when we were
stretching out our IT Band in the IT Band stretches. So what this does, is this will
just stretch out the muscles, loosen it up a little bit for you. You can start it at
the top of the knee, and this is gonna go all the way down that anterior tibialis muscle.
So you’re gonna start here, and just roll forward. Nice and slow. If that feels pretty
good–good kind of hurt. You can push down, get a little more pressure on there. And roll
it out. Nice and slow so you’re getting all those muscle fibers. You can turn your foot
in a little bit, get that outer portion of the muscle. Rolling back and forth. You can
do this up to a minute. Whatever’s comfortable until your really start feeling those muscles
loosen up a little bit. And then the last one, you want to actually stretch out your
calf muscles, too, because if those are tight, that’s gonna affect everything in the leg.
So then you can put it right down where your Achilles Tendon is, lift your body up a little
bit, and roll all the way down, and come all the way back. Same kind of thing, if that
feels good, not a super stretch, push down a little harder. Give yourself a little more
stretch in that calf muscle right there. Just rolling back and forth. This is great to do
before you go running just to stretch out all those muscles, loosen them up so they
don’t get extra stress on them when you’re running. Those are stretches if you have shin
splints. Now if you try these stretches and it doesn’t really feel like it’s easing up,
make sure you go to your doctor or physical therapist because it could be a body mechanics
thing. You could be running wrong, or you may have shoes that are making your feet sore
and causing shin splints. So make sure if this isn’t helping, go to a professional and
see if they can get you some help. And if it feels good, and it starts feeling better,
and you want to actually strengthen your shins and your ankles muscles, then go to
and check out some of the strengthening exercises. Alright, there you have it, so have fun, be
safe, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. lol is that a swimming noodle for shin rolling? cool I can get that at the Dollar General. I've had shin pain for a while and this is the first time I've actually stopped running to try and recover from it, but it's been a week and I just feel like I have to get back to my routine, someone mentioned compression sleeves, and taping, do you think those will help?

  2. Thank you for the video. Ive got flat feet & have been suffering from shin splints for a long time. I tried dry needling but that made things worse. Will definitely try these stretches. Thank you again Dr. Jo.

  3. +AskDoctorJo I have some bad shin splints right now. There's like small balls or something like that in my shin and it really hurts.. what can I do?

  4. idk wtf it is but just about every jim teacher ive had, trainer, or any fitness person ive had i always like. im not even a peoples person. ive had mostly male jim teachers when i was in school, a few trainers at my gym. regardless if they are a boy or girl they always seem to be funny and cool to hang around lmfao.

  5. Hello ma'am
    I have been running around 5.5 k on trademill but now I have started feeling heavy in my legs around tibia bone .It feels as if I am not able to lift my legs and the there is pain as well.

  6. I got shin splints the other day for being on y feet all day long (work) and walking around. I also tore my ACL back in 2014 (haven't gotten it fixed yet) and the area around it (the knee and everything) swells up. Also both knee caps are too loose. ( info gathered by Dr. zoric bojan /he's a popular dr surgeon guy) so I guess I'd say that I have pretty bad luck

  7. Great video Jo! I gotta ask though, I do have shin splints and in your video you point to the outside of the tibia as to where shin splints should reside, but my pain is on the interior of the tibia, which is mirrored on the other leg. Is shin splints the description for either case or does what I have is something different altogether?

  8. When i run in night my shin splints hurts very much, but when i run in morning my shin splints doesn't hurt, my shin splints never hurts i run 3 months without resting but my one friend say me that you should run on toe (bare foot) till the pain starts i dont know my legs doesn't support weight i dont know
    now a day i am not running but i play cricket on night , while playing cricket my shin splints also hurts very much. what is this . i am very confused, what is that, which kind of symptom is that,
    Plz guide me.

  9. Great videos Dr. Jo! Thanks for sharing them. I've done the stretches and i can feel the stress on my legs getting released. Afterwards it feels like walking on clouds!

  10. Great clear video, thanks. I've just done the exercises and I'm amazed to find my shin splits are already improved! (I realise I'll need to do the exercises more). One question though; for those of us who are, shall we say, exercise ball shaped it can be difficult to support the weight of our upper body on our arms. Are there versions of these exercises where that's not necessary?

  11. i have pain front bone with both legs please let me know this shin splinter or not if this is, then let me know what is cure thanks

  12. Watch some more of my Shin Splints Stretches & Exercises:

  13. You mentioned doing this before running or exercising. I thought the consensus was to do active stretching before working out just to warm up the muscles and do static stretching (as shown) after working out because static stretching breaks down the fibers (why it hurts).

  14. Thx for putting in the noodle in your video I'm gonna use one cause I really wasn't feeling to order one

  15. Can you do those exercises while you are recovering from shin splins / stress fracture or do you need to wait until you are fully recovered?

  16. Can anyone help me? My shin muscles hurt everytime I run. Its not shin splints cause Ive had them before. Everytime I run my shins get stiff and I have to stop running. I run in Asics gel kinsei 6. Cause the kinsei 4s I used to run non stop with.

  17. I've had my share of shin splints over the years. I must remember to stretch before going for a walk so I don't pay the price for the next five days.

  18. Are the Achilles stretches you've shown good for pain on the outside of your shin/calf? That's where I have the most pain.

  19. thank you for this vid, i have only just started running and today my lower shins started to hurt even to walk they were hurting

  20. Thank You for posting this…didn’t realize shins could be, let alone needed to be, stretched until I was training for a physical fitness test and they were so tight.

  21. Dr.Jo, I've been experiencing shin splits every time I play bball, even after I did these exercises and and many more. I taken rest for about a month and i had no pain in the month but immediately after I started playing again I experienced it again. It specifically hurts in one spot

  22. Thank you so much! I had a stress fracture 6 weeks ago and will do these to prevent another injury

  23. Where do you get one of these noodles from? It looks like a pool noodle but I'm sure that's not it…

  24. I’m about to leave for Air Force basic training on August 14th…I’m definitely not a runner… I can go for about 5 mins before I need to walk. Not so much because of my cardio but because my legs get tired/weak. At basic training they want everyone to be able to run/jog for 26 mins straight… LOTS of people get shin splints… I’ve never got them because I haven’t been consistent with my running… I’m pretty worried in getting shin splints 🙁 I have really comfortable custom running shoes with custom insoles I’m hoping that will really help… would you recommend me wearing compression socks to help to prevent shin splints ? I’m not even sure if we can wear compression socks at basic… I’m really worried 😟 any advice would be great ! I definitely will do these stretches !

  25. Been doing these exercises to help me with my Achilles tendon surgery recovery. It helped me immensely! Finally I dont have or feel tightness like I used to.
    Thank you Dr. Jo for sharing it and showing it.👍👍👍

  26. Youtube Videos
    thanks Jo.. it keeps bothering me. i try to walk half a mile slow pace than pick up at fast walking pace and BAM… i get the shin splints… idk what to do because it throws off the rest of my hike. what’s weird is sometimes i get them sometimes not.. and then i get frustrated because by the time i’m done the pain goes away… like really, really when i’m done you decide to feel better. and it’s the same route so i’m like whatttttt. help jo. ps you’re very pretty

  27. Thanks v much for this I have been doing the limber 11 and workouts 3 times a week – I had plantar fasciitis (recovered now thanks to stretches) and also mortons in both feet largely due to excess weight I am now in process of losing with an online trainer guy and 3 workouts a weeks bodyweight resistance — my issue is that I recently went to a trampoline park with 2 young relatives age 9 and 7 and was ok for a while jumping after my morning workout- then I got a pain in my right shin and my right side generally felt a little painful but not terrible. I am a lot stronger than I was, and building up every week gradually – My training is generally good. I am 55 and mildly hypermobile and dyspraxic so I have some muscle tone issues- but I am getting there! I love how you have the exact same colour ball and a guitar in your picture- pretty much my living room too! Thanks again 🙂

  28. This is what I have right now 😔I’m in so much pain. I have to take pain killers every day but I will try to do this exercises at the gym tonight so hopefully it will help 🙏

  29. Do we have to stop running till the pain eases away? And we have to do this routine every alternate day of the week . And what about the hot – cold water treatment , does it also help?

  30. Mam can you please tell me about the water which we should use after practice to pour our leg for the people who suffer from shin splints. The water should be hot or cold

  31. I have much shin pain and i tried yours stretches … but after using stretching pain increase …. please explain solution about it ….

  32. Hi doctor jo! I love your videos. I suffer from shin splints after about a week of running. The pain is usually on the inside of my shins and wont normally go away until I stop running for a week. I found some very supportive shoes that has prevented the pain from recurring. My concern is that I am gearing up to leave for bootcamp. From my understanding, the shoes they provide arnt the best. I was wondering if there are any stretches or strengthening exercises I can do without equipment to prepare my shins for almost anything. Please and thank you!

  33. Thanks Dr Jo these stretches and exercises cured my shin splints in a week and a half. Two to four times a day.

  34. Thank you so much! My shins were keeping me up and I couldn’t take it anymore. Finally I can go to sleep

  35. Please help! Every time I point my toes I get a huge cramp/spasm in my big toe and it is so painful. It can last for up to 2.5 mins. These stretches help so much, but am I overdoing it?

  36. I had serious pain in my shins and i stoped from workout for about 3 weeks and i used some gel for cooling the muscles
    Now i still feel them but just sometimes (at work, when walking…)
    But now when i start my workout (jumping rope) i feel them less (when muscles gets warmed up)
    Is that small pain common or it is warning?
    Maybe i have to go through it.
    I mean, should i wait more or i can workout normally
    Btw nice video! 🙂

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