Should Protein Be Part of Your Anti-Cancer Diet? – Dr. Ben Johnson

Should Protein Be Part of Your Anti-Cancer Diet? – Dr. Ben Johnson

Ty Bollinger: What does your diet look like? Dr. Ben Johnson: My diet that I want my patients
eating looks green, very green. Vegetables, lots of
vegetables, all kinds of vegetables in all forms, but key to that is the fresher the
better. So, cutting to you the
less time the better. If you have your own garden, that’s awesome. And then secondly is organic, because you
don’t want those pesticides and chemicals and artificial fertilizers and things working
against you. Ty Bollinger: Okay. Dr. Ben Johnson: So fresh, raw, organic are
the keys, vegetables and then nuts and fruits. And I do allow
my patients to eat small portions of meat. I want it to be organic, free range, or wild
caught, harvested. Ty Bollinger: Okay. So the way that the animals are raised affects
the meat. Dr. Ben Johnson: You know we have all these
studies showing that two eggs a week causes increase in
prostate cancer and red meat causes colon cancer in all of these studies. But you don’t see anybody
comparing organic free range eggs against pen fed, chickens. Ty Bollinger: Right.
Dr. Ben Johnson: You don’t see the free-range meat. Again, so I would love to see those studies done. Of course, no drug company is going to fund those. And no independent farmer has the money to
do that. I don’t
think the meat, the eggs, the things are the problem. I think it’s what we do to them. We put a chicken or a
cow in a pen or a hog. And we feed them genetically modified corn. That’s not their diet. I mean they’re out there eating grass, including
the chickens, and crickets. So they’re out
there eating things that we, when we raise them commercially, that’s not what we’re
feeding them. So now
they have concentrated, genetically modified corn and other chemicals in their body. And then we eat that and
concentrate it in ours. Ty Bollinger: Wow! Dr. Ben Johnson: So I don’t think it’s
the – I’m not a vegetarian. I have no problem with vegetarians as
long as they get adequate amounts of protein, which is sometimes difficult to do unless
they’re educated as to how to get those. And there are certain amino acids you just
don’t find in vegetables at all. But we have nice
supplements these days. So you go to a supplement store and get those. So I don’t have a problem with a patient
being a vegetarian. But I certainly don’t have a problem with
them being, omnivarian because, we need protein, especially our immune systems need protein. I just want it to be healthy protein.

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  1. My parents have been Total Vegetarians Not even Eggs or fish, and they are close to 90 years old. So the theory about Vegetarians not getting enough protein is WRONG !!

  2. What about sunwarrior vegan protein powder(4 ingredients hemp, pea, goji berry and coconut) and how about beans/legumes???

  3. There is more momentum with the idea that animal proteins cause our livers to produce more growth hormones. Higher amounts of methionine amino acid is one of the growth hormone mechanisms. The growth hormones are natural but they are also more encouraging for cancer growth. So it's not the cause of cancer but a significant enablement mechanism. That means it is in fact the animal protein and not the artificially raised aspect that is its own mechanism. The non organic may be a factor for more pesticides, additives but it does not change the animal protein effect. And other animal protein contribution is caused by gut bacteria producing bad chemicals like TMAO which again is unrelated to organic or free range. So latest thinking is avoid all animal proteins and even go low on plant based proteins as they have the branch chain amino acids as well but not nearly as much as animal protein.

  4. Meat is NOT healthy. "Meat" is dead decaying rotting flesh. "Meat" as this witless allopath calls it, is murder. Is death. So this allopathic shill wants his patients to consume death. Another brilliant md heard from. So sadly and comically typical of 99.999% of all allopaths. They are treatment based and not healers. They are as he is, a puppet of big pharma. "Organic, free range" is propaganda and a total and complete lie. Has this guy seen any of the clear evidence WHY what he says is pure bullshit. There are mountains of proof and evidence and the evidence is clear.
    We are frugivores. We are not carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.
    This is the standard of interviewees that you find acceptable for this channel?

  5. I love TTAC, but I have disliked this video and I'm considering unsubscribing. I cannot believe what he said about vegetarians potentially lacking in protein. This is so wrong – it is almost impossible to be protein deficient unless you are calorie deficient (starving yourself) go look at Dr John McDougall and Dr Alan Goldhamer, Dr Caldwell Essylstein and Dr Colin T Campbell and also Dr Michael Greger. These guys are experts in their fields and are treating thousands of patients with whole food, plant based diets with no problems getting the correct amount of protein.

  6. Hi All,
    Thank you for all of your comments! This video is just one doctor's perspective on this topic. We try our best to show videos that cover topics from wide variety of angles.

  7. Having a bit of protein in your diet is good for you, but you should not eat too much of it or eat none of it at all. There is nothing wrong with eating meat, eggs, and dairy products, but one should not eat them all the time. One should eat a variety of different type of foods.

  8. Meat though?
    Scientific studies have shown that within 8 weeks of being vegan, the body is 4x stronger against cancer cells, and after 1 years, 8 times stronger.
    Even vegetarian are not much stronger against cancer cells compared to vegans?!

  9. Veganism isnt for everyone. I was starving all the time, had jitters and felt weak and crummy. Veganism wasn’t for me

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