Should You Stretch Your Tires?

Should You Stretch Your Tires?

– There’s three taboos in the car scene. Slanty wheels, base model
Camaros, and stretched tires. So why do people do it,
and where did it start? Now obviously, stretching
tires is not a new thing. It’s gained popularity probably within the past five to 10 years,
but nobody really knows where it started, or why
it even became a thing. You go on any forum, any Facebook post, any thread about it, and it is an argument on both sides of the
fence, and it’s terrible. Stretched tires came from a long time ago. It started overseas, and within
the Volkswagen community. According to the German
military installations document, there were a few guidelines that you have to meet in the U-Safe
document to actually drive your car in Germany. A lot of these regulations included having your license plates on the front and rear of your vehicle, prohibiting any sort of aftermarket
lights on your car, and of course, making sure that the tires did not exceed the fender of your vehicle. What resulted from that,
was individuals wanted to run wider wheels, lower offset, and that pushed the wheel
further out of the car. Well what happens when you end up putting a tire that would actually
match those widths, is that the tire would
extend past the fender, and they would get pulled over. So, a lot of individuals
started to run stretched tires a size down or two sizes
down to essentially pull the tire within the fender to avoid getting tickets in general. Of course, stretched
tires have been fought for and against since the dawn of time. And in fact, Engineering Explained did an amazing job where they talk about stretched tires
and the actual dangers of it, and a generalization term. So, when you’re looking
at stretched tires, you’re probably not looking at a performance-oriented point of view. From a function point of view,
you should not stretch tires on your 17-inch wheels. We’re getting that disclaimer
just right out of the way. So why do people do it? Two reasons, slidy-slide, and aesthetics. From a drifting point
of view, stretched tires are easier to kick loose,
have less sidewall bending or flex, and overall are cheaper than if they’re going
up to the proper size when they are blasting these things and just blowing them up every four laps. Now, I know there’s gonna be a ton of drifters that are gonna
go in the comments section and try to argue with
me about hipari tires, and running wide tires
and things like that, but that’s not what this video is for. This video is trying to
explain why people do it. The second reason, and probably 90% of the reason people do it, is for looks. Nowadays, the world is wide. Nine-inch-wide wheels is becoming the standard for almost any
sort of aftermarket wheel. If you’re running anything less than that, you’re likely not getting it right. But people don’t understand that a lot of times with wide wheels come wide tires. And, people just don’t want
to spend the money sometimes. On top of that, when you’re running a wide setup, it does
require modification. Usually from order of importance in terms of least amount of work to most amount of work
is something like this. Stretching tires is probably the easiest form of fender modification
that’s gonna allow you to clear the things that you need to. Rolling up to that is probably rolling and pulling your fenders. Then, modifying your inner fender liners until finally, you end up
cutting your fender liners out, and then you go
into metal fabrication where you’re actually cutting into your fenders to make space. Finally, going into
over-fenders or fender flares is the next step, until finally, you upgrade to a wide body installation to fit your wheels and tires. It’s much easier to run down a size or two on your 2010 Subaru STI than it is to remove your inner fender liners and cut them all to
pieces to fit a 275/40. On top of that, stretching your tires gives you less side-wall, it allows you to see more focus on the wheel, allows you to go lower to the ground, just generally speaking, and of course, helps people achieve
that fender-to-lip look that everybody wants so bad. Overall, stretched tires,
it’s an aesthetic thing. It’s not necessarily a
performance thing whatsoever. And that’s fine, you’re welcome to build your car however you want,
whether you’re building it for a stance car
show, or you’re dragging it down Brockville Speedway. It’s just gonna be something
that you decide to do. Just understand that when people are stretching their tires, more times than not, they’re doing
it for the aesthetic point of view, and they’re doing
it to clear their fenders. So what do you guys think
about tire stretching? Do you like it, do you not like it, do you hate it, do you love it? Let us know in the comments section below and let us know what you would like us to talk about next. We go through every
single comment on YouTube, so be sure to drop one from what you guys think is the right thing to do. But I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, don’t forget to add
your car to the fastest and biggest online growing gallery, I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, we’ll see you later, peace.

100 Replies to “Should You Stretch Your Tires?”

  1. I runned stretched tires 18 year ago. It looked cool. Kept my tires within the fenders. The police didnt agree. Lol

  2. I think mine were slightly stretched. When I got the car the back tires were worn to the wire so I put the same size that was on there. And the people just had so much trouble getting them on and off. They don't look stretched but I'm told they are.

  3. im live in germany in i thing at a drifter thats prety and cool but its not the best solution to bring your car street legal

  4. I thought the hydrologic cars stretched them so at no matter what ride hight u have tread on the ground as for the canter of the wheel will change

  5. I like some stretch, but in most cases the car then looks dumb, when you look at it from behind. Wide rim and narrow tyre just doesn't do it for me. Car has to look beefy. So like 165/40/16 on a Civic looks just ridicioulus. Put 10J on 215 tyre and it will look good.

  6. wow. mega wrong about where stretch started, it was first used by race teams in approx. 1970 F1 to counteract the wimpy sidewalls. This technique extended through the 80s, demonstrated on many of Porsche's cars from that era. Japan adopted "race car" style and it became a fad. wow. do you even google?

  7. Personally speaking they have a place in the car world but I think it looks horrible and I wouldn’t do it to any vehicle I own. But to each his/her own.

  8. Stretch tires are not for me. I dont like the look. I run 275/40/20 up front and 305/35/20 in back on a larger car (dodge challenger). On my old 05 g35 i stayed stock with 225/40/19 up front and 245/40/19 in back. In both cases i had plenty of fender clearance and proper toe/camber. Streched tires seems like a compromise to me….

  9. Not a fan of the stretched tires and extreme camber. Sure it looks decent as a show car if done properly but I can't see it being safe on the roads. I won't even drive beside a car like that

  10. In Estonia its illegal to have the rim more out then the tire they have to be even when looking from front or back view, even on motorcycles, and different tire size is also illegal you can only run tires that are specified for your car. I went to a drag race in Estonia and in the competition you could only run cars that are with legal, so only Finland cars only raced because you can register basically anything and a very good Estonia racer couldn't race because he's car wasn't registered because he lives in Estonia. === MY LIFE ID FUCKED.

  11. I did that to my Nissan hardbody before air suspension came out. Then new wheels and suspension and I was grounded..literally

  12. You go thru every single YouTube comment? I certainly don't believe you but let's give it a try:

    I just searched for wheels by car model for a 1993 Nissan 240SX (only because you haven't included the Silvia on your drop-down list) in your page. When it comes to modified fenders (which is a neat option) you still need to tweak that filter. First, I can choose rolled, pulled, etc., but there is no wide fender (over fender or whatever you call it) option. To say even more, some of us do know how much extra mm have. It's just an observation.

  13. People can do what theyh want to their cars, but if your tire debeads or blows and you plow into my car or someones family then its a real problem.

  14. I love a subtle stretch with the contact patch just inside the fender, nice custom look without being overkill tuner geek… Running 19×8.5 Niche Turin m169's 35et wrapped in 225/40r19's, with 10mm spacers on my 2013 Sonata and the inspiration came from this channel! Great content!!

  15. I don't give a shit what you think looks good on a car, I just don't want to get in an accident caus of your dumbass tires blowing up

  16. Some people call it Rice, but if Rice means Race Inspired Cosmetic Echancement, its all wrong because we dont see such over camber on racing, stretched tyres, and a lot of absurd things.

    In terms of aesthetics its a matter of taste but in my opinion a car that is unsafe to run normally (at normal speeds) at the road, it shouldnt be driving on the road, it should be towed to the place for exposition only.

  17. I personally have a strong urge to vomit when see a streched tire on a BONE STOCK (other than new wheels) car. WHY?????

  18. Ugly just like riding on slanted alignment. Not to mention it makes me think the car is in pain. Love to see these guys run on the inside of their feet and tell me they still think because it's metal, rubber and lubricant that a car can do it.

  19. I been stretching tire back in 05. I think I was the first in USA. I bought tire that didn't fit the rim and the shop had to stretch it. 205/40/17 on 17×8.5

  20. First of all, i like ur vids;) and ur website is cool.
    Second. To much stretch is not cool. Look stupid. And it wil wreck the tires… i worked with tires&rims for years. I dont recomend it. 1-2 sizes more or less than recomended as max..

  21. To each their own…..I would rather go a size up and have a meaty look and stick to a two finger fender gap…..but hey, my stockies are 245/19 so I'm looking at concave 20" aftermarket in 9"+ wide and 255/265 range lol

  22. Scratching tire are stupid and dangerous all most kill my self when one pulled off seal sections on the wheels on a high way turn and there where high end nitto tires not worth it unless you towing it to the car meet if it's your daily dont do it recked my car that was few years back

  23. I’ve always ran stretched tires, personally never hand an issue as it’s not a massive stretch just enough to avoid rubbing without adding lots of camber. I run a 205/40/r17 on a 17×9 it’s stretched but not massive enough to worry about a debead situation.

  24. i dont understand why you need such wide wheels 9 inches isnt much but if u have a some car like a civic thats older there are 0 zero reason to run a wheel 2 inches wider or even if you a car with 9 inch do you need 11 inch wheels just so you can try to look all wide body. it wont help your preformance and you can buy a better smaller cheaper tire that doesnt require fender modifactions or risk rubbing due to offset

  25. They do great on air suspension but every day use am not sure am staying in South Africa and the road are not so great some places. But ya I will put them on only to meets and club

  26. So my parents have 16 rim size tires but i have 17 rims is that really "stretching" if i put them on mine? Even if its 1 inch smaller?

  27. I think it looks kinda neat. I wouldn't do it to my vehicles. Especially since it's dangerous and you're asking for a blowout. Lol

  28. Curb rashed the hell out of my stretched tires. Hated the bumpy ride with the low profiles, too. Ended up denting them on a puddle-covered pothole. Felt like shit after spending all that money. Guess I'm not cut out for stretched tires, I like to drive too much.

  29. People have been stretching tires in the US for a long time. It was popular in the early to mid 80s with reverse offset wheels on imports. Really popular on Nissan pickups. And lowriders used to stretch 520/560 tires on reverse wires back then too. Its nothing new

  30. I used to stretch my 15 bbs rm’s back in my vdub days.
    But now days it’s all about performance and functionality on my Merc

  31. Super street explained this soooo long ago. Was big on the Peugeot community as well. 206’s for example.

  32. 0:04 reminds me of my uncle fooling my dad my brother and me when he sent us photo of him in his "2006 shelby mustang

  33. I assume is useless for every day driving or a long trip. Those streched side walls wont do well when you get some heat into the tyres

  34. "To modify your fenders then you go into metal fabrication" Is using a framing hammer part of the fabrication part? LOL

  35. I got ESR SR07s 18×9.5+30mm but do you think 225/40ZR18 tires will work on my 06 RSX Type S or nah?? Just really curious since I’m new to the car game and don’t want to miss up and waste like $410 on tires that won’t be any good? I’ll appreciate your help my g😁

  36. Wheels that stick out from tires look dumb AF. Like a tiny shirt on a big dude. Wide wheels look awesome. Wide wheels with small tires look retarded.

    CAR JOCKS that think that "Drifting " Is cool.
    All drifters and boy racer posers are fake wannabe gangsta tryhards.
    Go watch the hill climbs . There you will see drivers that know how to drive and only drift when there pushing it too hard .
    Flat caps do it cause they think there gangsta . Any gimp would molest a car cause they think it looks cool . There so many try hards that idolise the fast and the furious ever since those crappy films came out . Stupid flat caps , I laugh at them all the time !

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