Shoulder Exercises Following Surgery | Part 10 | Post-Operative Shoulder Rehab | Colorado

Shoulder Exercises Following Surgery | Part 10 | Post-Operative Shoulder Rehab | Colorado

the boss ball isanother tool that can
be used to work on upper extremity close chain propriaception so we’re going to have j_p_ lean forward
on the boss ball grab both handles and start first with just shifting the weight
side to side and that looks pretty easy another
variation on this is we can have j_p_ start with the cardinal directions so
we can go east-west and then north and south or if you want to get really fancy you
can do the clock and so we can do twelve o’clock one o’clock two o’clock three o’clock and so on around the clock again to progress this exercise we can
also have j.p. go into a plank position so go ahead try that and we’ll do that clock exercise again so actually go forward and then bring it
back to center one o’clock and back to center one of the more advanced plyometic
exercises that we can do is a plyometric external rotation exercise what we have
jp do is lay on the table or surface with his arm in the ninety-ninety
position to hold onto the ball and he’s going to throw and catch the
ball get a quick pace good you can let it drop a little bit more this allows the external rotators to
function more plyometricly and eccentrically next excise we’re going to do is a
thrower specific exercise called a deceleration the purpose of the
exercise is to allow the rotator cuff muscles to function in a deceleration type of contraction while they’re
elongating again this is a thrower specific type
exercise what we’re gonna have j_p_ do is hold his
arm into a ninety-ninety position he’ll look over his shoulder as i toss him
the ball you’ll see as he catches the ball he decelerates it and tosses it back to me variations to this exercise are to throw
the ball faster and with more velocity allowing j_p_ to decelerate the ball with
more force a variation to this exercise is to add more drop to
the ball while we stand on a box j.p. wil remain in the same ninety-ninety
position as i throw the ball down to him and he does deceleration from a
different angle the next excercise we’re going to do is
an external rotation with the scapular squeeze to do this we use a
thera-band wrapped with between two arms j_p_ is going to externally rotate both
arms keeping his elbows by his side while squeezing his shoulder blades
together release the band and repeat the exercise it’s important to note that this exercise
should look like this from the back side notice that he squeezes his shoulder blades
together tightly and then releases his shoulder blades as he internally rotates the band and that’s the thera-band external rotation
exercise with scapular retraction some of the various exercises we use for
plyometrics are using the plyo-tramp j.p. is going to demonstrate an exercise
where we throw a medicine ball at the plyometric trampoline and he catches and rebounds the ball
during his throw and j_p_ let’s go ahead and do the exercise good this exercise is a plyometric exercise
for external rotation using the plyometric trampoline

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  1. well thanks Dr. Millet these exercises really helped even though my surgery was 2 and a half years ago. I had a severe clavicle fracture back then and and since few weeks now i started feeling slight pain again on the whole of my right arm. it was probably because i rarely did physical motion exercises but now I will periodically do these series of exercises to train the arm a bit and ease pain

  2. During the first segment, the chyron makes it difficult to see what piece of equipment is being used.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful segments but there is one thing missing and that is the relation of each segment to the time after the surgery. It is essential to let the Pt know what exercise is appropriate for what period after the surgery.

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