Shoulder, Neck, and Jaw Tension Release (Sound)

Shoulder, Neck, and Jaw Tension Release (Sound)

Hi it’s Elissa Weinzimmer founder of
Voice Body Connection and it is time for another how to warm up video how to warm up In today’s how to warm up video we are going to release shoulder neck and
jaw tension yes you are welcome let’s go ahead and dive in so take your right
hand and you can either do heel of your hand and fingers to grab onto the top of
your left shoulder or if it’s better you can do thumb and your fingers whatever
feels right for you grab on to the top of that trapezius muscle like you’re
really trying to give it a good squeeze and then let your left hand hang by your
side now circle that shoulder up and around moving forward up back and down
as you do it now why do we do it in this direction because it is very common for
us to go into some version of a slouch or a forward head situation so it opens
up the front of our chest to work in this direction and to release the
shoulders both back and down so do this circling for about 30 seconds as you go
around it might be a little bit painful you might get a little bit of a critical
crackle but just be continuous with your pressure and gentle at the same time and
then once you’ve spent about 30 seconds let that go wiggle out both sides see
how you feel on one side versus the other any difference chances are there
will be some difference it’s working let’s do the other side so slightly lift
up that left shoulder reach across I’m sorry the right shoulder reach across
with your left hand and then squeeze and circle ah very nice now another
important thing to say about this exercise is that you don’t want to
squeeze so so hard or work so hard at this exercise that you’re trying to
release tension with the quality of tension that won’t work that’ll just
perpetuate the tension after all so go ahead and be gentle and easy as you do
this exercise okay good let that go wiggle it out how do you feel on both
sides ah maybe let out a sigh and then we will move up to the neck so for this next part with the neck we’re going to interlace our hands with
our thumbs hanging down and we’re gonna bring that around to the back of our
head which is the sub occipital muscles right underneath the occiput which is
where we hold a lot of our neck tension let me just spin around and show you
exactly where I mean so I’m basically right below the hairline digging my
thumbs in right there underneath my skull so dig your thumbs in on either side of your spine there and then gently rest
your head back into your hands and now you’re going to just very easily nod
your head up and down you’re moving your head on the axis which is actually the
second vertebra in your spine the axis is like a bobble head vertebra it can
move in all directions so you’re not actually moving in a full range of
motion just gently up and down on the access vertebra and you can go up and
down gently as you dig your thumbs in here and then you can also go side to side oh and chances are that these muscles
are relatively tight especially when we start to crane our neck forward even
slightly these muscles have to grab and hang on for dear life to keep your very
heavy head on top of your shoulders as an extra bonus if you want to you can
slowly move your thumbs about an inch down one inch down at a time and work
your way all the way down the back of your neck doing this exercise alright so we’ve gotten the back of the neck
let’s move on to the jaw so something to know
about your masseter muscle which is your big jaw muscle is that it is the
strongest muscle in your body in terms of pounds per square inch so it is
really really powerful it can exert a lot of force and those of us who grind
our teeth at night or have a lot of jaw tension know this implicitly so let’s go
ahead and release that tension you’re going to bring your fingers to your jaw
to the masseter muscle you can test right where it would be most intense and
the tightness would be intense and also the strength by clenching your jaw
seeing where it bulges right there do little circles gentle
on your jaw again I’m moving up and back which is really really helpful for those
fibers of the masseter muscle to release so I’m circling forward up down and back
on the muscle and something very important as well is to let your jaw and
your tongue be loose while you do this so you can imagine having Novocain face
as we’ll call it okay good and then after you do that spot I want to also
bring you to a spot that isn’t intuitively related to the jaw but it is
actually very related it is your temporalis muscle which is a big clam
shaped muscle up above your ears and if you put the flats of your hands along
your temples and along your hairline and clench your jaw you can feel that that
bulges too so that’s actually very involved those two muscles help you
compress and open the jaw so bring your fingers to that spot and do circles up
and back in this spot as well oh my goodness yes that’s very good very nice
and let your jaw and your tongue hang loose as you do this now extra bonus
points if you want to on these two jaw exercises you can give continuous
pressure in the spots and then gently open and close your jaw and if you do
that just really think about opening your jaw down and back in a rotational
movement no more than two finger widths to open uh-huh gently gently
reprogramming the movement of the jaw so it can happen easily you can do the same
thing on your temporalis trying to make that motion really smooth good and then just
for extra good measure at the end this is a way I like to finish that
feels really nice take your hands in between your hair to your scalp and move
your scalp around on your skull ah this is very nice I think that sometimes when
we think too hard our scalp actually adheres to our skull and this helps us
just release that tension huh shoulder neck and jaw release now before we wrap up this video I will say that I have this
categorized as How to Warm Up as a sound exercise because it really does release
all the stuff right around the voice box but that being said it’s a body exercise
too so do this towards the beginning or in the middle of your exercise sequence
and then start making sound as you do it or right afterwards so even if you just
want it to go huh and just let out some really easy fluffy sound as we’ll call
it I talked about that in the “Sound That Feels True to You” exercise so you can
combine those two things make a little bit of sound release the jaw release the
neck release the shoulders enjoy I hope this brings you freedom and ease it’s
very important I would say work it in daily if you can and I will see you in a
future how to warm-up video how to warm up

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  1. Awesome thanks! So glad to have an actual way to massage the back of my neck without just messing it up

  2. Elissa, this was awesome! thank you, I feel lighter after doing those exercises. Also seeing such a beautiful woman makes me happy! Have a great day!

  3. You're an absolute Peach I just found your channel and I have subscribed I adore you… I have had issues with my sinuses and chronic laryngitis for I'm guessing two years now going on three and I went to an ear nose and throat because I had mucus buildup in the back of my throat but it wasn't raining and just really simple exercises have really helped me with my problems thank you

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