Shoulder Pain – Deltoid Stretch

Shoulder Pain – Deltoid Stretch

Hi welcome to another video. My name is Vincent
Woon. In this video I’m going to with you a question from one of my subscriber who is
a dodgeball player, as to how to stretch his deltoid muscle. Now who uses the deltoid muscles? Mainly people
who exercise a lot who do a lot of bench press who use this movement and also this movement
which use this middle muscle of the deltoid, the middle piece of the deltoid and people
who stretch this way that’s the use of the back deltoid muscle or the posterior deltoid
muscle. So what else that you do that will use the
muscle? Putting too much weight while you are sleeping on it, you get pain on the front
deltoid muscle or sometimes in the middle too and carrying a heavy bag, like kids going
to school they have a heavy back pack or even carrying a heavy purse or handbag that might
cause the pain there. What I’m going to do right now, I’m going
to show you how to stretch the front muscle, the front deltoid muscle, the middle deltoid
muscle and the back deltoid muscle. In order to stretch the front deltoid muscle, you need
to find a pole or a wall or a door frame. What I’m going to do is to use the wall
here, put one hand on the wall and turn away from the wall, one hand parallel and then
turn away from the wall… make sure your arm is parallel to the wall like such and
turn. One stretch away from the wall, you will feel the muscle stretch here. In order to stretch the middle deltoid, you
can raise your arm up across your chest and push it with the opposite arm… push it that
way not pull but push and stretch. Up and stretch, you’ll feel the stretch here. Same
thing on the other arm, across push and stretch, you’ll feel the stretch here. Stretch across
and push help assist. Across and push and above the elbow and stretch and stretch. And to work on your back deltoid muscle or
your posterior deltoid muscle, look for the pole or the wall again, hole the pole or the
wall and turn into it, hold it and turn into it, you’ll feel the stretch here, in. Find
a wall or a poll and walk into it, hold it walk into it you will feel the muscle stretch
here. Those are 3 things that I do for each part
of the muscle and I hope it help you too. Thank you very much for watching if you like
this video please share it with your friends and don’t forget to visit my blog at
and once again my name is Vincent Woon and I see you in the next video And Don’t forget
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66 Replies to “Shoulder Pain – Deltoid Stretch”

  1. I have this BAD! I am a woman who does work out, how did this happen to me? It was in the left only, now in the right? I'm very limited in ALL activities..What has happened? I cannot even put my arms above my head, or out to side without screaming. It affects my pecs so bad too. gr8 upload!

  2. Best way is to soak in Epsom salt and warm water to loosen and then work on it…. Let me know 🙂

  3. Yes! All my videos works for all ages 🙂 try Stressed With A Pain In The Shoulder? from my channel BE WELL!

  4. Hey, thanks for uploading this technique. I have a job in which I have consistent repetitive motion for eight hours. I will let you know how these techniques work out. Again, thanks for the help.

  5. Just to make sure this is a deltoid issue in my case I experience the most pain when I have to reach around behind to put on my overcoat. Is this a deltoid issue? God bless you for helping so many people out with your videos!

  6. great help I tore my upper right arm deltoid trying to stop a fifth grade boy with a side block, but because I am a 65 yr. old woman, his fat body just fell on my arm, and I felt a sharp pain. I did nothing for 6 weeks except apply Voltarin gel, because I didn't know better. Then I started PT, paying for twice a week exercise and deep tissue massage. iT IS MUCH BETTER NOW, AND YOU GIVE THE EXERCISES HERE FOR FREE. GREAT, THANKS

  7. Vincent, thanks for the video. I think I hurt my middle deltoid muscle on my right arm while doing bent over reverse dumbbell flys, and it feels sore. Massaging feels good, so it cannot be a tear. Will definitely keep applying your simple stretching exercises. I wonder if you also suggest a hot pack or a cold pack.

  8. Cold pack is recommended for the first 24-26 hours with a 20 minutes interval and stop for 30 minutes every 2 hours .But I like to use hot pack 🙂

  9. Thanks. Actually this problem has been there for a while; it's not new. So maybe I'll just try a hot pack. I too prefer that 🙂

  10. Thanks for explaining the three muscles we need to stretch.  I also appreciate explaining how you need to "push" and not pull while stretching the middle / lateral muscle.  I used to just pull across the chest.  Now I'm using these three separate stretches to help make a proper turn during my golf backswing.  The stretching of the front and back muscles feel great!

    I hope these will help make a proper shoulder turn and keeping the left and right elbow from collapsing prematurely due to not having a free and easy shoulder turn.  I may have focused too much on strengthening my lats and deltoids and not focused enough on "stretching" these muscles.

    My lats are stretched by placing butt / handle of golf club on ground with club now vertical then with hands on club head I move legs back and lean until my torso is parallel to ground.  I then face down and push the club left until I feel lats stretch, hold 30 second and repeat on other side.

    There are a several other stretches I use for the upper body / torso.    

    Then there are the stretches for the lower body (legs and hips) and lower back muscles (prevention of back injury). 

    All together a 30 – 40 minute stretching regimen before I even pick up a club at the driving range.  Although "it takes time"…injury prevention and game improvement requires you to invest the time so your returns are good.

    Thanks again for pointing out the there areas of the deltoid muscle!  Perhaps you can provide comprehensive stretching package for various sports.

  11. A month ago I was playing football and sometime in the session I felt a pain in my left deltoid. I haven't used it much since, and if my arm is not extended (down by my side) I don't feel any pain. However I experience pain still when I try to do pushups or even raise my arm to wash my hair. Could you give me any tips on anything I can do along with these stretches to help heal my arm? Thanks

  12. Thank you for your help, Front shoulders hurting for some months now, but your techniques of stretching helped big time. Still not going to train until pain has gone 100%. Thanks again.

  13. Thank you for posting this video.  My arm has been hurting, so I Googled the symptoms.   I narrowed it down to the deltoid muscle and then found your video.  I tried each of the stretches and I already feel some relief.  🙂

  14. Thanks man! I get injured my right shoulder before 2 days from arm wrestling in school. I'm feeling better after this. It's really hard to not train, I do calesthenics btw.

  15. Is it normal that everytime, i mean EVERYTIME that i try to stretch my shoulders and rotate it upwards, there are crunching pops of joints that quite hurt? i have this shoulder pain for months now, i can affirm that its my deltoid muscles, or probably the joint. i cant do the shoulder stretch where you put your arm in front of you and stretch it as much to the opposite direction, like your left arm stretches in front and reaching to your rightmost… i really feel the pain, sometimes it even reach the triceps, and the forearm, even to the fingers and back of my hand… i have no idea what to do with it anymore… T.T

  16. Thank you, I found your video during the summer months last year, while kayaking much over the summer and in between acupuncture appointments, your stretches made life happy on the water. Looking forward to spring and kayaking aging, I am getting ready and have neglected my stretches. It took me a while to find your site
    .Thank you, enjoy the simplicity of your videos. .   

  17. When I do the last part of the stretch for the back muscle I feel a little pain, is that normal? I am currently having some pain on my upper arm specifically when I do a lateral arm raise. I can only raise my arm up to a certain point. Front raise is fine.

  18. Just got back from a long trip, suffering from shoulder strain, and this helped tremendously! Thank you so much for this pearl of shoulder feels so relieved now! 👊😁🙌😁

  19. I will try it as soon as possible, but I don't know if it's what I am searching for, I feel pain in the posterior deltoid mainly when I do bicep workouts.. Its so weird

  20. Bodybuilder and had some pain. Great video especially the technique where you turn in to the wall. Feeling better instantly

  21. THIS WORKS! Wife fell on her shoulder and could not sleep on her side for the longest time. She went to PT and they assigned her some exercises which didn't work. Showed her this and she got relief immediately. She continues with this stretching all three parts of deltoid muscle group just to keep it loose. I didn't realize the three parts of the deltoid…now I do and understand how it works. I this exercis to both sides every other day and before I play around of golf. I was amazed how many people suffer shoulder cap / deltoid pain and I recommend this as a possible remedy to their pain. Oh…I did have a comment months ago and am back because my wife wants to send link to a friend.

  22. Stretching makes it worse for me. I am a Yoga teacher and am constantly lifting bolsters and other props from my car to my students house. Any advice on what to do? It does feel better when I rest and ice. But, that is not my "real" world. Thank you!

  23. Excellent!! My Deltoid problem vanished in 5 min of simple excercise. Now I am going to pump iron in a weeks time!!

  24. Thanks, I'm doing this today for the first time. My only question is: how long should I hold the stretches. Liked and subscribed!

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