Shoulder Pain Treatment & Rehab Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Shoulder Pain Treatment & Rehab Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Do you wanna rock!? Ow, man. Ohhh woo whee!
Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Dudes and Dudettes, I guess you can figure out what we’re gonna
talk about today. There’s a lot of different kind of shoulder injuries, but what I’m gonna
show you, I’m just gonna show you some stretches to get it moving, get that soreness out of
there and make it feel better for ya. Alright, so the first stretch that we’re gonna do for
your shoulder is called the Pendulum Stretches. Now the key here is to move your whole body
when you’re stretching. So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna bend over, kind of hold
on to a chair, countertop, table and you’re just gonna let your arm hang down. It wants
to be loose, it wants to hang, it’s just like a noodle. And what the scarf is here for,
the purpose is, is to show if you’re moving your whole body, which is what I want, I want
you to move your whole body. To move these circles. Or if you’re just moving your arm
like this. See how my scarf really isn’t moving? This is not a pendulum. This isn’t the correct
way to do it. What I’m gonna have you, move your whole body around in circles. You can
turn it and go back the other way, and see how that scarf is moving the whole time. It
might look silly, but it’s gonna make your shoulder feel a lot better. It makes mine
feel better right now. You can go side to side, swing it side to side. And you can go
front to back too if you want. Now if that feels really good, opening up that joint space,
you can open it up a little bit more by adding a weight to it. Just let the weight hang,
you’re not holding it up, you’re letting that arm hang down, that’s opening up that space,
that’s loosening those muscles. And you’re gonna do the same thing, you’re gonna rock
that body going around in a circle. Rock it like a rock band, and then rock it back the
other way. Good. And you can go side to side, and then you can go front to back. And that’s
really gonna loosen up your shoulder make it feel a lot better. So next we’re gonna
move on to the table. Ok, so the next exercise I’m gonna have you do, I’m gonna have you
sit next to a table, you can stand at a countertop, but this is the next step from the pendulums.
Cause this is actually you’re gonna be moving your arm a little bit on your own which we
call active movement. And the table is gonna be here to support your arm, so if you’re
at a point where you can lift it a little bit, but it hurts, you want to do these table
slides. And so basically what you’re gonna do is if you need to but a towel underneath
or something a little smoother you can, my table’s pretty smooth so what I’m gonna do
is I’m just gonna kind of slide it forward. Now see I’m getting movement in my shoulder
here, but the table is protecting my arm, it’s holding that weight so I don’t have to
hold it up myself. So I’m just gonna go forward and back. Stretching it out if you can go
further stretch it out, lean your body kind of forward, get that stretch in the shoulder.
And come on back. And then you;re gonna take it out at a 45 degree angle. We call it in
PT scaption. And so you’re gonna pull out to an angle, come back in. Same kind of thing,
if you feel like you can stretch as far as you can stretch, go ahead and stretch it all
the way out. And if those are feeling ok, then what you can do is you can start doing
circles. Really stretching that shoulder out, but having that protection of the table holding
your arm up for you. So it’s a really good way if your table’s a little dirty, just go
ahead and clean it off. There you go. Roll it around and come on back. There you have
it. That’s a table slide. So the next progression from the table slide is actually wall slides
with your arm, so this is once you can kind of get your arm going a little more, but it
still kind of hurts when you get in those last little stretches above. So it’s pretty
simple. Same kind of thing as on the table, except now you’re going to the wall. So you’re
gonna put your hand on the wall. You’re gonna kind of start with your arm straight out.
And you’re just gonna slide it up as much as you can, and once you get pretty high,
you’re gonna start leaning forward. So you can see I’m getting a pretty big stretch in
my shoulder there. Now make sure you’re facing the wall, cause once you start turning, that
will be a different stretch, which is ok, but if you want to get the flexion, the going
straight up, stand straight towards the wall. If you want to go out a little bit, which
we call our abduction, you can turn sideways and lean up. So that’s still giving you as
stretch. So these are your wall stretches. So there you have it. Those are some simple
stretches for your shoulder to get it moving a little bit more when it’s stiff ore achey.
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73 Replies to “Shoulder Pain Treatment & Rehab Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. I am rehabing from a rotator cuff injury. I found all your videos very good. This one in particular has been a help to me as going back to fundamentals has helped me make further progress.

  2. Recently I injured both my rotator cuffs. I noticed it during weightlifting. I pride myself on the correct technique/form so I know that is not the problem. I believe to have narrowed it down but not positive to sleeping position, lying on my side while reading in bed and decrease in MMS for the rear deltoid. Pain is 2/10 with no inflammation. I also believe that certain exercises I was doing for my chest put a lot of stress on my shoulders to lift into position. Any recommendations?

  3. If you think it came from lying on your side, it is probably more of an impingement than the RTC. You would rehab them both similarly though. I usually recommend resistive bands to get the RTC strong again. I have several videos to strengthen the RTC with bands or light weights if you want to check them out! Hopefully they will help!! Good luck!!

  4. I love your whimsical intros. So much better than someone just standing there going "Today I'm going to show you how to stretch [Big Long Name of Muscle]."

  5. After much searching, I happily found this video. Excellent stretches for injury I suffered skiing – and shoveling; the good and the bad of snow. ( ;
    Very helpful – thanks!

  6. Just wanted to say thanks heaps Doctor Jo I recently got back into the gym lifting heavy weights again and obviously went to hard to quickly because I have been suffering pain in my shoulders when raising them. So I did a bit of research on WebMD and Medscape and in my uneducated ignorant opinion I reckon it could be bursitis or impingement of my Subscapularis Tendon because the pain is at the front of my shoulder. So naturally I turned to YouTube (doesn't everyone) to find some rehab exercises and this is where I came across your quirky, entertaining and most importantly informative videos of which I am now a proud subscriber!!! So I took to task and for the past 10 days I have been doing the stretches and exercises you demonstrate in your 3 videos as well as taking anti inflammatory's to decrease the swelling. As a result of this the pain is less intense I have more mobility and feel stronger in my shoulders. I certainly don't think I am ready to start heavy weight training yet but if I keep doing the exercises etc how long do you think it will be before I can?

    Be safe
    Have fun and
    I hope you feel better haha

    Thanks and regards Dr Jo,

  7. Hello Dr Jo. The lipstick is luscious! Very sweet. Right, I'm 40 and have Cystic Fibrosis. I'm very well. I do however suffer from a neck that crunches when I turn my head, and occasional lower back pain. I've been looking through your videos and I found the one about neck exercises, so I shall watch that and try what you suggest. I like the way you mix a little bit of fun with what you do, which makes it a joy to watch. x

  8. With the wall stretch, you don't want to be too close to the wall is that correct? and how many reps?

  9. Thank you so much for explaining the proper way to perform the Pendulum exercise. I've been doing it wrong and I now know why it hasn't been helping my shoulder. Thanks again and I love your videos!

  10. Thank you again, makes a heck of a difference to the shoulder pain I've endured for nearly six months .

  11. Doctor Jo, you totes ROCK!!! 🙂 – Great way to capture your viewer right away 🙂

  12. After almost 40 years in the Fitness & Cycling Industry it's great to find someone with your acknowledgment, thank you for share, it's a big help for me and for my clients, and at the top you are a dog lover. YOU ROCKS! Best regards from Portugal. Pedro Maia

  13. Dr. Jo my shoulder makes a loud "snap" sound every time I internally rotate my arm or lift my arms upwards. Sometimes it snaps once and doesn't snap the second time but other times it continually snaps every time I go into internal rotation and every time I lift my arms above shoulder level. I have tried consistently stretching along with resistance exercises but the sound always comes back. Even though I don't feel any pain, should I be concerned with this? And what suggestions do you have? – Thanks!

  14. hello doctor jo… im 27 years old.. I have the problem since 3 years that my arm moments are restricted … I can not put my hand above shoulder level and also it doesnt go to my back and I feel inflammation and pain all the time except when I wake up it's almost banish but it start again after an hour or when I start brushing teeth and doing my work…. also it's become worst in cold weather and also when I travel… my fingers become numb and I feel extreme pain traveling from neck to my hand and extreme strech in my forarm muscles… at awakes me all night also I can't sleep to this side of my arm… one more thing I feel pain in my shoulder joint and scapula and around scapula over my back and my sternoclavicular joint is swollen… I have been through x-rays ultra sounds and MRI but all of the reports were normal …but my doctir saisd..I have rheumatoid arthritis and there is disc desication in my neck upper part… but I have been to many doctors in my country but none of them is able to detect the real problem and it's treatment.. please tell me what's my actual problem and solution if you say I will send you my reports on email. . . pls plz plz help …

  15. Hi Dr Jo. I had a recurrent Shoulder dislocations and recently had a surgery. The pre surgery MRI said bankart Lesion and Hilsach lesion. I started doing the exercises and feel pain but gradually have an improvemnt day by day. Do you suggest any specific exercise videos of yours which i need to focus on?

  16. Dr. Jo, how often should one do the exercises in this video? And, when? When I first wake up and then throughout the day? One of the medical tests I had done on my shoulder, an ultrasound, showed a moderate supraspinatus tendinopathy and mild rotator cuff tendon impingement. I haven't started cphysiotherapy yet because it's pretty expensive, but I find your videos helpful. The shoulder is extremely stiff and the whole arm is weak. I can barely raise my arm pass my elbow height or even reach forward with the arm. But this pendulum movement felt great today.

  17. I'm a new subscriber my back of the arm and along the under arm then back gets cramped have u. any ideas why it would do that and also dull pain in the forearm front. I can't lay right side of the body for it. can u suggest something or will these exercises work??

  18. dear doctor,I have supraspinatus tendonitis and this pendulum excercise kinda helps me a lot.Should I continue doing it or this tendonitis requires a different regimen of excercises??
    thank you

  19. Hahaha! You Merry Young Lady! By the way, a friend´s "kid" (28), is a drummer since 8 but, of course, he doesn't have any pain, (at least at the present).

    A question; I saw a video that tells that the "Joint Cracks (which I have in almost all my joints)", are just Air trapped on them. What can you tell me about this? Greetings.

    Thank you very much, because coincidentally, you are sending me the videos of my three main aches; Knees, Shoulders (at the deltoids level), and Middle Back.

  20. Iam 52 lam suffering from shoulder pain fro last 4yrs, l tried all medcines all in vain, xray tells, nothing is wrog ,and ldont want to use pain killers for long time. lam doing rotation smalltype ex, mam can u pl help me asking u with tears in my eyes pl.

  21. Hey awesome vids, what would cause a pinching type pain the armpit and back of shoulder? Ive had scans and tests down and they cant find anything. Im doing physiotherapy at the moment and told me to do exercises using a stick and to do the front table slide.

  22. Hahaha this is the way I am today, I went to study drums this morning and my shoulder started to ache.
    So as I usually do, I search for some advice from Dr. Jo and some stretches.
    If I release a CD one day, I Will put your name on my thank lista haha
    Thank you again Dr. Jo
    Greetings from Brazil

  23. Dr Jo, you are really amazing! I like how you show this stuff, so naturally and fun as we all would be your closed friends !!! Thanks a lot!!!

  24. I'm 3 months into supraspinatus tendonosis and it still flares when I do a pushup or pullup. The area also hurts (dull pain, like a bruise) when I push my fingers in there at the joint in the front of the shoulder. Are the table excercises here appropriate or do they contribute to tightening the subacromial space , leading to compression of the tendon and therefore further fraying?

  25. I truly appreciate your time and effort. I can barely lift my right arm at the moment. The exercises are painful, but I feel a lot better after I've warmed up. I'm moving very slowly, keeping my movements small. Thanks for the video.

  26. I love your vids. Very informative yet humorous. A lil cheesy but it works lol Can’t go wrong with that combo. Thank you. 👍🏾

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