Shoulder Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

Shoulder Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, The sore in six minute series is back and
this time we’re hitting the shoulders. The shoulders are definitely one of those
muscle groups that you likely have a hard time experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness,
or soreness a day or two after you train them. Simply because it’s very difficult to elongate
the shoulder muscles when you train them. If you think about the most popular exercises
that we do – a side lateral raise here – you’re basically coming down to your side and never
allowing the muscle to actually stretch. If you haven’t seen our stretching video on
the delts. I’ll actually link that one here. We talk about the range of motion that you
have to go through to stretch each head of the deltoid, and you can see that in our normal
performance of any of our exercises in our shoulder workout we don’t do that. But you know that I’m going to fix that for
you here, today. So let’s take a look at the little, six minute
routine that will do that. we’re going to put the science back in strength
and at the same time, the safety as well because when you start talking about the shoulder
joint it’s one of the ones that could be hurt the most easily because it’s one of the most
mobile joints in your body. So if we can get the soreness in the muscle,
and not the soreness in the joint then we’ve accomplished what we’ve set out to do. So let’s take a look at that first exercise. We start off with a light set of dumbbells
and a heavier set of dumbbells. The whole thing – this whole six minute
routine – can be done with just two sets of dumbbells. For me, I’m picking 15s. You’re going to see why in a second. Then I’m going to pick 40s here for my last
exercise. What we do is, we use the 15s for the first
three, and then we’re going to target, first and foremost, the front head of the delt. If I setup an incline bench like I do here,
and now I sit back, now when my arms go down at the sides just in my resting position,
you can see that the front delt is actually getting a lot of stretch because my arms are
in extension behind my body. Now you don’t want to let your shoulders
round in this bottom position. You should always be conscious of letting
them sit back in the glenoid humeral joint so they’re in a good, safe position. But you’re still going to get that nice stretch
on the front delt and we perform our front delt raises here. Again, we eccentrically control the weight
all the way down, past neutral, into extension to get that tension with stretch. That’s what’s going to create those micro-tears. That’s going to create that eccentric damage
that’s going to be necessary for sparking our new growth. Well, one of the methods that we’ve talked
about for sparking new growth. So now we go through a minute of that exercise. Then immediately we position ourselves in
this way. We sort of set the incline up, now we invert
our body. We put one hand planted on the back of the
seat, and then we stagger our feet so that we create this angle of our body into the
bench. Now we let the dumbbell drop down in front
of us. Now we’re targeting the middle delt. In the middle delt here you can see that just
by, again, allowing the dumbbell to rest when you put the middle delt on stretch – because
we’ve allowed the arm to cross here, in front of the body. So what we do now is, we actually take it
up at a 45 degree angle from our body. One of the safest positions you could put
your shoulder in. It’s called scaption. This plane here. It’s not all the way out here. You guys know I don’t like that all the
way out there, frontal plane for the shoulder. I like it more 45 degrees so we can do that
here, and at the top, what we want to try to do is externally rotate the arm. So we’re not pouring pitchers. I’ve talked about that many times, too. We’re actually trying to lift the thumb higher
than the pinky. On the bottom you can actually do the opposite. You can let the thumb come downward into a
pouring position because the arm isn’t elevated. You’re not getting that increased likelihood
of impingement. If you come down to increase the stretch,
and then you come back up, and you come back down, and you do this again. Now this is a minute on each arm. So when you get done with each arm here, as
you can see me working the other side, you’re going to be at three minutes total. Now we have to go and hit the rear delt. So now for the rear delt we go to the backside
of the bench. We never have to change position of the bench
here. We go to the backside of the bench, and now
we sort of lean directly down on top of it. Now the angle is going to be this horizontal
adduction here. Back, behind our body. Like the reverse fly. When we do this we want to get a little bit
of a twist here, as you can see me doing here, twist my torso so that I’m allowing more of
a stretch across my body. So I’m leaving this part as square as I can. I’m moving my lower body and naval in the
opposite direction. So we’re right here. Now we come up, and again we try to externally
rotate the hand, and then we allow it to come back down. Internal rotation, a little bit of a stretch
on that posterior delt. We have the eccentric tension in place more
than we would if we just did a bent over lateral raise like this. Where the arms are stopping right here at
my side without ever getting across my body. So now we do the right arm, and again we do
the left arm. So we’ve got a total of five minutes. So how do we wrap this thing up? Well, we wrap it up by going to the old, classic
shoulder press because there’s no better way to create growth in the shoulders, but by
going after those fast twitch fibers using a little bit heavier weight. Now this isn’t the top-end weight that you’re
used to because we just did it after doing five minutes of individual front delt, middle
delt, and rear delt work. The 40s here are going to feel like 70s to
me. So now I get up here and the tweak that you’re
going to do is, you’re going to keep it positioned, and keep your arm above 90 degrees and try
to press straight up. I always give this tip: if you want to really
work the delt and concentrate the work on the delt, just focus on taking this portion
of the shoulder and lifting it straight up to the ceiling. Straight up. Forget what the hands are doing. Forget what the elbows are doing, necessarily. For me, it’s very easy to focus on what this
part of the shoulder’s doing. If I can go straight up, obviously it’s going
to want to come in at an angle, but if I can go straight up here I really can contract
the delt, that we know runs right through here. So I do that, and I try to withstand this
tension now for at least that final one minute. That’s it. I promise you, because of the combination
of the lighter work to work the slower twitch fibers in the shoulders – which, there’s
actually more of those in the delts than there are fast-twitch – we’re going to work on
that, and we’re also going to finish it with the heavier stuff. That whole combination combined with the eccentric
overload is going to make you sore. Now again, as I said, if this is not something
you’ve done before, ease yourself into it. But if you’re experienced, this is one of
those routines where you’ll go “Holy shit! I finally got sore in my shoulders. Jeff delivered again.” I know you’re going to feel this if you try
this out. So if you like this, make sure you check out
the other sore in six minute videos that we did. If you’re looking for a program that doesn’t
just tell you what to do, but tells you why things are working that way; head to Put the science back in strength. Start seeing better results by following our
ATHLEANX training system. In the meantime, if you like this video, if
you want me to continue this series – you know I will – let me know below and I will
do that for you. All right, guys. I’ll see you back here in just a couple days.

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  1. FANTASTIC! Finally a god who has some COLLEGE SCIENCE/Physical Therapy/Pre-Med background….talk, it, WALKS IT.

    Jeff rocks! KNOWS!

  2. Hey Jeff! Please help me out!!!
    When I try to work my shoulders (mid delt and rear delt), I'am feeling the soreness in my upper traps

  3. Hey Jeff, I know this is an older video so you probably won’t see this comment but 1. I love this channel thanks so much for all you do 2. With the sore in 6 do you legitimately only do 6 min of this or do you go through the routine 3 or so times like reps?

  4. Afternoon Jeff. Uhm, I am Gjerahld the currently in South Africa. I have been into bodybuilding and calisthenics for two years and at this point I'm well aware of what's going on with my body. However I have one setback from getting in gaining muscle, more especially my upper chest and one thing I've noticed is an inward shoulder rotation (left) stopping me from getting those big (but reasonable) weights as well as posing effectively and more than anything unbearable pa. So I have thought it might be weak external rotator cuffs. I'm positive you can help since the only ways I have found effective are from your videos cause I can afford programs. Please help??

  5. I did this two days ago in place of my normal deltoid workouts and, man, the DOMS are real.

    It feels clean, which I can't say about most shoulder workouts so this will be a staple in my delt workouts moving forward.

  6. i have a right scapula/ rhomboid "cracking" sound everytime i move my arm out. Also it is very sore most time… pls advice

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  8. I’ve Been working out for years and am very fit. The 6 minute training sessions here have Made a huge difference with Much less time. Thanks very much

  9. Best videos and the knowledge gained is off the charts. I would donate $$ if there was a PayPal or other service to contribute to. My left shoulder is no longer sore. (Rotator cuff exercises. No more pitcher pours nor uprights.) Strength on chest exercises has exploded! Thank you!

  10. Help

    my arms get tired usually before i do enough sets to create tears. what am i doing wrong.
    too light a weight?

  11. Thank you so much Jeff! I have finally found my weak areas after trying this. I checked my ego at the door and dropped my weight down to a whopping 5lbs for these just so I can focus on the movement. My shoulders have always popped when doing bench or row and now I know why. My delts are as weak as a small child. I guess I have been using too much of my traps to compensate

  12. this guy is legend listen to him since we never hear advices like this, and most important he always say things to not let you hurt joints, i really like his advice, try those bad ass workout and you will see a difference. thanks bro

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  16. I usually do lateral raises, front raises, and overhead presses for shoulders. But, I wasn't feeling or seeing much from them. I did this routine tonight for the first time and my shoulders were on fire. #JeffDeliveredAgain

  17. Hey Jeff, my name is Jose and i am from Mexico, i hope you get to read this message because i don´t know where else to reach you.
    I love you shoulder rutines, but i have had a lot of injuries in them due to bad things or movements i´ve done.
    I just finished rehab i i´ve been working out my shoulders for 2 weeks doing the basic exercises for the 3 heads with very light weigh in order to make them stronger and be able to do chest and the rest of my body, so i don´t know if it would be wise to do your rutines or do you consider they are very though for me at the moment?

  18. So when would I incorporate these sore in 6 minutes if I'm doing a PPL? At the start of my workout or at the end? Or different days?

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  21. Jeff my chiropractor says that is not good for my upper shoulder blades to be doing overhead pushing that it will cause tendonitis is this true.

  22. Minute 1: Light set – Shoulder Raises

    Minute 2: Light Set – 45 Degree Raises (First arm)

    Minute 3: Light Set – 45 Degree Raises (Switch arm)

    Minute 4: Heavy Set: Horizontal Raises (First arm)

    Minute 5: Heavy Set: Horizontal Raises (Switch arm)

    Minute 6: Heavy Set: Shoulder Presses

  23. Hey Jeff I popped out my shoulder at one point in this exercise. Would you recommend any other shoulder exercise that doesent highten the chance of popping my shoulder out?

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    That way when I watch the video at half speed it will be even funnier!

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  27. This routine left my shoulders sore for longer than any other workout I’ve ever done. Unreal !!! If I knew this information 4 years ago my shoulders would be bigger than my head

  28. I am a 63 year old fat man. I have been hitting the gym since Jan. 4. I did this workout today. WOW. I was fatigued and stiff about a hour after the workout. I will do this one again.

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