Simple Self Treatment for Neck Popping, Grinding, & Cracking. When Should You Worry?

Simple Self Treatment for Neck Popping, Grinding, & Cracking. When Should You Worry?

Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapists on the internet Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck physical therapist Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet in our opinion of course Bob. Today we’re going to go over the simple self treatment for neck popping cracking and grinding and we’re also going to tell you what you should worry about that. Sure You know as if you don’t have enough things to worry about, by the way you know if you’re listening to us for the first time or our microphones went out, so you’re gonna maybe notice a difference, if you are listening to us for the first time Compare us to other videos. It’s going to be weird sounding but, we’ll get them fixed and by next week, we should be back on track again Right and you know this is something different anyway So that’s kind of nice to mix up life, and if you are new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain free We upload every day, also Brad if you want to do your job, get over to Facebook And like us just take a minute out of your day to do that. We are at Bob and Brad There we go, and we’ll give you some positive vibes. All right, generally when you hear popping, cracking people are always surprised at this aren’t they Brad? A lot of patients I have they think that it’s something they only have, right It’s always louder to the person that has it because your neck is so close to your ears and it just, it’s like, it vibrates through the bones. It’s just a much louder noise, sounds much worse And you know, sometimes it’s the pop sometimes it’s what we call crepitus or like I always say like Rice Krispies Which is two different things which we’re going to get into, that’s right And you know the first time, generally this stuff is harmless I mean, let’s first start off by saying that Brad. I want to take away your worry We’ll tell a couple of instances of when you may want to get it checked out But your neck is deteriorating almost from age 20 and on, but don’t get too worried. It’s not that it’s gonna fall apart It’s a slow process, it’s like getting gray hair, but starting a little. Yeah. It’s all part of life unfortunately and the alternative isn’t a great one. So truly and if you’re… We’re going to show you how to do a test here first off because generally with the popping sound is a release of gas, nitrogen gas And you say when it goes from liquid to solid or what is it? It goes from liquid to a gas A liquid to a gas, cavitation If you’re into physics you understand how that works, well it’s like cracking your knuckles, right So if that’s what’s going on in your neck, and it pops Whatever action you did to create the pop Repeat it And if it doesn’t pop the second time that means it was probably gas Because it takes a while for that gas to build up again, right Yeah, or for the gas to turn into a liquid then it’s going to pop, whatever takes some time It’s like when you pop your knuckles, you pop a bunch and they won’t pop for another 10, 15 minutes So if I go crack and I check it again and it doesn’t crack then it’s unlikely that you know And then it’s likely the nitrogen gas. It’s cavitation. All right when to worry If you get pain with every crack and every pop then in that instance It still could be like arthritis and that’s not uncommon at all But then in that instance, you might want to get checked out. You may try the exercise we’re going to show you See if that helps, the other occasion would be if it starts cracking after a traumatic accident or some type of trauma You hurt your neck, you know, you may have gotten a little whiplash or something like that, and if it cracks along with pain then in that instance you definitely want to get checked out They’ll probably take xrays, whatever it takes to assure that there’s no problem, by the way Brad And this also if you have the habit of cracking your neck, try these exercises too this might help break you of it, a lot of people crack crack crack and that’s not necessarily good I mean, it doesn’t lead to arthritis or anything. Some people do it just to annoy other people. That’s what you think Brad They crack their neck just because it would be loud enough you could hear it And they, oh don’t do that. Sorry I got off on a tangent He’s got an interesting life. All right. So let’s start off with the first exercise Brad We just got more exercises and what you’re doing is if you have arthritis in your neck by the way These are going to be good for you too, because we’re trying to maximize range of motion in your neck First one is the one that we have done ad nauseam Which means that you may get a little bit sick even watching this but you’re going to do chin tucks Well we do it because it works well, they’re fantastic to do. Okay. Brad is going to show you I’m going to show you from this angle, and what you’re doing is you’re basically backing your head up So we’re not going down like this and we’re not going up like this, we’re going just straight back like someone’s taking a pie and throwing it in your face or if someone undesirable’s trying to kiss you Then you probably go like this too All right what I want to add to that though You’re going to go ahead and do some overpressure with it now You can do that with the web of your thumb or you can do it with a couple fingers But you’re gonna again just do a little overpressure and sometimes by doing these motions, it helps smooth out a roughened neck, you know Like if it’s starting to get arthritis in there, it’s kind of like getting the rust out of it. Yeah, and it’s maximizing your range of motion, which a lot of times will decrease the pain, now if you’re doing these things and it hurts what I want to see is after you finish. Does your neck feel better? Because you can actually do it if it hurts a little bit if it feels better afterwards But if it hurts and then afterwards it still hurts then don’t do it and one thing is when Bob says gentle we mean gentle, you’re not going to go in there, push really hard. It’s just a gentle stretch A stretch pain is all you should feel, no sharp pain All right let’s go to number two yes, number two is going to do rotations And make sure you have very good posture when you’re doing all these because if you were like this and you’re slumped any and you do rotations, this is not good for your neck. It’s just not doing, it actually hurts from just doing it, yeah it does Yeah, so good posture and then we’re gonna start the rotation you can rotate to the right and rotate to the left And you want to do these, what do you think five to ten times Brad? Yeah, I would say that would be a good number to start with and the same thing with this now you’re going to add some rotation with over pressure So again, you can just take your fingers and rotate like this Usually right at the jaw’s a good place to do it Now if you want to do a little more of an advanced stretch Brad You can actually grab like this and give a little stretch like that but generally the fingers tend to be enough, because you know, there’s gonna be some of those guys out there Rip their head right off Yeah a little too much enthusiasm So you want to again maximize your rotations if one side really hurts a lot work the other direction for a while and sometimes that one will come back then on its own All right side bending, again very good posture and in fact a lot of times we even have people do a chin tuck before they do the side bending, chin tuck and then bend to the side This is a direction where I usually get some popping and cracking going on, I can feel some cracking right now Brad because as a habit I go like this when I’m writing my notes, so I’m tight this way So I do this one all the time. This is the magical one for me This is the one that it’ll take away my pain, this is the one that feels good and I’ll do the overpressure with these too. Again, this five to ten reps is probably a good place to start five and you can work up to ten Yeah, and look he’s taking his fingertips and he’s not grabbing his whole noggin there Yeah be good to your melon All right, the final one we’re going to do is some extension So you’re gonna go ahead and go back like this again good posture This is one where we’re not going to do overpressure. You want to show with a towel Brad? Yeah that’s a good idea This is one that a lot of people have trouble with, this is one that a lot of people are tight on because it is a direction we normally don’t go unless you paint ceilings or do sheetrock or something like that So I’m here. He’s pulling down on the towel and it really gives some nice support and this I’ll usually go back. Yeah and lean against the chair, to get the back rest, get some gets some support here. We have some variations I don’t know if we’ll get into that where we go up with this, I think let’s just keep it simple Brad So a great one again the further and further you want to go further with you know, it’s gonna feel better generally the more range of motion to get back If you have any symptoms of dizziness or nausea Then you stop that you do not continue. It should feel good, a good stretch all the way through. I feel good! Wow Bob? We’re in rare form today. All right. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I just turned 40 this year and I swear my neck just started to make crazy noises when I wake up. Sucks!!!

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    2. Your sound SUCKS. Hire an audio pro to sort this out or if not get some decent lapel mics and a mixer so we can actually hear you.

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  14. Had a popped disk for 10 years and after grocery shopping, my neck was cracking like crazy today. Tried all these but the side to side still makes it crack. I put pressure with a towel and it helped some. Pretty scary, it never cracked in the years I had the bad neck disks but a trip to the store set it off.

  15. hi i am having this snapping/cracking sound.. in my head and im thinking its originating from my neck.. when i look from right to left.. basically whenever i move and turn my head from the right to the left.. it happens just as my face moves from right to looking straight.. it doesnt hurt.. at all but since i am worrying about it my senses have heightened and yes maybe there are some minor strains.. and just some pinching head pains at times.. does this sounds similar to what you are describing? what should i do?

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  17. I can’t even rotate my head anymore or tilt. Pain is 8
    Been watching these guys and others for long time … and I’m getting worse
    Yea I got checked out – does anyone find anything? No!

    They want me to go to PT that I can’t even do.

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    B4 this occurrence, it was just really stiff, it hurt all the time, sometimes pain spurs, would shoot up thru my neck to top of my head, like a burning ripping pain…
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  20. you mentioned about the Rice Krispie symptom, what is it? I just started having that about 4 months ago, and it started over night, it doesn't hurt and no trauma that I can recall, i also have been getting a lot of stiff neck recently too, but not sure if it's related.

  21. My neck pops EVERY TIME I turn it to the left. It started yesterday without injury… could it be a ligament

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  31. Hello Bob and Brad, it was mentioned that it's worrisome when you have popping/cracking with pain after trauma or an accident. I was in a rear end collision almost 2 years ago, suffered whiplash and have horrible pain at the base of my skull along with lots of rice crispies, grinding, popping, cracking, occipital neuralgia, dizziness, headaches (you name it), ever since the accident. My neurologist doesn't see anything wrong in that area. Should I get a second opinion?? I do feel like something is wrong and it's being overlooked. What do you think?

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