Simple Way To Tape & Stretch Foot Plantar Fasciitis. Quick Tape Review

Simple Way To Tape & Stretch Foot Plantar Fasciitis. Quick Tape Review

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  1. Please I need help…I think I have plantar fasciitis, but I've also had that same foot swollen for alittle over a year now & I dont know what to do. Is that normal with plantar fasciitis? Ive been to my dr 3 times & he put me on magnesium but its not helping at all, what can I do? I'm so worried, thank you

  2. I love you both thanks for your knowledge. You've got all my likes.. xoxo I'm a Aromaphysiothrapist I've revolutionized physical therapy with my unique techniques Spiritually, physically and academically.

  3. Thanks for this informative video. I've got PF and as a result, I've had to stop running. If I use the Quick Tape, am I able to start running again immediately or does the tape only help with the pain/burning sensation. I am trying to determine the fastest and best way to return to running. And, also to know at what point I can return to running. Thanks!

  4. I have been watching your videos. I stretch 3 minutes , 3x on the step per doctor in 2002. I have flat feet just got orthotics which really hurts my left foot. I had PF in both feet got control of the right foot but left is still so painful. I tried to tape my own feet. So frustrating. I use the boot but it does slip off my little foot. I am desperate for relief. Its really ruining my life. I have done dancing for years , but can't now for the pain.

  5. I'm a nurse and just realized that the reason I get cramps to my feet and calf are probably from my plantar fasciitis. 💡Thanks

  6. Well done.Lots of good information, well explained and not too technical and just long and detailed enough.Keep up the good work. I apparently do have PF and have made an appointment with my foot doctor to get examined.Strange how such a small area can actually effect so much.

  7. Your videos are so valuable to me, really informative. However, as I am UK based it would appear that the quick tape isn't available to order which is hugely frustrating. Im at my wits end with this ongoing issue, are you aware of any international sellers or even better, UK outlets? Many thanks

  8. Could you do a video on why a big toe hurts? The bone in front of toe is swollen. Pain is like a burning. Toe slants to the outside. Is that a bunion?

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