Six Pack or Abs – Abdominal Muscles Anatomy

Six Pack or Abs – Abdominal Muscles Anatomy

My name is Fahrice and this is Animated Anatomy.
In this video I will show you the abdominal muscles, the six back. I will show you each muscle,
what they do and how to train them. There are three layers of the abdominal wall, from
the outside, the inside those are the external oblique, the internal oblique
and the transvers abdominal. These muscles extend from the lower ribs,
vertebral column over there, iliac crest of the ilium bone here, all
the way to the pubis of the hip bone. Immediately, however, all of their fibers
merged towards the midline and surround the rectus abdominis. They surrounded in
a connective tissue sheet before joining up again on the Linea Alba. On the left
side you also have the rectus abdominis. Rectus abdominis muscles are long and
flat. The muscle is crossed by three fibrous
bands here, here and here called the tendinous intersections. They
originated here at the pubis, and they run up to the abdomen on the either side
of the Linea Alba, they insert up here at the cartilages of the fifth, sixth and
the seventh rib. The last muscle I will mention today is the muscle that can be
found here and that is the pyramidalis muscle. Now if your medical student I know
you’re interested in details and you want to know about everything because
small things can be really important in medicine. You’re a bodybuilder, you might say, well,
it’s such a small muscle, why do I have to know anything about it?
Well, normally when you get want to get the six back here, what you do is you train these muscles without actually
thinking about this muscle right here. But the function of this muscle is to tense the Linea Alba right here when this muscle is able to tense the Linea
Alba good. The six back becomes more prominent. The
Linea Alba is the fibrous structure that runs down the midline of the
abdomen in humans all the way down, and you can see that this muscle attaches right
there. However, this area has a lot of
variations in different individuals and some people don’t even have this muscle.
So that was it. Now you know everything about the abdominal muscles. So that
was it. now you know everything about the abdominal muscles and the six pack. If you want to watch my next video about
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  1. I like the way you explain these rather complex things, thanks alot for putting in all this work for free.
    But, there's always a but.. i was hoping you were going to keep talking about how to best work out the pyrimidalis muscle!
    As you said in the intro of the video..

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  3. i am skinny and i was doing push up and sit up and then i did not expect to get a six pack and i was nervous when i first got it and i thought it was something wrong with my body that i need a surgery i ask someone what is this o my stomach they said it a six pack first i did not know there were doing bs story joke when i look at on youtube they were actully right

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