SLAP Tear Stretches & Exercises for Shoulder – Ask Doctor Jo

SLAP Tear Stretches & Exercises for Shoulder – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you some stretches and exercises for a SLAP tear. I had one, so hopefully these will help
you, too. Let’s get started. So you like my shirt? If
you want to check this out and a whole bunch of other stuff, go to All right let’s start off. We’re going to go with some pendulums
first. So get a sturdy chair, a countertop,
something solid to hold onto so you can lean over and hang that arm down, You want it to be nice and relaxed. If
you have a weight and you want to hold onto a weight, it gives a little more traction there
and opens up that joint space a little bit more. This isn’t an active movement, so you’re
not going to be moving your arm. You’re moving your whole body to make your arm
move. So just kind of let it hang. We’re going
to start off with circles and move that whole body to make the circle. So just start off we may be ten on one
side, and then you can reverse it. Uh oh, don’t hurt anybody. And do the circles 10
the other way. Then you can do a side-to-side motion. So still just having it hang down, now
swing your body from side to side. Just nice and relaxed. This is opening up that
joint a little bit. Getting some movement in there. If you have that tear, it’s gonna be
pretty painful and a lot of irritation in there, so that’s just helping work
that irritation out. Again just starting off with 10. And then you’re going to go
front to back. So same thing just let your body do the work, arms just kind of going along with
momentum. So just starting off with 10 of each of those and then work your way up
to a minute of each of those. The next one is going to be with a
resistance band. You’re gonna step on the band. Make sure you’ve got a good solid hold
on it so it doesn’t come back up and pop you. You want to keep your arms straight the
whole time for these exercises and keep your thumb up. So it’s not turned this
way, it’s turned this way. Try and keep that elbow locked out if
you can, and then you’re just going to bring your arm, almost to 90 degrees. It doesn’t have to be
exactly 90 degrees, but you don’t want to go up high. Just about straight out, and then slowly
come back down. so really controlling the band. Don’t let that band control you. Now if
this hurts, or is too hard, you can do it without the band and just
start off doing the motion and then eventually work your way up to a band,
and then doing more resistance as this becomes easy. Then the next way is going
back behind. Still keeping that arm straight. Still keeping the thumb forward,
and now going back this way. So this one probably won’t go quite as
high. That’s okay. Just make sure you’re keeping that arm as straight as you can. Again, just starting off with maybe ten
of these and then working your way up to 20 – 25. If that becomes easy, then you can
get a stronger resistance band. And then the last one for this is going to be
what we call scaption. So scaption is not completely in the front and not
completely to the side, it’s about a 45 degree angle. So it’s
kind of in the middle. Still come up, and now come this way. So again not out to the side, not in the
front, but at the about that 45 degree angle. Coming, you know, just up straight out and then slowly
back down. Make sure you’re controlling that band
as much as you can. If you feel like your elbow’s bending, or your arm’s shaking, you probably have too much resistance,
and you want to go back down or maybe start without anything. All right next exercise is going to be
on the ground. So the next exercise it’s kind of an exercise slash stretch. It
depends on how you do it. I like to use the Swiss ball or the stability ball
because it makes you have to work that stability just a little bit. But if you
don’t have one of these, you can do this on a tabletop. So then it becomes more of
a stretch versus an exercise / stretch. But if you have the ball, or on the table
top, place your hands with your thumbs up. So what you’re going to do, is just roll
that ball forward. But if you’re on the table, you’re just going to slide the
arms forward so you start getting that stretch in the shoulder. But again with
the ball, then it’s working at just a little bit. So you have that stability
component as well. And then just roll forward until you feel really good
stretch. Hold it for about three to five seconds
and then come back. I like to start off with both arms
because it makes it a little more stable, but if you are doing it this way
and it is becoming easy, and you want just a little more stretch, then you can
go one arm and really stretch it out, and then come back. So again, you can start off with just
holding three to five seconds. Do 5 or so. And then you can start doing just a
continuous motion if you want. Coming back and forth. And do about 10 or 15 of
those. Really getting that stretch in there. So now without the Swiss ball you’re
going to do some more stabilization stuff. So you’re going to get into quadruped,
or all fours, make sure your shoulders are pretty
close to where your hands are underneath so you have that nice stability, and then
just take your hand and tap over to the other side. So as I’m tapping, I’m
shifting my weight and using those stabilizer muscles, so I’m not moving
around a lot. So just a little tap. You don’t have to go too slow, just a nice
continuous motion. But don’t go fast either because you
really want to get some weight over on that side. So again, just start off with 10 to 15 of
those, and then if that becomes easy, then you can go into a push-up position. And
then tap back and forth. So now we’re going to go back into some band
exercises. So holding it in both hands with your thumbs up, keep your wrist in a neutral position. A lot of times people pull out like this, but you don’t want to end up irritating
your wrist. So try and keep those in a neutral position. Keep your elbows by your side, and you’re
going to do a shoulder external rotation exercise. So just going out this way, and
slowly coming back in, trying to keep your elbows by your side the whole time.
A lot of times people want to do this movement, but then that’s taking
away the exercise that you want to do. So if you want to roll up a towel or two
towels and squeeze them by your side, if you feel the towel slipping then you
know your elbows are coming out away from your side. But you don’t have to go
far out, just go to feel some tension and then
slowly come back in. So starting off with 10, work your way up
20 – 25. If that’s easy, then you can go to a more heavier resistive band. The next one is going to be a row. With
the rows, if you want to do it in standing, you can
put this in a doorway or a door knob, hook it in, and do it that way. But I like just
going around my feet because it makes it easier. Keep your back nice and straight,
again keep your elbows close to your side and your thumbs up. This is a whole body movement. You’re
squeezing your shoulder blades as you come back. So it’s not just moving your arms, it’s coming and
squeezing everything back. Just like if you were rowing a boat. So little squeeze
their, hold it for maybe two to three seconds, and then slowly come back. Again
starting off with 10 of these, and then working your way up from there. And then
the last exercise, you’re gonna put it around your back, and kind of do the opposite
movement. So this one is going to be a serratus punch. And what that does, is it
works the muscles near the scapula, shoulder blade there, and it keeps it
towards the rib cage, hold it there for stabilization, and if that becomes weak
or injured, then you end up having a winging of that scapula, and then that
makes a whole lot of problems on your shoulders. So having that strong really
helps. Start off with your arms straight and your elbows locked out. So they stay
straight the whole time. You’re not bending when you come back, you’re
keeping it locked out. And then punch forward, and come all the way back. Kind
of squeezing those shoulder blades, but keep, you know not bringing those elbows in,
keeping them locked out. Come back. Punch forward. Come back. Punch
forward. The same thing, starting off with 10 and then working your way up from
there. So there you have it. If you have any questions, leave in the
comments section. If you’d like check out some other videos go to
Don’t forget to like us. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. Hi DoctorJo,thanks for your video. You said you have a slap as well ?Is it 1 or 2 or else?Have you had surgery or considering one or just getting by with reinforcing those muscles? Thanks a lot

  2. i still dont have full range of motion in external rotation after labrum surgery. it has been close to six months since my surgery. does anyone know if thats normal?

  3. Hi Doctor, While I played water polo, I got pushed on my arm while it was lifted up and I heard a crack/pop sound, I got out of the pool and nothing was wrong or dislocated but had a shoulder muscle pain. I got back rested for a week and I felt better and started working out, push ups, stretchings… etc. the next morning when I work up .. I put my arm backwards in sleeping position and I heard the same crack/pop sound and it was painful. so now I am resting for 2 weeks with ibrufen, aspirin and not working with the affected arm. I have no pain … but some times I feel tiny pop when I lift my arm. Do I need to worry? Please give me your advice..

  4. Based on mri, I have a small labral tear medial superior on superior surface, plus intermediate signal for frozen shoulder and type 2 downsloping ac joint compressing on rotator cuff. I've never had shoulder issues until this high impact rear ending car accident. I'm wondering if a small labral tear would be quite this painful. The catching sensation is through the roof type pain plus I have this very deep gnawing pain. I have loss of strength but it seems very inconsistent. I have improved range of motion since cortisone shot. Do my symptoms seem consistent to the tear? I will see ortho next week but he was certain rotator cuff tear. I'm not sure what I should be doing to improve. Thanks for any info.

  5. when the outside rotation hurts, should i pass this exercise or just keep going ?
    greetings from switzerland 😀

  6. I just found out I have a tear of the anterior superior labrum. My doctor just gave me a small amount of stretches and strengthening exercises to do. I am so used to bodybuilding. This is very hard for me to regress.
    How long must I do these rehab exercises? And is there anthing more I can do when I go to the gym. I dont want to get flabby arms or upper body. Can i do normal back exercises and tricep and bicep exercies? I guess chest is a no go. there must be more i can do for the upper body?

  7. Hi Dr. Jo,

    Had Labrador repair orth surgery a year ago. I do these exercises everyday and my shoulder still pops in and out with no support as it did the day I went in. Also feel like there's a knife in my neck and lat. The doctor just keeps telling me the same thing, that it takes a long time. I am just not sure what to do because my shoulder send nerve pain from my neck into my arm and hand on the right side. Should I just keep rehabbing and hope for it to improve. Very frustrating after this much time.


  8. Hi Dr. Jo! Thank you for this helpful video! I was diagnosed with a posterior inferior labrum tear last year. I stopped lifting weights since then, but would like to get back into it. Athletic trainers have told me I can continue to lift normally; just gradually increase weight and no overhead movements. However, whenever I do forward/lateral shoulder raises (even without weight), I feel pain in the front of my shoulder. Will continuing to lift worsen this tear, and are there specific exercises to stay away from, like bench press? Also, is a weakness-type feeling down my arm related? Thanks a lot for the help!

  9. great helpfull video most just jabber away with a couple of exercises you show a wide rangr of exercises to help one of the best videos i have watchd short and straight to the point good job😊

  10. I have a slap 3 tear with minimal separation as reported from MRI doctor. About two years out of a shoulder recon due to repetitive dislocation and complete tear of a ligament so really don't want to get surgery again. is this slap 3 tear repairable using methods in this video

  11. I have shoulder dislocation problem since 2 yrs it dislocate when I do wrong movement I want to know that shoulder dislocation heals in the period of time or it do not heal.. if it's heal doing the exercise in the video then let me know

  12. Hi Jo Greetings from the UK. Thanks for your videos which are excellent. Much clearer than what was shown to me by my physio. I have this week started all your exercises including other rotator ones. I have just seen a consultant and he has diagnosed SLAP tear and i have been referred for MRI. Do you think it is worth doing the MRI? My pain is not constant and only kicks in when i put my arm behind my back or reach up or when i am lifting. Original injury was from going off mountain bike and holding arms out in front of me to brace fall. I will report back on progress once i have done exercises for a while.

  13. Dear Dr Jo,
    I have been diagnosed a SLAP tear 1..after an MRI.
    I have pain but movement range is fine.
    Will these exercises help me.
    Sourav Singh

  14. Just had an MRI and it shows a tear from 12 o'clock to 1 with separation back to 9oclock. I'm new to this, how bad is my injury.
    I'm looking to have surgery anyways, I'm trying to get into the fire service and can't viably have a 30 year career like this.
    Also, like the vid. Very informative. And I actually chuckled when you knocked the chair with the dumbbell

  15. Hi, I always felt my shoulder loose, after further discomfort I been diagnosed with a slap tear type 1 after an MRI. The surgeon told me its a 50/50 with PT or surgery. I am 23 and I preform pull ups and exercises. I am looking to be an officer in the military so Physical exercises and activities are common. I am young and I know the younger the better results. Do you recommend I have surgery? is it worth the risk ? what would you do? thank you in advance

  16. Thank you for the video! I recently got surgery for a slap tear and have been going to physical therapy and the exercises I do are the same as you're showing. I came on here to search because the medical costs are piling up after every physical therapy session. Thanks again Dr. Jo!

  17. Hey Dr. Jo,
    I have had this SLAP tear on my left shoulders for over 2 years. I did not have insurance back then to go to the doctor. Do you think I can improve the condition with exercise and avoid surgery? The chronic condition worries me. Thanks!

  18. Dr, I haven't gotten an MRI because the only time I feel discomfort is when I attempt to throw. Will this physical therapy assist if I perform it twice a day and apply ice ? ( the injury happened 1 week ago )

  19. Hi i have grade two slap tear. I have been doing physio for 6 weeks. I dont feel only a slight improvement. I will be seeing a consultant next week re surgery. My question really is i have limited movement in my arm is this normal? The pain is terrible also. I wake from the pain at night if i roll onto shoulder. I cant drive or lift anything without bad pain and im on pretty strong painkillers. Is it normal for a slap tear to be so painful. I dont get the impression from websites it is as people are talking about liftng less weights. I cant imagine lifting anything the pain is so bad and feels deep into the shoulder.

  20. Hello Dr. I had a roll over car accident 9 months ago. My right arm had light pain but mostly when I walked. Range of motion was fine. Since I had whiplash, pt focused on that mostly. All of the sudden (maybe just more regular walks, 2-3 miles or less every 3 days and a hand bicycle pt exercise), I began this unbearable pain on my right shoulder. An MRI later, I have slap tear and tendinosis everywhere. I have a couple of questions: What are the chances the car accident could have caused all of this? Could the labrum tear be dormant and the arm movement from walking woke it up? I am very confused. Also my pt told that labrum tear can be worked around by strengthening other muscles etc, but tendinosis might need surgery. What do you think?

  21. Didn't think that when I went to pt and the doctor gave me these exercises that they would work so I didn't do them. He even put me in a sling but I didn't wear it. It wasn't until after I was released from pt that I received an MRI but it isn't conclusive it is a tear. It only mentions that it is possibly a slap tear but inconclusive. Dry needling helped tremendously but wasn't the cure all and they thought I was getting addicted to it. Lol. Now I am going to do them and see if I have some relief. I just wished he had explained to me what they did. Thanks for this video from someone who has recovered. In the future I may end up with surgery because it sucks when you are a bodybuilder and can't lift properly due to shoulder pain.

  22. I have a grade 1 slap tear in my shooting shoulder. (I play collegiate basketball). If I do PT and take supplements like glucosamine, chondroitin and Collagen is their a chance the cartilage could heal even with voodoo flossing my shoulder? Thank you.

  23. IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!
    I had hard time lifting up my arm in some postures but after following your video instruction, acute pain is much relieved and I feel my shoulder components in right position.
    I saved money and time which I was planned to use for to see a doctor.

    Tips for another slap lesion patients:
    especially if your slap tear is due to repetitive stress (throwing or pitching motion)

  24. Dr. Jo I have a question
    I am an amateur baseball pitcher and threw at about 70 mph. And as I said right before, i really appreciate your video.
    Question: If pain becomes completely relieved, Will it be proper to do this excercise with more intensive therabands?

  25. I'm so thankful I found you! I was in car accident 2 yrs. ago where a guy pulled out in front of me and I braced locking my arms and slamming on the brakes.  Hurt my hip, leg and arm. No one could tell me what was wrong with my shoulder so I researched it. I'm hoping your exercises do the trick!!

  26. hey doctor jo…I am a cricket fast bowler. but from last 7-8 months I have been suffering from shoulder pain.There is always a clicking sound in my shoulder in any type of movement. While bowling I don't feel any kind of pain, but it pains too much while throwing the ball. I am diagnosed with grade 1 slap tear and biceps tendinopathy (including articular fibres)in MRI. Doctor recommended me a 15 days pt session. but it is still paining while throwing the ball. Now doctor is recommending me arthroscopy. but I have fear that somewhere arthroscopy can affect my cricket career. will you suggest me to go for such type of surgery ? Please give your valuable suggestion.

  27. Hey Dr. Jo, I have an inferior labrul tear which happened due to overstressing it while bench pressing. I was wondering how strengthening the muscles will actually make the labrum any better. At the end of the day, even if I strengthen the muscles around the shoulder, i still dont imagine how it can be pain free to bench again.

  28. Hello Doctor,
    i have shoulder injury while performing incline bench press with dumbel so i consulted doctor and he subjected mri, so please have a look on my mri report and sujjest something to me.

    MRI :
    Marrow edema seen in posterior superior aspect of humerus.
    Edema and swelling is seen in deltoid muscel.
    Diffuse hyperintense signal are seen in anterior- superior labrum, not extended in biceps anchor- suggestive of slap type-1 lesion.
    Evidence of mipd joint effusion at GH joint

    nect region appears normal.
    musculature around shoulder joint is normal in singal itensity.
    Rotator cuff is intact. No evidence of majour tear is seen.
    supraspinatous tendour is normal.

    pls have a look and sujjest someting

  29. tore my labrum and after 6 months i think I'm ready to go back to constructions… what movements should i try to avoid and i how can I protect myself in the future

  30. Hello Doctor, I have a SLAP tear of my labrum and am an 18 year old baseball player who wishes to continue playing. please take a look at my MRI report and let me know if you think doing exercises to strengthen my labrum will allow for me to continue playing baseball down the road or do you think I should get surgery? Thank you so much!!

    MRI Report: CLINICAL INDICATION: baseball catcher with right shoulder pain
    and laxity on exam need right shoulder MRI to rule out ligament
    tear or injury.
    TECHNIQUE: The study was performed using multiplanar,
    multisequence MR imaging of the right shoulder, utilizing a 1.5
    Tesla magnetic field strength.
    The distal attachment of the supraspinatus tendon, infraspinatus
    tendon, teres minor tendon and subscapularis tendon are intact
    without evidence of tear. The long head of the biceps tendon is
    intact and within the bicipital groove. The intra-articular
    portion appears grossly intact.
    There is a sliver of fluid in the subacromial/subdeltoid bursa.
    There is no joint effusion. There is no evidence of bone marrow
    edema, acute fracture or dislocation. No degenerative changes are
    seen of the glenohumeral joint or acromioclavicular joint. There
    is a type II curved acromion.
    There is diffuse abnormal signal and morphology of the superior
    labrum in the anterior and posterior direction, suggestive of a
    SLAP tear. There is adjacent fluid signal suggestive of

    SLAP tear of the labrum with adjacent synovitis.
    SLAP tear of the labrum with adjacent synovitis.
    No MR evidence of a tear of the rotator cuff.
    No MR evidence of a tear of the rotator cuff.
    Type II curved acromion.

  31. Hello doc…. I had my rotator cuff surgery 5 mnths back… I m still in pain while doing physiotherapy…. And my range of motion is still not fully recovered…. What do i need to do now?? It worries me alot because i want to restart my basketball training asap…

  32. Hello doctor,I have a prblm in my shoulder..Whenever i want i can snap my shoulder ball..i can't do overhead press because of snapping the ball…what should i do now?

  33. Jo, love the videos! I have broken down, after months of PT and a 2nd opinion; decided to do the surgery option. Can you do a video on Pre-Op exercise to help in a Post-Op recovery?

  34. I under went surgery for my shoulder labrum tear and I am undergo physio for the same. I feel like my motion is not free. When I lift my arm my entire shoulder lifts up I am actively trying to push it down. Basic I feel like my arm is not hinging at the rotary cuff. Is it just stiffness of the muscles or is that something I need to worried about ?

  35. Hi Doctor Jo,

    I have a SLAP type 1 and I am doing a strengthening job rotator cuff. Which does exercise may worsen injury labral tear of my shoulder?

    Thanks for the help.


  36. Would bicep curls help with bicep tendonitis because of a slap tear?

    I tore my labrum back in October, luckily it’s a minor tear and after doing some rotator cuff exercises I have been able to get off the anti-inflammatories.

    Sometimes, maybe 1-2 a month I get bicep tendonitis. I’m just starting to get back into
    My workout routine, will doing high rep low weight bicep curls help combat the tendonitis, the same way the rotator cuff exercises helped a lot?

    I would assume so because the bicep would be stronger and would be able to handle the injury but I’m not sure.

  37. Hi Doctor Jo! I have two questions. Is SLAP the same thing as "full-thickness detachment of the posterior and inferior labrum"? Also, How does doing these exercises repair this cartilage? ( Does the tear remain and the strength just helps make tolerable? ) . Thanks!

  38. Thanks for the info Doc…. Ive just seen my surgeon today with my MRI result. Everything is perfect, except a very small tear on my left Labrum at 2'clock. So that explain the pinch I feel when I lift heavy stuff or I put a shirt on. He said unlike my right one who was heavily damaged, the left doesnt need surgery this time cause its going to create more problems and unnecessary damage. I fought him a lil bit on it because I wanted to go back lifthing weights and boxing as fast as possible. He said the best you can do is find a physio and do some strengthening to protect the Labrum. I was disappointed because surgery saved my right Labrum and I wanted the same for my left. Lets hope those exercices are going to help.

  39. Hi ! i tore my labrum in 2013. the pain was minimal so i just did therapy and eventually my pain went down to nothing. i re injured the SLAP tear back in december of this year. now it is 6 months later and i still have severe pain with certain arm movements ( throwing over head, taking off a shirt, holding my hand out straight) i have biceps tendonitis as well i think. is there a point to repairing an old tear? my surgeon wanted to do biceps tenodesis but that seems extreme. do you think physical therapy would eventually work ? or if it hasnt worked in 6 months, the pain is permanent ?

  40. Is it wise to focus on my weakest movements? I have a minor slap tear but with different exercises have been able to live pain free for the most apart aside from some minor pain everyday.

    My weakest exercise is the external rotation with arm abducted 90 degrees. It feels clunky like a bunch of swollen stuff is rubbing against each other when I use a band or weight. Should I focus more on that exercise? Or do bodyweight only?

  41. I had a fall last November and my should was injured after MRI following are the analysis : I have a Glenoid Labrum torn from 1 to 4 o'clock position. Hyperintense singal is also noted i superior Labrum-SLA2-tear The long head of biceps tendon is normal. Rest of Glenoid labrum and articular cartialage is intact. Cortical irregularity is noted in naterior aspect of glenoid without significant flattering. The acromion is of Type II. Mild acromioclavicular arthrosis is seen. There is mild glenohumeral effusion. Visualised bones appear normal.
    I have taken physiotherapy for 3 months and some of the pain is some positions have gone. but now the remaining pain still exits. My Physio have told me that I cannot push anything above my shoulder by I can puul. I can do anything below shoulder level.
    I want to know if I join GYM and exercise, which exercises are not to be done and which are to be done on light weights until other muscles get strong and support the shoulder.
    Surgery is required?

  42. Dear Dr Joe, thank you soooo much! These exercises have worked wonders for me..I'm back playing tennis and have very little referred pain down my forearm now since starting the routine 1 month ago. I have been doing them religiously each day and it has helped me considerably at work as my job is moderately physical. Although I do the entire routine, I have found the swiss ball stretch to be very effective in releasing the tension caused by shoulder pain. Thank you

  43. hi doctor jo! my mri reports shows tear of postersuperior-posterinferior labrum * mild element of superior rotator cuff tendosis *mild glenohumeral joint effusion it's been one year now I'm really struggling with my right shoulder I have to give up on sports can I repair it through this exercises or I have to go for a key hole surgery which I'm not willing to because I'm financially not smooth and I'm desperate to get back on the field and persue my career in sports. i always feel cracking and poping kind of sound as i rotate my hand and doesnt not have any control on ball in terns of throwing it .hoping from a quick reply from you mam.

  44. Awesome. I'll work on these. I just had the MRI – a little bit of a mess. No full tears so I'm hoping I can work this out with PT. Here we go.

  45. Hi! I have a slap tear from last yera… I think july 2017… And it is diagnosed by my doctor now… How much time it will take to recover?

  46. Thank you for this video! My diagnosis is slap syndrome of right shoulder and damage of long head of biceps. Tell me please, if I have pain in my long head of the biceps when I make this exercises, should I continue? Is this pain normal?

  47. Hey Dr Jo…i have a slap tear for 3 months now…the injury occurred while lifting in the gym…now the pain is minimal….is there a possibility to workout in the gym(with weights) or even workout at home(without equipment) with that injury present??

  48. Hey Doctor Jo, I know that the clinical significance and validity of special tests for SLAP lesions such as the O'briens test is questionable based on some of the new literature. But I have tested positive for the test, so in your opinion would this exercise protocol that you have recommended be beneficial as maybe a precautionary measure to prevent further degradation of my shoulder currently.

    I can still do weighted dips, pulls ups, rows, curls, extensions but I avoid bench press as I believe the injury originated from that exercise.

  49. Hi…doc…..

    I have a problem in my shoulder…… I can't throw….. Cause When i throw something i feel lot of pain in my shoulder. Its about 4 month… So is this exercise help me to relief the pain…???

  50. Hi AskDoctor Jo. During the fitness I had got pain on my left shoulder. MR report says that: Tear on glenoid labrum anteroinferior and a small paralabrak kist. Minimal subskapularis tendinits. Minimal subakrominal, subdeltoid, subkorkoid bursit.
    Dou you think that I should make the Exercises in this video.

  51. Dr. Jo, Thanks so much for all you do and your attention to safe and detailed instructions. Is it possible for the Labrum to heal in some cases? I've heard it usually needs surgical repair. If not likely to heal, then is the strength training the thing that will stabilize the joint to possibly avoid surgery that way?

  52. Hi Dr.Jo. Thanks for informative video. I had an injury from swimming 5 years ago. The shoulder was popping out and in one case extremely moved out of place. After MRI it was diagnosed that there is fluid accumulation in joint and subcoracoid bursa and thickening of supraspinatus tendon. After therapy and weight exercise it is better now, not popping oftenly. However, if I will move my arms during exercise (punching, lifting heavy, moving fast, etc) it pains for couple of days and I cannot move my arm fully. I have this problem in both shoulders. Are this exercises beneficial for recovering or something else is needed? Thanks.

  53. Hello Doctor, I found this video extremely helpful. My doctor believes I have a labral tear (just underwent an MRI 3 days ago). It is safe to do push ups and planks? even side planks? I love working out I have been doing Pure Barre for 6 months and love it. I have tried to manage my shoulder and neck pain (cervical disc herniation). I have managed my pain for three years now. I want to avoid surgery as long as possible. I don't want to stop working out but I am not a fan of gyms (they get boring). I am not sure if it's safe to continue barre or restart yoga or pilates with a labral tear? Work out classes are my passion but I want to reduce pain, strengthen my body and delay surgery ( since I am only 26). I know surgery will be in my future but I want to do everything I can in my power to rehab myself in the meantime.

  54. Hello Doctor, I was diagnosed with a SLAP tear on both my shoulders about 3 months ago and I’ve been doing cable exercises every other day with your stretching techniques. A PT recommended I continue with therapy for about a year and that surgery is not needed. Will my lab runs return to normal and allow me to play sports at full speed, or is surgery the only solution for 100% recovery? Thank you.

  55. Hello Dr. Jo, plz help me out, I'm an Cricketer & injured my shoulder while playing in 2017 & now after more then a year I'm back to it, Still faceing a problem in Throwing & Bowling the boll with my full ability, infact i can't rich my back fully or faceing some stiffness while doing such activities. My Dr. Says may be it's coz of Lebrum tear or rotator cuff & required some surgery. I am confused about my injury. Plz suggest me what to do, Or some streanth exercises to recover my injury for cricketing activities., I'll be truly thank full to you. Plz..

  56. Hi Dr. Jo I have pain in my right shoulder. My Doctor says it is slap tear by clinical examination and MRI reports mild subacromial – subdeltoid bursitis. What should be my line of treatment? Currently I am doing physiotherapy. Can it will help to back normal. Or can suggest anything else.

  57. Can I work through this without surgery? Work a physical career. Age 34

    Glenoid chondromalacia of right


    2. Arthrosis of right acromioclavicular


    3. Osteolysis of acromial end of right



    4. Type 2 superior labrum extending from

    anterior to posterior (SLAP) lesion of

    right shoulder, initial encounter

  58. Hello dr jo i have been your sincere follower from day 1,
    I am a professional cricket player and i have been diagnosed with a grade 1 slap tear, mild tendinosis of infraspanitus, mild subacromial-sub deltoid bursitis, mild thickening of capsules and inferior glenohumeral ligament complex. Its been more than a year now i have been suffering from pain… Will these exercise work for me and if yes then how much time will it take. ? Can you please help me.

  59. Hey Doctor, I am a college student. I went to an orthopedic doctor and they said I likely had a SLAP tear. They sent me for an MRI, but I can’t afford it right now. I have full range of motion, but feel like my shoulder aches. Is this consistent with a SLAP tear? Also, are rowing movements generally safe for those with SLAP tears?

  60. Hey! Ive been feeling pain in my shoulder that radiates to my hand. My shoulder also cracks,pops and moves a little bit out of place during certain movements. I recently did a shoulder MRI that said i didnt have anything wrong. Could it be a pinched nerve or was a labral tear not noticed?

  61. Hi Jo. I suffered a type II SLAP tear of my right labrum at the end of December doing hammer strength rows at the gym. I finally decided to have a MRI performed when 6+ weeks of rest & inactivity did not help my shoulder pain & lost range of motion at all. The MRI confirmed the injury & the orthopedist mentioned surgery as a possible option. But I'd obviously rather attempt to improve it with PT and exercises before considering going under the knife. So here's my Q….I went to LA Fitness this morning and performed all of the exercises you demonstrated in this video and they felt great. But when I did them I used a 5 pound dumbell instead of the fitness bands. Is it OK to replace the fitness bands with dumbells or do you recommend using the bands for any specific reason? How about cables? Thanks, and thanks for the very useful video.

  62. Excellent video! I want to be certain I'm getting the right sort of resistance band. What should I be looking for? Thanks!

  63. Shoulder is a wreck, had surgery twice. Now drs saying I have labrum tear…I'll try these exercises but I think I need a third surgery

  64. I've had 3 shoulder dislocations and on the 3rd, 2 years ago, my labrum was torn and surgery was recommended. Unfortunately I had other pressing life issues that I couldn't be out for a few months so will these exercises still help me today from preventing another dislocation by strengthening the stabilizers or do you have any other videos that are more for my problem? Thanks

  65. I have type 2 tear and doc recommend surgery please tell me this experience can help me to heal my muscles without surgery

  66. Been having intense pain and popping for a few days. Can barely lift my arm at this point. Gonna try these and hopefully they help 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  67. Hello Dr. Jo, I play baseball and currently am dealing with what I believe to be as a not so serious slap tear. It’s undiagnosed and am working on getting an mri but for right now I want to start incorporating these PT exercises into my throwing routine. What do you suggest would be a good routine as far as recovery days( complete days off, no throwing/no pt) go? Obviously I will have to be self aware of my own body and how my shoulder is feeling because I know I don’t want to push it too hard but I just want an opinion on how much time off between training my shoulder would need to recuperate and strengthen before I can push it harder. Thank you!!

  68. most of the workouts are pretty much almost the same as shoulder impingement workouts. guess i'll continue doing so adding some i've learned here. thank you!

  69. Hello Doc, I've been diagnosed with a grade 2 slap tear and small linear delamination in the supraspinatus tendon. While the ortho has suggested complete rest along with mild assist arm movement, the physio has suggested some of the exercises you have described in the video after hot fomentation.
    I'm confused about what to do. Do you think exercises are good at this stage for me?

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