Yooo what is up Malin Malle here with
a new tutorial today I will guide you through four exercises that got me to learn the Slow Muscle up, let’s go first exercise we’ll start with it’s
just to hang with a so-called false grip so I prefer doing the false grip with my
thumbs around the bar but I know that some do it with the thumbs over the bar
like this observe that this move requires a lot of wrist strength just a tip if you feel like it’s slippery in the false grip or the movement you
can use chalk that’s what I do the second one is pull-ups with the
false grip first you need to be able to do a normal pull up with normal grip if you
can’t do that I have another tutorial for that and you find the link to it in
the description so the pull up with false grip try to make it as slow as
possible and all the way up to the chest we move on to the third exercise which
is deep bar dips you start over the bar you go down in a dip and try to go all
the way with the chest slightly under the bar make a quick stop and then you
push up again this is usually the hardest part of the slow muscle up the
transition from the pull-up to the dip so guys the fourth and the last
exercise for today is the negative slow muscle up you start this from the top you
go down in a deep dip and make the transition from the dip to the pull-up
as slow and controlled as possible if this one is too hard for you in the
beginning you can use a resistance band so some tips on how to perform the slow muscle up what made it easier for me was to think about that I need to push my
elbow slightly out from the body while I’m in the transition from the pull-up
to the dip also make sure to lean forward in the transition that will help
you get over the bar okay that was it for today if you like
this video you know what to do give it a thumbs up or leave a comment down below
and make sure to subscribe because there will be more tutorials on my channel and
I’ll see you next time


  1. I knew you by an instagram suggestion, it was the best thing that happened to me. I love what you do and the content you upload, keep it up. greetings from Argentina! 💪😁

  2. Thank you for this tutorial i will definitely try these and waiting new videos. You are so good at what you are done. Pleasure to watching you keep going !!

  3. Are those wrist wraps? How important are they for the burgeoning street workout athlete? Every athlete I follow I swear uses one…

  4. Hey Malin, new subbie here! I d'like to start my own youtube channel but i can't edit, can you tell me how you learned how to make videos?

  5. This is a very good tutorial!
    I can tell, cause i learned the slow muscle up exactly that way, too
    (without knowing this video). I used exactly this exercises, too.
    Started to learn it with 40yo, and now i can do 10 in a row.

    One additional tipp from me: If you can do slow controlled negatives,
    but you are still not able to do the hard transition, you can try this:
    Pull up with a L-sit or even a V-sit with high feet and just before the transition
    let your legs fall. This will give you a little kip/swing and helps you.
    When you get stronger, you can do it without this kip.
    But when i do many in a row, i have to use it for the last ones again. 😉

  6. No doubt you're the one who deserves the views and likes.
    I wonder when Fitwork Nation will remove your vid.
    Damn, you're very powerful. I'm just learning to do the slow muscle up. You make it look almost easy.

  7. 2:10 Did she just say "when I'm in the transition from the pull up to the DICK? wtf Anyway shes strong! good stuff.

  8. I have managed to do 10 what I would consider reasonably strict muscle ups (without kipping), and admittedly a bit of a rest at the top of the bar on some reps, but I can't do what you're doing. Really impressive skills, and a lovely controlled technique – total respect… I am going to try and master the slow muscle up now I've watched your video.
    Thank you very much for posting such an inspirational video.
    All the best,

  9. Actually, your exercice 3 is more difficult than 4. As you said the transition is the most difficult part, your exercice 3 doesn't help for that, you assume people can do it already.

  10. Malin Malle, thanks to you, I have learned this movement. You are the most beautiful and strong girl that I have see. Esercises is helpfull and working! Is very bag that I dont know you in real life (((

  11. Yo this tutorial is legit, point 1,2 and 4 are pretty usual for most tutorial but 3rd one is a game changer! I did my first muscle up today!!

  12. Malin, thanks for the tutorial. Very good for understanding. And you have amazing technique!

  13. I'm mad I still couldn't do one. You made it look so easy. I followed the steps but the transition from straight pull-up to bending once my head over the bar is hard! Any more tips?

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