100 Replies to “Sony Xperia 1 Review: Kind Of A Stretch”

  1. If it had stereo speakers at the top and bottom bezels like the HTC one that would be fantastic. Perfect for a movie

  2. Ive had a sony phone before and it was a great phone. Its a shame that the phone to follow after havent been as good

  3. Still don't get why phones just don't have the tech to automatically stop charging when full like battery banks and shavers that can.

  4. I really like some of the little animation accents you added to this vid… Very tasteful. Amazing how you were my favorite reviewer years ago and continue to still wow me!

  5. Wish HMD Global make a phone like this I would love to see a successor to the 9 Pureview with the specs and camera features of this phone

  6. What's that ring on his finger? I know he's either made a video or is going to make one I'm just lazy and impatient

  7. I want one!! 😭😭😭 but I have to rob a small bank to buy it..so I will stick to my XZ premium for now..💔

  8. Didn't he end up giving this phone a much more positive review overall though? I could swear I just saw Sony touting a review from them that was very positive… Much more positive than any other reviews I've seen for this phone…

  9. I think the Xperia 2 will be really damn good. I think it's probably worth waiting for that. But if you have lots of 4k 21:9 content… I say go for it!

  10. 2:38
    are you sure about that? they been using only the bottom speaker for calls for years so far for the ear safety perhaps you forget and you put your phone on your ear while it is on speakerphone.

  11. Wrong! Pixel preserved the highlights but it crushed the shadows. Neither of these devices have hdr capabilities that impress.

  12. in my country this one costs the same as the oneplus 7 and the Galaxy s10e(this one comes with bt earbuds though); I like Sony interface and side located finger readers, I Heard thar the oneplus also has a clean interface, the S10e has a headphone Jack wich is a big plus for me but I don't like hole or notch in the screens. I also Heard that the sony screen is great and I do consume a lot of movies in my phone; the oneplus 7 has a great refresh rate but I looks so bulky. I don't know what to buy.

  13. Your sponsor should chuck an umlaut on their logo – 'üpsie' (pronounced oopsie) seems to make more sense for a company that's all about dropping gear…

  14. Pfft, I have battery care on my LG G5. As in, I don't care, because when it gets tired, I buy a new one for $10, slip it in the phone as it is removable and rock on for another two years.

  15. Sony should make the Xperia 2 exactly like this one but with: 18:9 aspect ratio, +4500 mAh battery, better cameras and it would be perfect. But we all know it is just a dream.

  16. I like a wider phone better than a taller phone. Because I watch movies and play a lot of mobile games I think 19.5:9 and 20:9 is good enough

  17. So a fast phone, with a Great screen, accurate colors, solid camera that takes realistic pics.

    Still doenst get recommended?

    Yep, makes sense.

  18. I've had my Xperia 1 since it launched, and havent had any issues with the camera.
    Havent really taken that much video with HDR on, but the times ive used that no issues with software crashing or being slow.
    Also changing between the 3 cameres while taking photos has never lagged or caused any issues on my Xperia.
    The main problem I have with it is the reliability of the fingerprint scanner, though its still better than the one on Huawei P30 pro

  19. Sony cutting lot of corners. That slow charging is just to save cost. Even LG is providing slow charging like Sony since many years.

  20. This Phone is Great…..Shoudve been 6.0in
    4000 mah
    an option in settings to tone down resolution from 4k to qhd to fhd to hd..to presever battery like samsung setting
    integrate power and home button together..save space
    same size chin and forehead like note 9

  21. How long is the battery will last if you use the software to slow down? Because i like taking lots of videos and photos on my break/holidays. Is the 3330m enough?

  22. Another point of view.
    Most major tech reviewers tear apart non google apple and samsung phones by focusing on the bad.
    The exact opposite of what they do with the big three who give them tons of freebies, and invites.

  23. I 100% LOVE your style of presentation & unbiased, well researched FACTS about Sony Xperia 1……. Easily THE most misunderstood smartphone of 2019! I first viewed this on my Xperia XZ premium.

  24. I still hate such tall aspect ration. I'd rather phones still be 16:9. Just cuts too much off at higher aspect ratios. Yeah, you may get to see more on the sides, but what does that matter when you can barely fit someones head in the frame?

  25. Great overall review. Felt fair and definitely held no punches. I haven't had the issues that you mentioned. Personally I care nothing for wireless charging, the camera I do however care. Overall I've found it off a high standard, just not quite as high as some of the competition. In the UK, the phone is £550 on some network providers, unless pay and go which is a lot more

  26. You need to spend more time with the product and less on your hair.. your reviews are getting more and more ridiculous….

  27. All these comments were written by Sony fan. Don't blame me. I used to be Sony fan since Sony Xperia Z2 came out. Now, hardware is actually great but they need to fix and update Camera app or make camera app like Alpha digital tech like Cinepro.

  28. awesome but a bit of a niche. I'll still stick with my $200 Redmi Note 7 😂
    (moving up to op7 pro or op8 when it launches soon)

  29. My last Sony was the sony-erecson Xperia neo v , was great
    Wanted to get another sony but they really suck nowadays ,
    Uselessly tall stupid phone imagine watching 16×9 YouTube video on it

  30. Sony has the best spec all youtubers always find demerits in sony to make it imGe dark… Any body has 4k oled screen in the market…. Alpha camera… In thisscreen u not able to find the difference if I watching on my 4k TV there will be huge difference in the camera try it.. Kindly made camera comparison with iPhone max watch it on ur 4k sony xperia 1is the king

  31. Hey so would you Consider this phone over a note 10 plus or Huawei p30 pro? I really thought about this phone because of the screen being that much better than others and I like the look of it. I don't really know that much about the software. Is it like stick android mostly?

  32. Sold mine and bought the Note 10 Plus. See link at 5:30 for the reason. Even in Safe mode it would overheat. Sometimes in less than 5 minutes.

  33. I like Sony's Camera Software, in a age where people want Instagram worthy shots, Sony keeps the colors natural and unedited when taking a picture sure it isn't as colorful or as punchy but it doesn't really have to be. Not to mention any photographer would be able to utilize the Xperia at it's full potential with its in depth Manuel Mode.

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