Spinal Stenosis Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Spinal Stenosis Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody! It’s Doctor Jo and today I’m gonna show you the top 3 stretches for spinal stenosis. Let’s get started. So Teddy wanted
me to tell you Irish you luck on feeling better. Awesome shirts, go check em out if you’ve
got a chance. So with spinal stenosis, it puts pressure on the nerves when it goes backwards,
so to stretch it out, you want to bend your spine forward. So to start off, I’m gonna
have you lay down on your back with your knees up, and you’re gonna do just a simple knee
to chest. So take one knee, bring it up towards your chest and just hold that stretch for
about 30 seconds. Now you don’t want to feel any pain, you might just have a little bit
of tension through your back here. And then after 30 seconds, switch sides and do the
other side. So you can either do them all on one side, or switch back and forth. I like
to switch back and forth cause then it just gives each side a break. I also like keeping
the other knee up while you stretch. Some people come down, but I feel like that puts
a little bit of arch in your back, so this kind of helps flatten out your back. After
stretching each side, 3 times for 30 seconds, then you’re gonna bring up both knees. A double
knee to chest. And just grab on each side. Some people come up into a hug, you can, but
if you happen to have some knee issues, this puts a lot of pressure on your knees, so I
always tell people just to kind of grab underneath. Again your holding that for 30 seconds, come
down, and then do 3 of those. Just bringing it up into a stretch. You don’t want to feel
any pain, you just want to feel that little bit of a tension. And by bringing your knees
up, that opens up those spaces in the spine. So it’s kind of like this, and then you’re
opening them up which takes pressure off of those nerves and their pinching back there.
And then the last stretch is a child’s pose. You’re gonna come up on your knees, and then
just and then just lean back on your feet and if you want to stretch your arms out that
will give you more of a stretch through your back. And again hold that for 30 seconds,
come up, and then do that 3 times. If you like this one and it’s comfortable, you can
definitely hold it for longer than 30 seconds. So those were your top 3 stretches for spinal
stenosis. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section, don’t forget
to like us and subscribe to our channel. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you
feel better soon.

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  1. My mother is 93 and has spinal stenosis that bothers her. Could she do these laying on her bed, she wouldn't be able to be on the floor. And she couldn't do the child's pose, but I would think the first 2 could help her some? By the way, I played your text neck video at our last employee safety meeting, it was very informative and helpful. Thanks for sharing, love all your videos. –Anne

  2. are these stretches appropriate for someone who has cervical stenosis? or do you recommend doing other stretches instead?

  3. PS: Putting hands behind the knees is much better for my knees. However, the child's stretch is not good for my knees.
    I have sat on the edge of the bed with feet apart and reached to the floor with both hands for the thirty second stretch.

  4. I really love this Doctor (Jo) she has the great demo and very simple movement to fix the problem.
    Thank you very much Dr. Jo.
    Andra Malmsteen (Indonesia)

  5. I am 26 . is it possible to have spinal stenosis due to lifting heavy object because I start having lower back pain and sciatica on my left leg while standing and walking.. I have no pain when I am cycling… I did x ray and it doesn't show any disk problem.

  6. If you have spinal stenosis and also disc issues, the exercises are hard to figure out, because with one you can't stretch back and the other you can't stretch forward (sigh)

  7. been having this sharp pain in my both bottom of my feet when I walk or stand, and standing is even worst, as it feels like my feet lower bones are touching the floor, without protection, like needles below my feet, had MRI in my feet, been to many doctors but all say, all looks normal, been living with the unbearable pain for almost 4 years, the weired thing is the pain disapear once I am sitting or off my feet, I don't have any back pain, any thoughts plz!?

  8. Hello Doctor Jo thank you for all your videos they have helped me a lot! I was diagnosed with a 4mm broad based central posterior disc protrusion (among other things).  Could something like that, create problem in both my feet, with numbness and pins and needles? I was told disc problems only affect one leg at a time I would love an answer from you, Thank you very much!

  9. Hi dr jo, I am confused a bit, I pulled my lower back by lifting something heavy a year ago, I have been doing stretching and re strengthening exercise a lot but the problem won't go away(much better than at first) lately I watch some videos they said don't do stretch to the spine they r not muscles, it will make it feel better right now but feels worst if I stop, I kind of feel this way, too, I am confuse dr, do u know the answer? Thanks a lot

  10. hi dr jo , i am having probl;em of L4 l5 s1, from last three years.. now my pain goes worse. while stannding for few minutes, i am comfortable while lying on my bed and sitting but . after standing for five minuts my pain started whith shock at back.. i feel shock ..frequent shock on my back side……like i cant stand or walk after standing few minutes…..jerk or shock

  11. Could you please advised if you have it in lower back as well as neck with spurs also in both area can you use anything else

  12. If lumbar spinal stenosis is caused by herniated disc, would you still recommend those stretches ? Flexing spine might make the disc reherniate and aggreviate the pain

  13. I can't believe it a chriprator told me it was bad for me to bend forward and touch my toes. I'm confused

  14. hi
    thnx for so kind of ur video.. more gve me confident…
    I'm from India I'm 25 yr old I got an accident 30th May 2018 when I travelling to another state here in India ..my problem is L3 fracture due to lumber stenosis… at that time I went to hospital n there I do it CT scan for spine…
    there the doctor told me need to be strict bed rest maximum for 2 and half months today exactly it is a 3month I'm still in bed rest…
    can you plzzz give me some suggestions wr I should which best exercise for my L3 fracture…
    plzzz reply me soon as soon as possible plzzzzz

  15. Good morning Dr. Jo. It's good to see your pups.

    I now believe I have both, a disc problem and stenosis. Lol, getting old!

    Thank you for the video! 👍

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