Stanford’s Sapolsky On Depression in U.S. (Full Lecture)

Stanford’s Sapolsky On Depression in U.S. (Full Lecture)

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  1. The best thing that helped reduce my depression was ridding my body of as many parasites as possible. Used Pure gum spirits of turpentine. See Dr Jennifer Daniels. She was forced out of the US as her treatment regime deprives the medical industry of its patients.

  2. "brain iron deposition may be associated with depression and may even be a biomarker for investigating the pathophysiological mechanism of depression" "Phlebotomy can result in dramatic improvement of neuropsychiatric
    symptoms" "the exact pathophysiology of this association between hemochromatosis and depression remains to be elucidated, physicians should be aware of this co-morbidity"

  3. I can no longer believe that depression is mostly biological. It clearly has an enormous cultural component, and can be overcome by changing behavior and thoughts. Most people can control their depression with the right information and habits. I have, after struggling with it for 20 years and trying various medications.

  4. Great lecture, very informative, depression screams biology. What isn't obvious is how to cure it. None of what was stated in this lecture is conflicting with the fact that a bad diet and sedentary lifestyle can knock your nervous system out of wack, causing a depressive episode. It's ironic that the learned helplessness trait of depression is only exacerbated by the suggestion that a pill is the only solution, which cripples any motivation depressed individuals may have to take more functional, and frankly healthier, approaches to treat it, such as eating healthy and exercising every day. I would love to see a lecture that discusses the treatment options for this disease beyond taking a pill with huge side effects.

  5. 37:30 has been the way I have felt for years. My description is that you have a trigger that has less and less resistance after being pulled. Very interesting.

  6. Is this a homeless jobs program? You put a shirt on him, he still looks like a street rat.

  7. I was hoping he would dove into and unpack the statement he Made about muscle tone increasing from depression..

  8. Without an intensive education about all the possible alternatives to facing your holographic reflection, ie by displacement of probable cause to a theoretical big bang explosion or some such irrelevance to the actual, observable situation here-now, we couldn't live with ourselves. But since the Actuality of the sum-of-all-histories Calculus of collective health and behavior is easily understood by watching the destruction of human society and environment by a precious few, we have every right to be depressed.

    Discover the internal origin of actual intelligence of existence and, in your own mind, act constructively and inclusively.
    The Ten Commandments are denials from a denialist concept that it is absolutely impossible to get help from other than in the line of reasoning that is characteristic of mathematical disproof.., of the theory of everything god-like.

  9. Ten years on, and I wish we could find out Mr. Sapolsky's thoughts on the study that quashed the genetic-component theory –

  10. I am 19 minutes in and much more comfortable with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and the absence of meeting those needs, as an explanation for depression. I don't see this as developing into a sociological context for it.

  11. Great Biological explanation. Why is it so prevalent now and why are we heavily medicated overall. Causation ?

  12. This lecture is a milestone in the education of depression, delivered by a supreme intellect of the subject. Thank you, Dr. Sapolsky.

  13. It's also exacerbated by continuous exposure to high stress/low empowerment situations. It is shown in rats that are not genetically predisposed to depression that putting the rat in a stressful situation on a regular basis but not giving the rat the ability to effect a change in its environment to escape that situation many rats will develop environmentally trigger depression.

  14. I got curious about the serotonin gene variant predisposing someone to depression so decided to read up on it. This lecture was recorded in 2009 so more studies have been conducted since, and the evidence seems to point towards the serotonin gene not playing a major role in depression.

  15. I had major depression that was related with stressful situation, never was cyclic but definitely needed medication. One thing that I felt in all episodes was extreme fear, total lack of confidence, lost my ground, and a weird smell, all the time! When I was younger I was able to get out, after a while, no medication needed. But as I got older I was put on medication, bc I couldn’t eat. Then, after one year I winning myself off. I realized that I have to develop inner strength, so my search for meaning of life started. The existence of God, faith in something larger than myself, helped me see beyond myself and and gain emotional strength. Now I am more confident and my negativity is subsiding, I am more mature and wiser. Getting better in dealing with the stressors of life. Medication can be great in a acute situation, but it can also hold you back on your developmental process. So, if you can, just use to get out of that chemical imbalance, bc all the descriptions they give you about depression is not nearly close to what we really fell, depression was just the worse feelings I ever experienced…but once you start to take meds and fell improvements, it may take one year, but work on yourself (we are not just a physical being, we are emotional and spiritual). Strength yourself and GRADUALLY get out OUT of psych meds! Life is good, you are good you just have to see it!🙏

  16. People Don’t Want to
    Kill Themselves They Just Don’t Know How to Kill the Pain!!!!!!!!!

    Every Thunderstorm
    Runs Out of Rain!!!!!!

  17. This is a great talk. Kinda taken by surprise when people clapped at the end though – I mean it was a fantastic lecture but I’ve never seen that before!

  18. I have watched this many times. I have tried to look at the bright side of life. It's not there. Dr. Sapolsky is right. Mental illness is the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed condition that plagues humanity. It manifests itself in many ways. Unfortunately we don't and cannot understand what it means. It is often a diagnosis of exclusion that leaves the most vulnerable of society at risk of being subjugated and forgotten. I was wrong to believe that this was not the case. There is a lesson to be learned here. I fear that for some we are too late.

  19. I went through a “down” period for about a month. Not depressed, just high anxiety/fear from circumstances and I stopped eating. 30 pounds lost in one month… I was scary skinny and didn’t even care, wasn’t hungry, nada. I can’t imagine being verifiably depressed

  20. I call it the Golden Curse!!!!

    The Voyage of Return

    I set sail across the desert to leave the pain of misery.

    Searching for the ocean, I have heard so much of its splendid beauty

    and tranquility.

    My sails were full of the hot desert air as I passed motionless dunes.

    I remember what was said to me when searching for content afar.

    “For man is never content as he seeks contentment when he cannot seem to find it.”

    I looked out across my bow and noticed an oasis drawing near. I saw

    a weary traveler with camel at hand, getting drink from the cool.

    Our I eyes had met and I let down my and it mysteriously drew me there

    and coasted to his near.

    He asked me, "Son, where does your journey take thee?"

    I replied, "Far away from the pain and misery and to the great ocean of

    splendid beauty and tranquility:”

    He turned and drank another drink from the cool, looked back at me

    and asked, "My Son, what is the heaviest load a man can carry?"

    I pondered, what an odd question he was placing upon me, and could

    not think of a satisfying answer.

    He knew I was alone and puzzled. He spoke, "A grudge, my Son -for he cannot see clearly ahead because of his pains and becomes an inmate of the past."


    Convictions of Valor

    Courage gives one might and fortitude to

    push on in the midst of uncertainty and fear.

    It is here where spirits are summoned as faith is extracted from deep within.

    There's nothing in life of renowned magnitude that’s accomplished

    without sincere determination.

    There is no one that can provide it to you, not I or them.

    It is not something anyone can buy or take a pill for.

    It's a resource that is within us all; it renews self-worth.

    It is the drive that spurs us on.

    From the courage within, it is here that we encounter our balance.

    And from this day forward the expedition our life's voyage,

    All starts with our first foot forward.


  21. "Agression turned inwards!!!" So beautifully explained! Best lecture on depression…presented in such compassionate manner!

  22. Why did the professor not mention the social consequences and material stressors of childbearing on women but rather only focus on the endocrinology as a cause of depression? I have my theories and they are that the professor needs to brush up on feminism.

  23. Why did the professor not mention the social consequences and material stressors of childbearing on women but rather only focus on the endocrinology as a cause of depression? I have my theories and they are that the professor needs to brush up on feminism.

  24. Crowd laughing each time he says something in such a precise way not even depressed people could describe. It is not a joke what he says. So irritating

  25. EVERYTHING hit hard LITERALLY..MDD is HELL..then about family & friends..quit 23 yrs of Prozac it was 80% flouride i researched & many others. SSD/SSI permanent 11 yrs now yet by then it was too late.Its cold cruel world for some while others try to sleep or sleep too much for years.Depression is definitely the worst and then add Complex. Lifelong PTSD BPD OCD ADHD Severe anxiety chronic pain abandoned isolated assulted many many times homelseeness single away from in a foreign place away from ypur children and grandchild and thank God for your seizure dog Angel..for me to live with fibro.. help detect and alert to them bit no one is around to hear her or cares. As u question God over and over for one last miracle of an entire lifetime of pain living like a soldier battlong nonstop bombing and gunfire of pain after trying to escape yet failing every time u have one last reason to look at no one in the eyes or trust or love.I can finally rest but my last hope and unconditionall reality only comes with the companionship of an animal
    But an Angel is here with me which I believe sets me free from the grief of humanity

  26. Depression feels like someone turned out the lights. Sometimes it feels like your mind is play tricks on you, like you are in a fog or something. It's anguish. dread, fear all wrapped up into one, like something awful is going to happen.

  27. This is by far the best lecture I've ever seen on depression and the complexity of the disease… From anedonia to major depressive disorder and TRD. From the chemistry to pharma.. He is an abs amazing professor and knows what I'm thinking to ask next without me needing to ask.

  28. and the reason Standford isn't creating graduates who can quilty cure depression- THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT DEPRESSION IS YET. This is an education system that can only profit off causing problems, they are not in the business of solving problems, no profits in solutions, only profits are found in causing problems people react to so you can sell them drugs for a lifetime.

  29. This is excellent, compassionate, informative lecture. Thank you for posting this! I have heard Dr. Sapolsky refer to people suffering from this diagnosis as both "depressives" and "people who have depression". In the larger context of Mental Health, and stigma and misinformation regarding mental health diagnoses (which this lecture is actively working to remedy in my opinion), terms like depressives, or saying someone IS a bi-polar (for example), is incorrect and does not recognize the personhood of the individual as paramount to the diagnosis. I challenge myself everyday, and now all who read this comment, to consciously use language that respects and recognizes the personhood in every individual (regardless of a mental health diagnosis or not), but in particular when speaking about, and too individuals with these diagnoses. We are not depressives, or bi-polars, or schizophrenics, or psychos, we are PEOPLE who have depression, PEOPLE who have bi-polar, PEOPLE who have schizoaffective disorder. You may not know the profound influence you have on someone when you address them as an individual, and NOT their diagnosis (or disability) but it is tangible, and sometimes life saving.

  30. I have had an Rx and forced myself to watch SAD content visually, sad movies, as stimulus and can confirm it made no effect on making me physically sad. The realization of its effect of shuting down the emotion, and forcing stimulus to not get an expected result of sad. I felt to be abnormal, incomplete. I discontinued use because of that reason. I want to know more, do you ship the required books in the sylabus to Canada?

  31. 8:48 I've been fighting the psychomotor retardation for 2 years now, I can't get myself to eat, I can't get myself to leave the bed, I can't even brush my teeth or shower. I been stuck in this loop trying to get routines working but they never stick, It might work for a few days a week at max, then all of the sudden the depression just pulls me straight back down and I go into this "psychosis" again. I was on SSRI for 4 years but quit them cold turkey about 1.5 years ago. I feel like I know myself better by staying of the meds but I also feel like this psychomotor retardation has crippled me way harder off the meds. This constant loop of psychomotor retardation > good week trying to get routines > fall back into depression has gotten me feeling exhausted after 2 years. I don't feel sadness or pain anymore, I just want this to stop.

  32. Thank you, Mr Sapolsky. I suffer from depression for about 15 years. This video helped my friends begin to understand why I'm often such an indecisive whiny bitch.

  33. Every day is a mammoth struggle and is made infinitely worse by the fact that the people I love can not see it. Thank you for this video. I don't feel crazy anymore.

  34. This condition is debilitating, so how do these genes still exist? Why does no one ever talk about irritability as a symptom?

  35. The ancient history of depression during modern times. The reason, in fact, so many people suffer. Depression remains untreated at the root cause of it.

  36. If ever you've been confused by the mechanism of action of the various classes of antidepressants, then this is a must-view. An elegant and enlightening lecture.

  37. This one hour lecture helped me more with my depression than years of counseling. Once I understood where my depression originated, I was able to find a step by step coping process. I can’t thank Dr. Spolasky enough for helping me change my perspective of my disease. I loss my mother a year ago, I return to Dr Spolskys lectures and it makes me appreciate how wonderful we are as humans and the beautiful mechanisms of our anatomy and physiology. I think his lectures have made me more intelligent in the process.

  38. Every single thing he said is something I have completely failed to communicate to multiple doctors, psychiatrists, police officers, social workers, friends, family. This disease has only gotten worse and spread to more Americans. This is truly remarkable and terrifying.

  39. These videos attached are very good….talking about narcissistic parents and how the reverse parenting takes away the sense of agency and locus of control becoming strictly external for childhood survival necessity leading to poor cognitive development…

  40. I get severe depression when I eat milk, eggs, turkey, sunflower seeds, and sucralose. There are physical symptoms too: severe back pains (sunflower seeds), burping (with sucralose), asthma attacks (eggs).
    I ate sunflower seeds a while back and actually felt guilty just out of the blue! It was so weird, but these depressions are outside my normal thoughts. The sucralose depression does piggy back on my thoughts, however. I've never had reactive depression, but have known people who have had it.

  41. If you don't say what people can do to get out of depression, what good is giving a speech about it? Go to Dr. Neil Nedley. He helps people overcome depression.

  42. I think that if you manage to "come out the other end" you did NOT have depression, not a "serious" one.
    Real pain, is ONLY when it lasts forever, if its temporary its not actually there as you will have a way to heal it and eventually "forget" it or replace it with good feelings.
    Of course I'm no doctor so that's just my useless 2 cents, but as someone who will suffer literally forever until he dies I find it really annoying when people say that it's even POSSIBLE to "come out the other end" because sometimes it is not possible.

  43. This sheer complexity and half of the talk is just about getting rid of common misconceptions. Interestingly, if you are invested in psychiatric disorders, you have to do both, look how the condition can be eleviated and at the same time tell the public it is actually a thing. To be quite frank, in absence of information, I would easily think you can change depression via the right way of thinking. But this is only one piece of the puzzle with an effectiveness which depends heavily on a whole lot of other conditions on a lot of levels, both endogenous and exogenous. Sure as hell, listening to this one time is not enough.

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