STOCK BOX Repaint! Aurora Dragon Custom Monster High Venus Doll

STOCK BOX Repaint! Aurora Dragon Custom Monster High Venus Doll

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  1. Omg this is so amazing!

    I love dragons and this has so much effort put into it! First a saw the wings and the you just blew me away with the tail and the scales. I was also watching it for the whole time I was so occupied by everything in the video. Also don’t even get me started on the paint.
    Nice job keep up the good work

    Also I really want to see one about bread :3 💕

  2. Who is watching this and thinking
    "wow I'm lazy!"
    🙋‍♀️ [type this same emoji (your gender) in the comments]

  3. KATHRYN. You said you were gonna sculpt a doll in 2018. I’m watching this in 2019, and you swore you were gonna get to it. I have confusion. PLEASE GET TO SCULPT YOUR OWN DOLL!

    Note: These are the Anglo-Saxon runes translations. I can't translate the other languages featured in the book- sorry!
    ____(?) = I think Dollightful/I have messed up on this word


    + Grapefruit x2
    + Carrot x5
    +Ginger (2cm)
    Peel and chop all.
    Crush and stir.
    Drink and enjoy.

    +Perform at night (Halloween night for best results)
    +Draw pentagram.
    +Offer sacrifice.
    +Wipe clean to dis-spell.
    + Everj(?) father loves daughter

    Thanks for reading. If you can help with the 'everj' issue that's be great. Thanks!

  5. My aunt works with airdry clay a lot, and when mixing the same colors, she covers the excess clay with a damp washcloth and wraps any extra clay with plastic wrap to keep things from drying out. Just a tip that might be helpful in the future if you want to do this type of thing again.

  6. you should check out how to train your dragon on netflix sorry if in spelling it wrong.
    and there's a game too , on the app store on andriode sorry also for spelling it wrong .
    and if you do check what i recormendered to you make toothless ( the night fury ) the light fury and the night lights.
    im one of your biggest fans and i subed and hit the bell : )

  7. Dollightful? can you make a boy dragon? l( also pls give me a shoutout! i've been watching your videos for six years now oof ) ^﹏^:P

  8. This is literally my childhood dream doll 😩 I've never made dolls before though, and I don't have enough money and time to make one. Does anyone know of a place I can find a doll that looks somewhat alike? You know, big flexible wings, long movable tail.. I would love to have something like that

  9. Also I think you did a really good job on the tail. but compared to the legs I feel the tail is too chunky. Good job though!

  10. Everything in this work was good until LaDoll stepped on the scene. This material must be primed, as it is afraid of moisture, otherwise there is a high risk that it will begin to crumble from moisture. Also, over time, pieces of material may fall from non-circular joints and break off from the body.
    In order for LaDoll to adhere well to the doll's body, the body must be properly sanded with coarse sandpaper before sculpting material on it. But it also does not give 100% of the result, since LaDoll sticks well only on LaDoll
    Otherwise, LaDoll was not a good idea. Without a primer for OOAK, it is impractical.

  11. Dollightful you are amazing so please MAKE A DRAGON SERIES or a Alice in wonderland series because they are both equally epic 😸😸👧😸😸🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲😸🐲😸🐲😸😸😸😸😸🐲😸🐲😸🐲😸🐲🐲😸🐲😸😸🐲😸😸🐲
    I'm a serious fan of Dragons Alice in Wonderland the Cheshire Cat and you so please answer my prayers

  12. Holy truck Kathrine you have 2.4 mil views and 1.32 mil subs. I know your older than me but I'm honestly so proud of you it's currently bringing me to tears(I'm dramatic I know) ive been with you ever since your collab with hex and have been in love with your channel and content and you ever since. To see you evolve over the past two or three years has been crazy and I'm so so proud that you've grown in terms of style and popularity. You deserve it and ilyilyilyily

  13. I really like the body modifications required for the dragon doll. I would love to see a dragon series! Taking the doll as far from stock as possible is very entertaining.

  14. I'm a bit late to the game, but as someone who's fluent-ish in runic, I thought the details you added in the spell-book were really cool! Especially the details about the demon summoning!Xx

  15. Two ideas:
    1. Maybe sell some stock box dolls that you know you won't use.
    B. Maybe use the same technique for the wings to make a steampunkish flying character. It'd look amazing. Just a suggestion. Like, she's from Bioshock Infinite or something

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