Stretch Your Knowledge | Cubs Trivia, Episode 1

Stretch Your Knowledge | Cubs Trivia, Episode 1

– [Mike] What’s up, Cubs fans? I’m Mike Bolling, and we’re here at
Wrigley Field in search of the most knowledgeable Cubs fan in a game
called Stretch Your Knowledge. This is a three-round trivia contest
featuring you, Cubs fans, and our resident Cubs
trivia expert/organist, the one and only, Gary Pressy. The rules are simple. Round one consists of a knockout question. One question of medium difficulty
to advance to round two. You answer correctly, and you’re in. Round two will be a lightning round,
and the contestant with the most correct answers will advance to face our expert,
Gary Pressy, in the final round. Round three is a one-on-one showdown
with Gary Pressy, and this question will feature multiple answers,
but you’ll need to get them all because our expert hasn’t missed a game
at Wrigley Field in over 30 years. Can Cubs fans take him down?
Let’s find out. Round one starts now. What year were the Wrigley Field
lights installed? – [Woman 1] Had to be in the ’80s. – [Woman 2] I have no idea. – [Man 1] It was in the ’90s, wasn’t it? – [Denise] Oh. Oh, I know this. – [Man 2] Can I phone a friend? – I’m going to go with ’92. – That’s incorrect. – 19…2001. – That is incorrect. In what year was the
Wrigley Field lights installed? – [William] 1988. – Bam.
Did you know that? – [Boy] No. – ’88. – It is ’88.
– I got it. – 2006. Easy. – Okay. First question. – [Janet] Make it easy. – In what year were the
Wrigley Field lights installed? – Oh, 1988. – Wow, bam.
Look at that. You thought you… – I’m old. – You thought you weren’t
going to get it right? – I’m old. I know these things. – I feel like you’re a Ringer. – I actually came back here for 1988
so I could go to a night game. – Really? – Yeah. The night was rained out.
I think that’s what happened, but then we had the game. We froze our asses off. – That’s amazing. – In August. I probably shouldn’t
have said that. I was cold. – In what year were the
Wrigley Field lights installed? – [Woman 3] ’80…No, ’88, ’86? – ’88.
You had it. You got it. You nailed it. – Where’s my Cub money? – Your Cubs money? – Yeah. – Oh, if I was the bank,
I’d give it to you. – Oh, no. – Do you want to do one more? – No, no, no.
– That’s it? – That’s it.
– Okay. Thank you so much. – Thank you.
– That was great. William, Denise, and Janet
advance to round two. As a reminder, round two is our lightning
round, one question with multiple answers, and the contestant with the most correct
answers advances. All right.
Round two. Name as many Cubs Hall of
Famers as you can. – Oh. Fergie Jenkins, Ryne Sandberg,
Ron Santo, Andre Dawson. Hopefully Rizzo, Bryant, and Lester. These are future, right?
They count for future ones? I can’t think of any other ones.
Lee Smith’s not in. – Lee Smith is in. – Is he? – Did you think you were going to get
Lee Smith, or you just threw it out? – No, I just threw it out there. Just threw it out there. – Yeah, he was inducted this year. – Was he? – Name as many Cubs Hall of
Famers as you can. – Right now?
Starting now? – Like, right now. – Okay. Banks. Oh, God. Why am I only thinking of Ernie Banks. – He was pretty good. – I’m sorry.
– Just one? – I’m sorry.
– That’s okay. – I still got one, though. – You did, you did. – You didn’t say how many. – And you made it to round two. Name as many Cubs Hall
of Famers as you can. – Oh. Ryne Sandberg, Billy Williams, Ron Santo,
Fergie Jenkins, Ernie, Rogers Hornsby. Yeah, no, that’s all I can think of. – That’s pretty good. You’re definitely going to be
the leader in our clubhouse today. – Okay, good. – The results from round two are in. Let’s see who’s moving on. So we’re here with our three
finalists that made it through, William, Denise, and Janet. In third place, with one correct answer,
was Denise. – Yay. – In second place, with five correct
answers, was William, which means our winner is
Janet with six correct answers. – Good job, Janet.
– Wow, good for me. – So, in round three… – Round three.
I’m ready. – …we will be taking you
to the organ to go against our resident expert, Gary Pressy. – Yay. – Yeah, I got him.
– You ready? – I got him.
– You think you’re going to beat him? – I got him. – You sure?
– I am. I’m older than he is. I’m telling you, age matters. – All right. Let’s do it. – Okay. Let’s do it. – So you really think you’re
going to beat him? – Yeah, no, probably not. Well, it depends on what
the questions are, right? – I have a suspicion that
you’re going to do pretty well. – Okay. Good. – He hasn’t missed a game,
I think, here in 33 years. Does that intimidate you at all? – Yeah. Pretty much, yeah. Because every now and again,
you know what? I call in sick. I got to admit. – It’s time for round three,
the final round, a one-on-one showdown with famed Cubs organist,
Gary Pressy. Let’s see if Janet can
take down our expert. All right. We’re here at the final round. We’ve got Janet, and she’s met
Gary Pressy, our resident expert. – [Gary] I don’t know about that. – And this will be our final round
question, one question with multiple answers. So take it away, Gary. – Janet, in the 2016 World Series in Game
7, the Cubs had eight players record an RBI. Can you name them all? – The first one was Derrick Fowler. – Dexter Fowler. – Dexter Fowler.
– We’re going to give you that one. Zobrist. God, I watched that game
over and over again. – So you got two. You had to get eight correct,
so you did not. But, you know what? He wasn’t there because it was in
Cleveland, so maybe he doesn’t know. – Maybe he doesn’t know.
We’ll have to find out. – Okay. We’ll see. – All right, Gary.
We’re ready. – It’s really hard. – Of course it is. – All right, Gary. Game 7 of the World Series,
eight Cubs recorded an RBI. Can you name them all? – Fowler, Ross, Zobrist, Russell. That’s all I’m going to say. – That’s four.
– I was going to say he got more. I forgot about Ross. – Yeah, [inaudible]. – That was a big one.
– That was a big one, yeah. – How many did she get?
– It was a big swing. – I only got two.
– She got two. – But we both got Fowler first
because that was like… – It was the leadoff home run. – Yeah. It was like, “Yeah, this is going
to be a good game.” Yeah. – So, Gary, you’re the winner. The expert wins. – No, she’s the winner. – But you’re the real winner, Janet. – So I get to play the organ
for the day and… – There you go.
– …you get the day off. – There you go. – That’s the win. – That’s the way to do it. – No, this was my pleasure. – Well, thank you for…
– It was such a joy. – Oh, thank you very much. – Thank you. Thank you, guys. – I want to say a big thanks to Janet. She did her best, she came through,
and she had a great day. Like, comment, and subscribe
to the channel. And be on the lookout because we’re going
to be all over Wrigley Field and see if you can test your mettle
on Stretch Your Knowledge.

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  1. If I lived in Chicago and knew how to play the organ, I would DEFINITELY never miss a day of work if I played for Wrigley!❤❤

  2. Anyone else rattle off all 8 names on that last question? I feel like that's tattooed on my brain. I did have to think on Addy's sac fly, almost forgot about it.

  3. Janet is the definition of an old school Cubs fan. The outfit, wealth of knowledge, and positive attitude. This was fun to watch. And the other two I think just got too nervous. Great efforts.

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