Stretches for Children | Yoga for Children and Kids on Tea Time with Tayla!

Stretches for Children | Yoga for Children and Kids on Tea Time with Tayla!

… 8 … 9 … 10 … Ready or not, here I come! Oh, hi! Welcome to Tea Time! I was just playing hide and seek with my mom! I love playing games. Especially ones where I get to run around outside in the sunshine! I just love to run too! My mom told me it makes me really big, and healthy, and strong! And that sounds good to me! I have a great idea today! Why don’t we exercise together? I have three favorite stretches I’ve been wanting to show you. Come on, let’s go! Let’s all sit on the ground and kiss our feet together. Like this. Now, put your hands on your ankles. Now you’re in a butterfly. Let’s start flapping those wings. Good job, everybody! Let’s all jump up on our feet and stand really close together. Stand up tall, like a soldier. Now reach for the sky and bend over and touch your toes. We did it! For our last stretch, let’s spread our feet way far apart. Now reach your hands up high like an “X” and stretch to the sky. I love that feeling! Great job today, everyone! Remember, it’s good to exercise. It makes you feel healthy, and it’s a great excuse to be outside. Oh no! I forgot about hide and seek. I better re-count and find my mom. bye! 1 … 2 … 3 …

17 Replies to “Stretches for Children | Yoga for Children and Kids on Tea Time with Tayla!”

  1. wow! fun and effective way to teach kids how to stretch! thanks!!

  2. Exercise and stretching is fun … I love getting to play outside!

  3. this will sound weird but i ….love your videos! i know im bigger (im 9) BUT i dont care! Your videos are cut eand my little brother likes them too!! 😀

  4. oh, i love it! hehe. I'm so happy she enjoyed the video 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  5. Be sure and get your exercise for today! It feels so good to be outside and in the sun 🙂

    #kidsactivities   #stretching   #kidsyoga  

  6. I love the energy, the fun outfit and hair~ However, make sure your stretching are actually good stretches for kids & adults. Bouncing stretching is ballistic stretching hasn't been recommended since the 1970's. It actually tears muscles and doesn't help. Static stretching or holding the stretched position for 10-15 seconds is recommended but what is really important are functional or dynamic stretches. Again, love the energy & goal of the video, I would do a bit more research on actual stretching first.

  7. @Tea Time with Tayla – Kid Songs, Nursery Rhymes and Educational Videos for Children -sighs- That stretch was beautiful! 😀 #stretching

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