Stretching: After Running Stretches

Stretching: After Running Stretches

Hey guys, so I just
went on an awesome run and I guess my workout
is over, right? Psych! We have to stretch out! A lot of people
skip this part of their workout, but the challenge this week is to make your
cool-down and your stretching a part of your workout. Okay, so I have 4 really good stretches for
you that you can do after a run or really intense workout. So, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
open up the hips with a kneeling hip flexor stretch, we’re gonna stretch out the quads with a standing
quadricep stretch and then we’re gonna do a standing calf stretch and then we’ll sit on the ground,
and legs in front of us, feet together,… reach for our toes and we’ll see how well
you can do. Okay, 4 stretches,… hold all of them for 30 seconds, that’s 2
minutes, and you can repeat it a couple times if you want. 4 minutes, so
there’s no excuses not to fit this into your workout post-workout. Make sure
you’re front knee stays right above your ankle and tuck your tailbone under so
that way you can really push your hips forward and open up your hip flexor. To further
intensify the stretch you can take your same hand as front knee and place it on the inside of your
front knee and open up to the side. That will really, really open up your
hips after a really long and hard run. For the standing quad stretch grab your foot and pull it towards your
glutes, you wanna drive that knee down towards the ground, so that way
you can really stretch out your quads. Remember: keep your
chest up, no falling foward. Now, for the standing calf stretch:
you’re gonna lunge forward just a little bit and keep your back leg as straight as
possible. Really drive your back heel towards the ground to really stretch out your calves. Both sides. And last but not least, here’s your challenge:
legs all the way out in front of you and reach for your toes. If you need to you can micro-bend your
knees so that way you’re not putting too much strain on your hamstrings. So, I hope your feeling nice and
stretched out and very cool after your workout because that’s a very crucial part of
your workout. And don’t forget to check out my warm-up video
with Olympic runner,… Paralympic athlete, medalist Blake Leeper
for ideas on how to warm up before you run. And don’t forget to leave comments because
you guys wanted this video by popular demand, I answered some comments
and gave you a stretching video. For these four basic stretches some of you
may have seen – they’re very powerful,… it’s very important and even though it
takes just a little bit of time it makes a world of difference. So, don’t forget
to like and subscribe to the Runtastic fitness channel! Every week it’s something new, we’re stretching out, we like it!

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  1. Thanks just did these after a short 4k run, got some pain still down front of my left shin and lower back but my hip flexor pain is gone 🙂👍👍 Any stretches for these issues?

  2. I haven't been running long but I have had pain in my ankle and knees now I know why I when for a run today and stretched before and after and feel much better thanks to your video thank you

  3. hey thanks because it really helped me a lot cuz running🏃 shit tommorow and race for the school!

  4. Thank you for the stretches. What I like about these is the basic philosophy that they dont HAVE to be overly complex. Keep it Simple and Stupid !

  5. I have couple of questions regarding the standing quadricep stretch:
    1. I do this as a part of my pre-run stretch. Is this OK to do these BOTH pre and post?
    2. When I do the quadricep stretch with my left leg held up, I just cant keep my shoulders in line with one another. My right shoulder gets ahead of my left. Guess that gives an additional twist to my torso as an added advantage, but thats totally unintended . Do you think, that with time, as I gain flexibility, it will be possible to maintain the shoulders congruent ?

  6. I love running
    but some time I can't running 2.5 k but some time I run 5k .so you should advice me what will I do .

  7. Hey! I'm not very fit i'll admit, but i really want to start running up to 10k sometimes! I downloaded some running apps and just tried one for the first time. i'm sweating and i feel great! i also use this video to help stretch after but sometimes i just don't feel like running and i was wondering if you could give me tips to stay motivated?

  8. Thanks Gal, the whole just finished my workout at the start was not convincing hahahah any recommendations are simple back stretches for after a run

  9. Hello acutely I go to participate half Marathon in 20 Aug so how can I prepare for better can u tel some tips first prize 51thousand

  10. Thank u acutely now I practice daily one hour continues running and extra stomach exercise and 1000 times skipping what u think this enough and I need some diet tips means food I hope u understand my English because I don't know English……thanks for reply.

  11. U can search that marathon details Abu marathon or dadi prakashmani 3rd marathon… That video background very nice which place….

  12. Thanks these post run stretches are great. I'm a beginner runner & I don't have any pain in my legs but I'm getting pain around my rib cage & lower back muscles . Do you use those muscles when you run?

  13. I've been having tightness in my quads after my morning workout for the last month or so. I completely forgot about the post workout stretches. Thanks – I'll do these for sure.

  14. I have the hardest time being motivated to stretch post wo. This was so easy to find just typing into YouTube and soooo helpful!

  15. Hi there!
    Great video. So much so that I have included it on my recent blog post –
    I hope you don't mind that I embedded your video but if you do, just let me know and I'll remove it.
    Keep up the good work!

  16. Good morning I've just come across your tips on stretches after a run. Have you any tips for getting a tight hamstring I've had for years to be better? You look in sensational shape…. That's real hard work to get to your level xx

  17. where i live, lawn is a urban legend. Concrete rules. So good luck to me on the first stretching exercise ..

  18. Most Indian r still under suspense thinking it is an American system including some shaking activity

  19. Great exercises and good for even the hobby runners.
    BTW I almost got apileptic seizure from the changing of the focus. Please, dont!

  20. Thanks for the vid, every time I go for a run my calf muscle tightens the next day, your vid help me to maintain my cardio exercise for the next day.

  21. Went on a run, 10am in the morning, heatwave this week

    ‘I hope your feeling cooled down’ is this girl kidding me?!

    No but seriously love your videos

  22. Funny to think this was the first video I ever saw from you back in 2013… I find myself back in it today because I've picked up running again. Thanks for the evergreen video

  23. Your stretches really helped I’ve skipped stretching after running and I’ve been in pain and now I feel better after running thank you

  24. where did you get that thing you're wearing on your arm. it's seems usefull. because when i put my phone in my pocket while running it gets so uncomfortable. please tell me where to buy this. thank you.

  25. Actual tips starts from 0:54 (well, viewers, you don't need to thank me for this 😉 .

    My thanks to the beautiful lady teacher in this video for the tips 🙂

  26. My weight was 79 kg five month ago but now i am 74, i am running since last 5 months, i usually ran 12 km in a session of 30 min. But now i am feeling lot of pain in my legs which i never felt before. Can you please tell me why this problem is occurring?

  27. Thank you for good tips and simple enough exercises.

    One thing though: in the intro when the camera “jumps” in and out on the presenter – very irritating to watch.

  28. I’m a fan of physical exercise, but I really hate the bouncy over enthusiastic type people that come with it! 😂

  29. My leg pain is lost after do this stretches . Can i get video stretches before running . Thanks dear . I’m from malaysian☺️

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