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  1. Really good video. Most comprehensive routine I have seen. Hopefully I can get into the habit of doing this after each swim.

  2. I was trying the ankle stretch, but I feel it immensely in my quads, and almost no stretch in the ankle, is that normal? Or could I be doing it wrong?

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    Stretching exercises to improve your underwater dolphin kick. Yoga type positions for swimmers
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  4. When I streamline, I often feel a lot of tightness/tension in my traps and shoulders … could this be an indication of a lack of flexibility that I should work on? (I plan to work on flexibility going forward anyway, but I'm curious if this discomfort could be related.)

  5. Thanks a lot for this one! How long after the swimming session do you advise these stretching? Immediately after leaving the pool? Thanks in advance for the reply.

  6. When doing that sit on the floor and grab your heels stretch for the ham strings and lower back, gymnastics coach told us to put our feet on our shins. Look towards your feet, not head down on your knees. It stretches you more, even if it might be bad form/body position for swimming. Like the shirt design.

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