STRETCHING for Freediving: 5 Exercises that took me to 70m+

STRETCHING for Freediving: 5 Exercises that took me to 70m+

in this video I’m gonna talk about 5 stretches for
freediving that took me to 70 m deep coming up what’s up gert from – peace in every breath thank you so much for stopping by I’m a
free dive instructor I dive on breathhold and this channel is all about
helping you find peace through freediving and today we are live, live from the basement of my parents house in Belgium I love it I’m gonna
talk about 5 stretches for freediving that took me to 70 m so if
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stretching for free diving.. so why should you stretch and what should you stretch
should you stretch your finger your big toe your nose? no there is
specific areas in your body that you have to stretch and that is the thoracic
cavity that is a fancy word for your chest so what exactly do you have to
stretch your diaphragm which is the big muscle that separates your upper chest
from your belly the diaphragm is the muscle that
actually regulates the volume of your lungs so inhaling and out healing inhale
exhale is regulated by your diaphragm so the more control you have over your
diaphragm the more flexible this diaphragm is the better you can breathe
the better you can equalize and the better you can cope with pressure from
the ocean from the water as you dive deeper so first of all the diaphragm has
to be stretched but also your ribcage because when you inhale air your lungs
become bigger and your ribcage goes outwards so the muscles i try to
show you here the muscles that are in between your ribs we call that the
intercostal muscles they have to be stretched as well so in this video I’m
going to show you 5 exercises that brought me to 70 m deep now this
video is not made for 100 m divers or 90 m divers or 80 m
divers so maybe if you go that deep most likely you’ll do other additional
stretch exercises but for me personally I’ve gone to 70 plus with only these
5 exercises why am I saying this because sometimes I feel like people are
complicating free diving too much and you see them doing all these kinds of
stretching like full long stretching like packing and then stretching on full lungs
and I don’t do any of these I do basic simple exercises and I’m gonna show them
right now in a video I’m going to watch with you guys so first of all the
fitness ball so you lay down on your back on the fitness ball and just let
your arms fall backwards now this is a perfect stretch for your diaphragm and
for the whole ribcage do not do this on empty lungs so just breathe normally
breathe in breathe out and just play around you can move your arms you can
see that my whole chest is really bending well it’s getting stretched a
lot so play around with this feel your shoulders getting stretched this is not
only an exercise for stretching your ribcage also for shoulders wiggle a bit on the tennis ball put your
hands together like you do on a constant weight dive the more you put your hands
together the more stretch you will feel on your shoulders open your arms wiggle
your neck from left to right just feel the whole stretch in your body this is
my number one stretching exercise for free diving unfortunately you don’t have
a fitness ball with you every single time you want to stretch traveling with
such a ball isn’t ideal either either even if you inflate, deflate the ball
it’s still kind of bulky so I like to do this in a fitness when I don’t have my
own fitness ball of course support your head when you come out of the position
and that’s it the first stretch second one hanging my second most preferred
exercise very simple just hang on a pull-up bar doesn’t have to be a pull-up
bar of course if you’re somewhere outside may be you can hang on a tree
try to go to walk a bit backwards with your feet then you have a nice backward
bend I apologize for the pants I’m wearing I could have chosen something
better so hanging very good for your spine to get your spine aligned you can see what I’m doing here from
left to right rotating your spine so not only a vertical movement but also to the
sides side bending number three this is actually something I started doing when
I had lower back problems a couple of years ago I had a bulging disc and this
simple exercise actually enabled me to get the disc back between the
vertebrates and fix my back actually so this is very nice I keep on doing it for
free diving as well you can reach your hands up and you can see that you
stretch the intercostal muscles left and right this is a very basic exercise but
I would highly recommend it to any free diver try to go a little diagonal so not
only sideways but also a little bit backwards
it’s not a full backward bend I try to go a little diagonal
and this is an awesome stretch as well feel the sides of your body your ribcage
getting stretched very nice exercise it’s not complicated
it’s very simple and it works well when I’m done I like to sit in this position
pushing your knees a little bit outside and relaxing my lower back this is very
nice then number four the shoulders one day I would like to freefall like
Alessia Zecchini with the arms above my head I have a
long way to go of course so I try to stretch my shoulders every day by the
way this whole routine is five exercises I’m showing you is something I do in not
more than five minutes so every evening before I go to bed I stretch for about
five minutes and in the morning two minutes before a dive session if I dive
if I don’t dive if I don’t stretch in the morning so this is a very short routine
actually five minutes if you want to do it a little longer okay but I don’t need
anything more than this five minutes of stretching each night before I go to bed.
uddiyana bandha you know this one of course so this is the empty long stretch so you
empty your lungs you exhale forcefully and then you suck in the diaphragm so
the muscle that separates your belly from your chest suck it in so get a
little bit upwards and then relax why would you want to do this you want to
get your diaphragm flexible for better equalization for better coping with the
pressure and just more overall control of your diaphragm exhale suck in your diaphragm and hold
it for a couple of seconds you can also do this on the floor it’s
another variation of this uddiyana bandha you exhale when you are upright then you
lay down make the uddiyana bandha suck in the diaphragm and put your hands above
your heads that makes the stretch a little more intense once more you can
see the ribcage the more you stretch your hands above your head
the more you go into this with uddiyana bandha and that’s it alright that’s it guys five simple basic
stretching exercises my advice to you is do not make it too complicated do not
try to find the latest science the latest new hype about stretching
I don’t do anything of this and hey 70m now if I would like to progress
go to 80 90 100 I might change my approach but I’m not there yet so if this is
possible with only these five exercises to go to 70 then I highly recommend it
to you alright guys that’s it if you have an idea for a new video in this
channel then let me know in the comments down below give me the thumbs up and do
subscribe to this channel peace in every breath

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