Strongman Robert Oberst’s 20,000 Calorie Strongman Diet: FUEL

Strongman Robert Oberst’s 20,000 Calorie Strongman Diet: FUEL

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  1. He’s the same height as a guy I had in my army unit during military service. Haha the worst guy for hiding in trenches, and the worst guy to have in your unit, as we had to dig far more than everybody else 😂

  2. Can anyone tell me……don't these guys have trouble with high blood pressure or clogging of the arteries or all kinds of diet related illness's or is it all cleaned out and worked off with the super human training???
    Do these strong men live long lives or cut way short. Pro football players have an average life span of 56 years so this causes me to think hard about this life. thanks for any replies.

  3. I wonder what those guys feel like when they're, say, 60? Can't imagine that they arn't in pain then. Still their achievements are admirable.

  4. It’s funny how you would think the strongmen are scary dudes that tower over you when in reality they are nice dudes 😂

  5. Lions eat 8000 calories a day think about that 😐
    They eat roughly around 20kgs of meat a day but obviously they hunt for there food and they aren't assured a meal every day.
    This dude's out eating lions 😓

  6. Here I am eating 2 sub way foot longs and I think this is a lot of food. He could eat probably 12 before the afternoon.

  7. I have always felt personally…. Strongman competitors deserve more money…. Look at their food expenses…… More sponsors should come forward

  8. If I ever go to the grocery and gonna buy the last piece of Meat then see this guy holding the Meat, I'll just go to McDonald's instead.

  9. Is eating like this for competition good for you’re body?? Like in the long run will it affect you’re health when you get older

  10. 450 for all that meat/rice/spinach? Man, here in Brazil that's the price for a monthly market shop, without meat (of course our currency has less value, but if you compare in monetary units, since we produce here most of the things we eat, he paid low money for all that food)

  11. In my opinion I think the cashier has him beat in the beard game! 🤠 Just what I think tho, not necessarily true. But based off observation I’m sticking to it and it could possibly be one of the key points in this video. Lol

  12. This guy seems way more happier than the dutch giant

    The dutch giants life is pretty boring

    But this guy, he has great friends and family. He also has a great personality

    Im not hating on the dutch giant, id just rather live his life than look as good as the dutch giant

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