Stylohyoid Muscle – Attachments & Function – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Stylohyoid Muscle – Attachments & Function – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Well, hello again everyone! This is Matt from
Kenhub, and today, we will be discussing the stylohyoid muscle. The suprahyoid muscles
are four muscles running from the mandible to the hyoid bone. Together with adjacent
tissue, they form the floor of the mouth. The stylohyoid muscle is one of the suprahyoid
muscles and will be the focus of today’s video tutorial. The stylohyoid muscle extends from the styloid
process of temporal bone to the lesser horn of the hyoid bone accompanied by the posterior
belly of the digastric muscle. In its distal part, the muscle divides into two tendons.
The muscle is supplied by the facial nerve. The suprahyoid muscles do not only form the
floor of the mouth but play an important role in chewing, swallowing and speech. In combination
with the infrahyoid muscles, they are responsible for the positioning of the hyoid bone. In
detail, the digastric and stylohyoid elevate the hyoid during swallowing while also pulling
the hyoid backwards and help keep the mouth open. All in all, due to their contribution
during mastication, the suprahyoid muscles are also referred to as accessory muscles
of mastication. This video is more fun than reading a textbook,
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  1. Thank you mate !!
    very Useful although I would love if you would have a 3d model or a better 2d image for a better explanation.

    Thank you again and please keep it up 🙂

  2. please can you tell me how to stretch this muscle as my right side stylohyoid has become very tight. And where are trigger points on this muscle?

  3. Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed watching our video on the stylohyoid muscle. Please let us know what you would like us to cover on the next videos. Check out our quiz about the suprahyoid muscles available to premium members: Good luck and have fun!

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