Tailoring & Clothing Alterations : How to Fix a Sweater That Has Stretched

Tailoring & Clothing Alterations : How to Fix a Sweater That Has Stretched

Hi, I’m Debrah DeMirza and I’m at Deluxe,
a resale clothing Boutique in Eugene Oregon. And today I’m going to show you how to fix
a stretched out sweater. There’s a couple different ways that I do it, and one is if
it’s wool, you can wet the fabric, and on some wool, if it’s stretched out from it’s
original shape, and the original shape fit you, then what you can do is while it’s damp,
you can kind of scrunch it together on a flat surface, while it’s damp. And then you can
pat it down back into shape. Now this one, and when it dries, it will go back to it’s
original shape. As long as you’re not stretching it while it’s wet. So I’ve had a lot of luck
with wool sweaters, where the original shape was stretched out. If you start out with a
sweater that’s just already too big, and that’s the way it was sewn, what you can do is you
can take it in, you can reshape it on you by pinning it. What I usually do is find out
what shape I want, and you can use chalk. Just regular chalk, to get the shape that
you want. And then you can pin that, and you can do it on both sides, and measure both
sides with the new shape that you want, and then gently go to the edges under the arm,
or if you want the whole arm taken in then you can just extend your line, and then you
can pin that if you want. And then what I usually do is on my surger, I will create
this new line, and trim it down. This one won’t go back into a shape, because this is
the shape it was when it was created, but you can reinvent a shape easily by using a
surger. Now if you don’t have a surger, you can work it back and forth with a zigzag stitch
on your machine. A wide zigzag stitch, and sometimes that’s successful. And that’s how
you can fix a stretched out sweater.

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  1. I have a mens Sweater vest that i need it to be Larger from the bottom and looser from the underarms and wider. Can a local tailor shop do that for me?

  2. Darn, the shoulder area is what's stretched out for me, so the V neck is sitting WAY too low now… I wonder how to take up shoulders? Would I have to cut the sleeves out first and sew them back in…?

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