Taste Testing Edible Bugs & Insects | Alternative Proteins

Taste Testing Edible Bugs & Insects | Alternative Proteins

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  1. I have eaten insects before and my only problem is i hate getting stuff stuck in my teeth. The taste is alright, crickets taste abit like meaty almonds. Silkworm pupae isnt for me though, the texture grosses me out.

  2. i'm fine with the powder, lets face it every culture has their nasty food. mine is probably rye pudding. protein powder is already fucking nasty, you just have to know how to mask it. i think it's the same with bug powder. but will never be able to eat a whole bug.

  3. I'm a little late watching this but it was a very well done, thought, and discussion provoking episode. Thumbs up guys.

  4. There's actually a restaurant in London that i went to that served cricket brownies, which used cricket flour and i was so surprised that i just ordered it on a whim and it was actually delicious!! I think the place was called Wahaca. I'm also friends with quite a few Korean people and one of them had a tin of silkworm pupae which we tried. It kinda tasted like shrimp but the texture was a bit weird. But I'm up for trying anything at least once, EXCEPT SPIDERS!!

  5. I have one food rule: no movement.

    Could do the mac n cheese. Hug fan of the idea of protein cookies. Wish I had the funds to make cricket cookies. Could not eat a bug that big though. Had some smaller crickets before, was all crunch and tasted like dirt.

  6. I feel like you guys should do a food battle or recipe relay where you have to incorporate bugs into the dish. This would give people ideas on how to incorporate this alternative protein into their everyday lives.

  7. As a retired pet store manager for more than 20 years, FOK THAT, let the reptiles enjoy, leave me out of it! Props to the chefs, maybe they should do Survivor. It's that challenge alone that kept me from giving the show a try.

  8. "…we're not inhumane, this is dead…"

    erm… The dead thing would disagree about that, since it's been killed. 🙂

  9. I'd be down to use cricket flour in baking and stuff. The idea of eating bugs just makes me cringe, I was hiding behind my hands when they revealed the whole water bug

  10. As i watched this video, i checked the price for mealworms in Denmark.. it cost almost 30 times as much as a standard kilo of ground beef… 30 times as much…. Edible insects will never be anything other than a novelty unless it becomes affordable, and thats the problem.

  11. Had crickets in Oaxaca with mezcal which is amazing (deep fried with chili's). Had crickets also on a taco which was quite nice. Had ant larva in a mole sauce at Quintonil (was on the San Pallegrino top 50 at the time) which was insanely good. If it's done by people who's cuisine has adapted to it's usage, it's properly nice.

    I can see how it could be unpleasant if done wrong; I personally cannot stomach the idea of a spider.

  12. Thak you for sharing love sorteD food ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ desde España olé ole y 💃🇪🇦💃🇪🇦

  13. Crickets in Oaxacan Mexican food are pretty normal and can be found in most big-ish cities in the US that have large latino populations. Try the tacos, they're really good. I will confess to not knowing how people are okay with eating still-moving tentacles, even as a delicacy, in Japan. Bleh.

  14. Glad I'm a vegetarian, which I consider to mean not killing any living creature to eat it. So no insects.

  15. If they made bugs taste good, and not like ground up dirt paper, I'd be one step closer. That said, they'd also have to not look like bugs.

  16. I think there’s a French lady that sells pasta made from various insects. I quite like the one or two that I’ve tried, maybe you guys could cook with those???

  17. I can tell you in America Cricket flour products are all over health stores and even a great portion of supermarkets like Walmart. I live in the middle of nowhere Kentucky and they have cricket flour cereal bars

  18. If I can't see it, I'd be fine eating it. I'm someone who's very visually involved with my food, I can't eat something if it doesn't look appealing, it's hard for me to get past that, texture is the same thing. Something like cricket flour I could get behind but meal worm mac and cheese is a bit much for me.

  19. I enjoyed watching this because it was done humanely with dead bugs lol. However, I am not so eager to try any of it, and I don't have any of those ingredients in any of the foods I eat. I eat organic and very little meat.

  20. Where I love in Southern Ontario in Canada, it's not common to see edible insects in stores or anything… I have had cricket tacos at a Mexican restaurant, though, and they weren't bad by any means. They were way too crunchy for my liking, so I immediately thought mealworms would have been better for a taco since they don't have a hard exoskeleton.

  21. This was great. My only suggestion is another video testing a couple actual recipes featuring insects that people eat and enjoy in different parts of the word.

  22. Studies have found that farts from the cow is rare but belching happens 200 to 300 x a day that's what is hurting us

  23. I really like the concept behind this video. I’d be curious to see a follow up where instead of using the bugs as substitutes for other proteins, Ben authentically prepares them with spices and such as it would be eaten in other countries. Kinda like your old exotic meats episodes.

  24. reMOOve the image from you head? 😛 well serious now: I dont mind the Bugs to be added to the food as long as they dont ruin the Flavour. Actually some bugs add fun texture to a Dish (had some chopped Crickets in a Salad.. was pretty good 😛 ).

  25. Local delicacy here in Sabah, Malaysia are Sago worms (Butod). Eaten alive or cooked in savoury sauce. Try the cooked ones first before getting adventurous enough for the live ones.

  26. I have eaten green horned worms and a roach. Both clean and from a pet store. It was a eating challenge. The worms tasted like tomatoes, which is what they normally eat. I would love to see you try them in a dish.

  27. I LOVE roasted silkworm pupae on plain white rice. It's one of my favorite dishes, and I can only get when I go back to my home country for a visit, which means very very rarely.

  28. I first reaction is no I don't want to eat insects. I am 73 and my bro. is 75 he will not eat shrimp, lobsters or crabs because he says they are just bugs that live under the water and he will not eat bugs. Neither of us will most likely live much longer for that to be a major issue unless there are some major health/medical breakthroughs that would extend our lives significantly. Saying all of that, if the insect powder was made in a palatable and tasty way I might be willing to try it. I don't like the soy powder even high-quality ones because if the taste. I have tasted lower quality soy powders that I did like.

  29. ill eat the insects its just the flavor im more worried about cause whats the point in cooking if it doesnt taste good you could hand me the sloppiest dish ever made but if it tastes good ill order seconds

  30. Im so sorry guys, u had so many beautiful comments, which u absolutely deserve, btw. However, if I have to be honest and true to how I felt watching tje video, I just couldnt even look at some parts! Disgusting. Made me wanna vomit.

  31. I only recently discovered Sorted, and LOVE IT! Probably 30+ binged videos in and I had to comment on THIS ONE. THANK YOU, for doing one on alt proteins and bug-foods… This is my favorite video thus far, and important enough for a foodie channel like this that I think you should do more in this as a series… Keep up the awesome work you all!

  32. Barry had me dying with his present wrapping analogy

    I've tried a few types of insects before like roasted ants

  33. I read the title as “taste testing edibles” and didn’t read anything else thinking ohhhh they’re gonna get backed this is gonna be funny.

    I’m disappointed

  34. That was a very mature discussion.

    I'm all for eating insects logically, and right now, I'm carnivore, so not eating plants… – but I'm still at the "eww bugs" stage. I'm going to be buying a bag of Cricket Flour soon, and seening how it works in FatHead dough instead of the almond.

  35. Tbh if kids start to grow up eating bugs and all sort of stuff from the beginning I think this 'movement' could be achieved.

  36. I'm currently breeding mealworms for myself and my pets. So yes I eat bugs. I'm an American. I AM THE FUTURE MORTALS!!!

  37. There's a trend I've noticed in these sorts of videos that are trying to sell the concept of eating bugs.

    "People all over the world are already eating bugs!"
    "So we threw some mealworms into mac and cheese instead of trying any of the time-tested recipes that the people who eat bugs already use."

  38. This was great! Super informative, and went solely for that approach, it only touched on "outrageous" shock factor twice, but done in a tasteful way. The water bug got me, I honestly wasn't expecting everybody to eat it. When it turned out they were definitely going to, I was prepared to suppress a gag. Didn't happen.
    I think the more we normalise insects as a viable source of protein for the western world by basically putting it in dishes like the mac and cheese or the rice cakes, the easier people will adjust and accept it.

    I'm already considering buying some cricket flour for use in things like muffins and breads, where I already try to use whole meal and replacing some of it thanks to this video.

  39. Tried mealworm when I went to a food caravan event this year.
    A hot mango chilli dip is the way to go guys.
    Take a chopstick, dip in the dip, dip in the worms. Enjoy. Crunchy and delicious. But I gotta admit, I needed a minute because my brain kept screaming. Knowing that they were raised in a professional and controlled farm (in Germany they need to have a certificate before they can sell those) helped though.

  40. I've had mealworms, buffalo worms and crickets. The worms are actually really tasty: a bit nutty, reminiscent of peanuts.
    For the bigger insects; like crickets, grasshoppers or the water bug you had; be sure to remove the wings, and maybe the legs. Those will only get stuck in your teeth, and have little to no nutritional value.
    In my opinion, insects could/would be great snacks. Or, when ground, a nice nutty protein addition to all sorts of recipes.

    Like Jamie said: it's mostly between your ears, or rather, between your teeth.

  41. I think I would rather eat a human than put any of that anywhere near my mouth. You can keep your insects; I'll just go gnaw on Fred for a bit.

  42. I think that attempting to substitute insects in to existing recipes is a mistake – as shown in this video, the taste profile of cricket flour et al is different. So you need to figure out what goes well with that flavor.

    For example – cricket flour is supposedly 'nutty' and 'earthy'. What if you were to use it in a recipe that's mushroom-based – would it resemble sauteed mushrooms with walnuts? I've seen mention of a mushroom-and-nut "burger" – could cricket flour be brought in to such a recipe and enhance the flavor profile? Or perhaps go with mashed potatoes – occasionally pecans or walnuts are mixed in, so a nutty flavor might not clash.
    Going back to mushrooms, could you fry up mushrooms using cricket flour for the batter?

    There's reasons we don't just toss in any ground up grain into, say, banana bread. Cornmeal, for example, would probably taste just as much 'off' as cricket flour did in this video in banana bread. But make a cornbread and add some cranberries and you're a happy camper.

  43. as squeamish as i am about my food looking like animals, I'm more receptive to the idea of eating insects than the idea of being vegan.

  44. Growing up in Sacramento,California an area that has one of largest Hmong populations outside of Laos, dried larvae in seasonings were one of the most popular snack items at my high school snack bar and actually pretty good. But the dried squid snacks were banned in classrooms for the smell.

  45. Out of all the boyz, Barry is the one I'd least expect to eat insects
    Kudos to him – glad to be totally wrong.
    Our lil boy is all grow'd up

  46. I think powders and other means of disguising the physical appearance are the way to go for introducing insect protein.

    However, I don't see them ever replacing traditional livestock, for that I think we need to look to technological advances in cloning and growing meat in labs.

  47. I have an answer for why it freaks me out to eat bugs Vs. shrimp, whole crab, or fish.
    The guts are removed before consumption. Removing it for crab myself leaves clean meat even intestines for making sausages are rinsed. Bugs have everything. As mentioned below, you can water purge some of them, and feed is important. But… they have guts that make splooshy squish bites. Shrimp and fish can be purged and have guts removed. If I could "clean" a bug like a crab. I would go for it.

  48. One way or another, I'm going to attempt to do this in a serious manner. I need a space to grow them or an easy supply first…

  49. I want to be down but I worry about parasites and disease. Like mussels and hepatitis A. For a minute I was like “those are what I feed my lizard “ and caught myself because that’s what so many arrogant carnivores say to vegetarians. I’m less concerned about protein and more about the trace nutrients that are hard to find outside of animal meat (I’ve heard horror stories from my vegetarian friends). How do insects compare there?

  50. I am not a picky eater. There are very few things that i won't at least try. I don't like the the taste of veal, i don't like sun dried tomatoes, and due to a bad night drinking, i don't like vodka sauce.

    I will never eat a bug. The legs, man, the legs! I'm also stomped on too many roaches to consider eating one

  51. The fact that you made this political ruined the episode for me. We get enough of this climate change shit every day from everywhere, why did you feel you had to shove it down our throats when you're supposed to be entertaining?

  52. I have had chocolate covered crickets and mealworms. By that, I do not mean the bar of chocolate with a bug inside, but a bug that has been dipped in chocolate. The issue with the cricket was it still had it's little wing things and that they were not at all chew-able, so basically it felt like getting a popcorn kernel in my mouth. The mealworm, to me, had no real taste he added to his, instead his was a texture thing and reminded me of a nestle crunch bar, where there is the rice-pop sort of thing inside. I've also had a lollipop with a scorpion inside and while I ate him, he was not very good. For one, his body was soggy feeling in my mouth and for two, he was hard to get out of the lolly, so it was not the vehicle for that I don't personally think.

  53. I love that the food industry just throws bugs out and says "eat them, they are healthy!" Rather than doing any sort of work to make them edible. You don't throw a cow on the table and tell a person to eat it. We butcher it, cook it, season it, and make it delicious. Once a section of the industry understands this, this sort of food will skyrocket.

    Make a Dorito chip with a flavorful Cricket protein powder and it will sell like crazy. Maybe not at first, but it'll start.

  54. I got some frozen silkworm pupae at an Asian shop once. The clerk told me to coat them in flour, fry them, and sprinkle them with salt. I thought they had a pleasant taste. Then my kids got home from school and asked what I was eating. When I told them it was a kind of bug, my daughter took my plate and threw the rest away. Then she informed me that I was not allowed to kiss her and her brother goodnight until after I had brushed my teeth.

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