Tattoos & Muscles – Coffee Talk 1 (Gay Web Series)

Tattoos & Muscles – Coffee Talk 1 (Gay Web Series)

So, tell me how your week
has been going so far. Guess, I met the hottest jock at the library
campus cafe yesterday afternoon. Really?
Why haven’t you told me about him? Well, I’ve been preparing
for my art history paper. I fear you.
I’ve been booking all week long to get ready for this medical exams. Wow, sounds like a lot of work. You damned right, it is.
[Tim laughs] So, what happened with this hot jock? Well, later he took me to his dorm,
I slowly undressed him… Oh, don’t make me horny, Tim. And then I saw it, oh my God! What? Was it that big? No, no, not what you think.
He had a big, celtic, blue tattoo on his arm. That’s cool! Cool? I had to leave, immediately. Leave such a hot guy, why, what? I can’t have sex with a tattooed guy. Huh? Tattoos are sexy, I mean,
what’s wrong with them? I don’t know.
Every time I see a guy with a tattoo, I just shutter with disgust. Hm, I usually get turned on. I always have to think about how much
it would hurt to get one. No, that just goes to the making of it.
Once you have it, you feel like a whole new person. But you are marked
for the rest of your life. What if later on you wanted
to change your mind? Tattoos, they have a very special meaning. I mean, you wanna keep it
with you for life. You sound like you’re talking from
your own experience. Don’t say you have one! Uh, hello… You never told me you had one.
Is that a tribal sun? This is the image of my pride
and my masculinity. I’m sorry Marc, I don’t care about
these childish images. It’s just for little kids. You don’t understand.
These are ancient symbols, that have the power to connect me with
my male inner forces! Come on!
Gay guys with tattoos are just ladies trying to look like real men, that’s all! What??? You may be the exception. A hot tattoo on a men’s muscled arm
always will drop you to your knees, darling. Could you do that again, please? English transcript: Stefan Pfister

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  1. It annoys me that practically all gay men basically worship muscular guys. They're so god damn shallow and always focused on sex. I'm so ashamed to be gay sometimes, especially because they all tend to be focused on polyamory, drugs, and sex. -_-

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